Bored without a board, not really the case. Hanging at Steph’s House #DowntimeDownUnder

Bored without a board, not really the case. Hanging at Steph’s House #DowntimeDownUnder

Ever wonder what 5x World Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore gets up to during a lay day at the #ROXYPro? Well, we found out…and since she calls the Gold Coast her home we stole an inside peek inside her humble abode filled with toys galore and laden with lots of things we’d gladly call our own (if we could!!!).

For instance, who wouldn’t kill for a quiver line up like Stephanie’s…seriously?! The palm print ROXY #POPsurf board is pretty unbeatable!

#DowntimeDownUnder with Stephanie Gilmore at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast @ASP #DowntimeDownUnder with Stephanie Gilmore at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast @ASP

A treasure trove of collectables from around the world. We can’t get enough of these Balinese pillows! The colors have summer written all over them.#DowntimeDownUnder with Stephanie Gilmore at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast @ASP

Maybe a little bit of Morrissey? Why not? (so not boring in our book!). 

#DowntimeDownUnder with Stephanie Gilmore at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast @ASP
#DowntimeDownUnder with Stephanie Gilmore at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast @ASP

Competitive both in the water and out, Stephanie Gilmore spends downtime kicking a$$ and taking names playing friendly games of table tennis.


Having a brief love affair <3 

#DowntimeDownUnderROXY team rider Stephanie Gilmore

#DowntimeDownUnder#DowntimeDownUnder with ROXY team rider Stephanie Gilmore

After hanging out at her house awhile we wondered how she even manages to leave but realized a good sunrise surf session here on the Goldy is pretty unbeatable! 

Stephanie Gilmore #DowntimeDownUnder at the #ROXYpro in #POpsurf

#DowntimeDownUnder sunset surf session with Stephanie Gilmore

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#ROXYpro Day 1 on the Goldy

Kelia Moniz taking a nose ride during her #DowntimeDownUnder

Day 1 of the #ROXYpro was blessed with perfect waves for the beginning of the 2014 ASP women’s Championship Tour.

High scores and pristine summer conditions saw the ladies of this years ASP tour show the surfing world that women’s surfing is the best its ever been, with some of the tours top seeds missing out on taking a win & be forced into tomorrows round two (elimination round)

For the rest of the ROXY team it was sunrise surf sessions at Dbah with Lisa Andersen and a little afternoon longboarding excursion with Kelia Moniz showing us how it’s done. Even the matriarch of surfing herself Lisa was taking a few stylish notes from the recently crowned 2x World Longboarding Champ (see nose-ride below and you’ll see what we mean).#ROXYpro


_MG_9335 _MG_9405_MG_9369_MG_9342 _MG_9410 _MG_9440 _MG_9448_MG_9501_MG_9458



The ROXY girls hit the ASP Red Carpet

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Action item for the evening – ASP red carpet and awards show for the Roxy girls…which means a little styling, makeup and hair to help celebrate and congratulate these girls on 2013 well done! Plus, it’s just fun to get dolled up and styled up with your friends so we had to make it happen.

Accepting her second consecutive Longboard World Title was none other than Roxy’s own Hawaiian beauty Kelia Moniz – who was an absolute showstopper in her #POPsurf neoprene cropped top and flowy skirt. The best part, was Kelia left it up to her fans to pick between yellow and pink…and the winning color turned out to be her favorite too (but of course she couldn’t have gone wrong in either!).

For more on the #ROXYpro click here.

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ROXY Pro Gold Coast 2014 #ROXYpro

The first stop of the 2014 ASP World Tour, the ROXY Pro Gold Coast, officially kicks off March 1st.  It’s summer in Australia so expect sunshine, bikinis and some epic surfing with surprises along the way (you’ll see).

