Office Spy: Bikinis, Brazil, and Britney Spears? with Tori S.

From the ocean to the office and back again, this bikini beauty is constantly doing it all…it’s pretty wild to think that our Roxy swim designer Tori S. has one of the cleanest spaces in the whole joint. We’re guessing that’s her secret to success in making the best and brightest in swimwear every season.

We spied on Roxy Swim Merchandiser Jordan N. not too long ago and have been dying to spy on Tori since. Her stories always make us laugh, her designs keep us coming back for more, and we realized after hearing about her trip to Brazil and watching her case of mistaken identity we must share this with all of the Roxy girls out there as well!

So we tracked down the beautiful blonde and asked her a few questions:

Question: What’s the day-to-day life of a swim designer look like here at Roxy? (we’ve noticed you like to keep things quite tidy…is that how you stay sane in your busy daily regime?)

Tori: hahahah, yes I can’t get anything done unless my space in clean so I can focus, so you will notice that our area is a bit spotless… Depending on the season we are working on my days are spent going to fittings, sketching for the new season, making color comments, meetings and more meetings.

Q: What is your most favorite NEW arrival (bikini, of course)? And what other pieces would you style it with?

T: My favorite new arrival would be our Native Ski orange crochet tiki tri swim top and Brazilian string bottom… I usually just throw this on with a pair of denim shorts, when I’m beach or pool bound.

Q: When traveling to Brazil and Argentina, what were you most inspired by?

T: Mostly by the fabrics and trims in both places.

Q: Tell us about your case of mistaken identity (are you the new Ms. Spears?).

T: Soooooo we were down in Rio shopping and we just happen to be staying at the same hotel as Miss Brittany Spears…There was a huge crowd outside the hotel and so when I leaned over the rooftop and waved they thought I was her, (prob cause of my super blond hair) we got it on video it was hysterical…

Q: How and where do you get your best design inspiration?

T: My best inspiration comes from traveling I would say…Going to different countries and seeing all the beautiful fabrics, and how people in the those cities dress… I love how everyone always has their own twist on how they like to wear their swimsuits, if that’s mixing and matching or tying your straps in a new way you’re always learning new things from the people you meet and see.


Roxy Women’s Backcountry Session Returns to Argentina with SASS Global Travel

It’s always snowing somewhere and team riders Erin Comstock and Robin Van Gyn are taking that in stride and heading to Bariloche, Argentina for another epic Summer Session with SASS Global travel (SGT).

This year’s  2012 Roxy Women’s Session will run from August 22nd to September 1st 2012 is focused on getting women riders into the backcountry and improving every aspect of their snowboarding.

“SGT Argentina is the most unique program I’ve ever been to,” says coach and team rider Erin Comstock. “You’re in the middle of winter, hitting cliffs, jumps, and powder. It’s a camp for the backcountry – that’s pretty awesome!”

Looks like this year is going to be a sell-out season…get ready to head to the mountains for adventure, fun, camaraderie, and pushing yourself to your limit or just getting your first taste of big mountain riding.

For signups and more travel information go to SASS Global Travel or by calling 1.800.851.4660.


Join Roxy in Patagonia this summer!

Escape the heat of the North this summer and head to winter in the Southern hemisphere to enjoy some of the best snow on earth! Roxy has teamed up with SGT (SASS Global Travel) to send Roxy team riders Erin Comstock and Robin Van Gyn to host two weeks of powder riding, backcountry guiding and Roxy signature events in Bariloche, Argentina.

For two sessions of camp (August 20-27 and August 27- September 3rd) Robin and Erin will be on hand coaching with SASS’s experienced coaching and guiding staff, in addition to hosting signature Roxy events off and on snow. The Roxy Women’s Session is focused on getting women and girls into the backcountry and improving every aspect of their snowboarding, from powder riding, big mountain, jumps, trees and most importantly teaching safe backcountry travel. “When I say the Roxy Women’s Session is going to be good, I mean the best summer powder, unrestricted terrain, amazing people, and a time you’ll never forget!”-Robin Van Gyn

Sessions include 6 days of guiding & coaching with top female athletes, 7 nights of slopeside lodging, breakfast and dinner, daily tea and snacks “aprés”, a weekly asado (Argentine barbecue featuring the world famous organic, free-range lomo beef), backcountry awareness course, Women in the Industry Private Seminar, Chicas Only slopestyle contest (August 27th-Sept 3rd session only), 24/7 support, 6 days of lift tickets, local airport transfers, and discounted airfare through LAN Airlines in addition to the women-specific coaching, guiding, and activities.

For info and booking visit the event website or call 1.800.851.4660.