This also marks the first time the ASP is officially taking over the tour and we’re excited to see the changes  to support women’s surfing around the world. Roxy team riders Stephanie Gilmore @StephanieGilmore , Sally Fitzgibbons @Sally_Fitz and Bianca Buitendag @BiancaBuitendag will begin their season alongside other familiar faces on the new Women’s ASP World Championship Tour [WCT]. A favorite spot of the WCT for more reasons than one, the Gold Coast – Snapper Rocks (better known as Australia’s Super Bank) hosts a perfect right-hand point and boosts the premier amphitheater setting to experience the action firsthand (just see the pictures for a taste)…And the weather looks in our favor as well!

Roxy’s very own Rosy Hodge will also be taking over as part of the core commentary team for the ASP.  Nothing beats the South African beauty and her quick witted reporting (nothing – period), so we’re stoked to see her representing the tour.

So…get ready for some giveaways (check back here soon), follow ROXY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates and don’t forget to watch live on the ASP’s new event website.  

In the meantime, let the trailer set the stage and get a taste of what’s to come for the 13th edition of the ROXY Pro Gold Coast!

#ROXYpro #ROXYpro#ROXYpro#ROXYpro#ROXYpro#ROXYpro#ROXYpro


The ROXY Team takes home 2 Surfer Poll Awards

The ROXY Team takes home 2 Surfer Poll Awards

The Roxy team, including newly crowned 2x world Longboard champion and Hawaiian Kelia Moniz, Stephanie Gilmore, and Bruna Schmitz all took to the red carpet at the 2013 Surfer Poll awards doting glammed up attire. Meanwhile, the pride of South Africa, and the best commentator we know, Rosy Hodge, ran the red carpet alongside another memorable staple at the Surfer Poll awards, Sal Masekela. The girls made their way over to fellow teammate for a quick chat and photo snap before taking to their seats and watching the show.

Roxy team rider and 5x World Champ Stephanie Gilmore

2x Surfer Poll Winner and 5x world champ Stephanie Gilmore took home #5 at this year’s Surfer Poll and didn’t disappoint the crowd who was waiting to see what she’d be wearing. Her one-piece plaid jumpsuit was sporty, classy and all the rage on Twitter. Kudos to Steph for always surprising and never disappointing which translated to her gracious acceptance speech where she congratulated fellow teammate Kelia Moniz on her recent World title win along with a lovely tribute to friend Buttons. You’ll find Steph finishing the year off right in Hawaii at the Quiksilver House at Pipe.

Roxy team rider and 5x World Champ Stephanie Gilmore

…And Women’s #2 Surfer Poll went home with Roxy team rider Sally Fitzgibbons. Sally accepted the award all smiles and oceans away in the freezing , snowy, and extremely cold waters of Nova Scotia. Looks like her Roxy wetsuit was helping her bare the cold for some surf sessions and a quick acceptance speech.

The ROXY Team takes home 2 Surfer Poll Awards


A great weekend at The inagural ROXY Montauk Classic at Ditch Plains


The Inaugural ROXY Montauk Classic event was held this past weekend at Ditch Plains in Montauk, NY. The event brought in locals as well as avid surfers all the way from Florida, Illinois, Hawaii and beyond! Over 100 participants competed for prizes including Paul Mitchell product, local shop Air & Speed gift cards, and tons of Roxy goodies. Five time World Champion, Stephanie Gilmore, World Longboard Champion, Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey were on site signing autographs, handing out awards and  schmoozing and taking pictures with the elated crowd.


Saturday brought clouds and wind but that did not stop the contestants from braving the chilly weather and rippin’ while Sunday was a perfectly, quintessential summer, bluebird day for competition. Kudos to the on-lookers as well those who cheered on our participants and enjoyed the fun!


Event sponsors included Paul Mitchell, activating and offering ‘beachy’ hair-dos which was a non-stop line, Sun Bum sunscreen, which helped keep visitors protected from the New England sun; HeartBeet Juicery joined in and gave out their amazing concoctions of juices; Vitacoco water kept everyone hydrated; and Beachcomber Resort, kept us well-rested!

Huge thanks to the Ditch Plains and Montauk locals for letting us hold the event-hope to see you next year! #ROXYMontaukClassic 

#ROXYMontaukClassic#ROXYMontaukClassic#ROXYMontaukClassic#ROXYMontaukClassic Monyca Byrne-Wickey#ROXYMontaukClassic#ROXYMontaukClassic#ROXYMontaukClassic#ROXYMontaukClassic#ROXYMontaukClassicRESULTS:


Teenie Wahines (Ages 6 to 10):
Longboard Results:
1. Sophie Stella 7.60
2. Briggs Stella 4.86
3. Keira Corrigan 4.20
4. Cecelia Agoglia 3.90
5. Caroline Baker
Shortboard Results:
1. Brookelle Kline 11.46
2. Angel Cali 10.57
3. Rosalyn De Castro 5.60
4. Caelan Delgrosso 3.0
5. Gabrielle Johnson 2.50
6. Kiele Gutierrez

Wahines (Ages 11 to 14)
Longboard results:
1. Holly Hansen 9.33
2. Anissa Maimone 8.06
3. Chelsea Welsch 7.56
4. Layne Johnson 5.87
5. Skyla Welsch 5.33
6. Olivia Maldonado 4.40
Shortboard Results:
1. Izzi Gomez 15.17
2. Miller Overbeck 9.73
3. Elizabeth Kohler 7.57
4. Kallie Leonik 7.47
5. Dakota Ejnes 5.60
6. Teaken Haggerty 3.90

Jr. Queens (Ages 15 to 19):
Longboard Results:
1. Erin Kohler 14.77
2. Kassidy Kawa 7.84
3. Kerri Pagels 7.17
4. Emily Casey 5.70
5. Annie Scully 5.00
6. Kristin Visconti 3.40
Shortboard Results:
1. Casey Kwieninski 12.23
2. Selena Moberly 11.10
3. June Crawford 5.83
4. Abby Melton 2.83
Queens (Ages 20 to 29)
Longboard Results:
1. Kristen Brady 14.00
2. Kristin Angiulo 11.87
3. Katie Brady 10.40
4. Alyssa Eurell 9.04
5. Kristen Casse 6.90
6. Holly Toft 5.43
Shortboard Results:
1. Annaleise Trezza 11.33
2. Summer Ejnes 9.40
3. Lauren Ginsberg 7.20
4. Erin Holmes 2.56

Royalty (ages 30+):
Longboard Results:
1. Kim Romagnesi 12.40
2. Darlene Dubray 9.60
3. Chris Holub 7.36
4. Lourdes Lieder 6.17
5. Margie Osswald 6.03
6. Liz Quinn 5.93
Shortboard Results:
1. Lorraine Costa 11.84
2. Jen Morrison 8.06
3. Melissa Schickler 3.54


Congratulations Stephanie! 5x World Champion Stephanie Gilmore Wins the Best Female Action Sports Athlete ESPY Award

Team rider Stephanie Gilmore takes home an ESPY award!

Congratulations to 5x World Surfing Champion Stephanie Gilmore on her Best Female Action Athlete win at the ESPN ESPY awards!

Here a few snapshots of Stephanie getting ready for the red carpet and wearing Stella McCartney!

Team rider Stephanie Gilmore takes home an ESPY award!

Ready to go! Coco Ho photo bomb!

Team rider Stephanie Gilmore takes home an ESPY award!

Strapping in for the big show! Team rider Stephanie Gilmore takes home an ESPY award!

California glow!

Stephanie Gilmore & Terrell Suggs rubbing shoulders at the 2013 ESPY award

Stephanie Gilmore & Best Defensive Athlete nominee Terrell Suggs rubbing shoulders at the 2013 ESPY award

Team rider Stephanie Gilmore takes home an ESPY award!

Stephanie and her ESPY award for Best Female Action Sports Athlete!!! (this is her second ESPY!)





Roxy welcomes Stephanie Gilmore to the team!

Welcome to the ROXY team Stephanie Gilmore! Welcome to the team Stephanie Gilmore!

Watch her at the ‎ROXY Pro Biarritz this week.

Welcome to the ROXY team Stephanie Gilmore!