Let The Sea Set You Free: Katie McLean takes a trip to Mexico

Roxy Let The Sea Set You Free Americas Winner, Katie McLean, recently became an Ambassador for Project Save Our Surf. In August she traveled to Sayulita, Mexico to paint a mural at Coste Verde International Elementary School, clean the coast, and teach local girls surfing, yoga, and environmental stewardship. Check out her trip!

In August, I traveled to Sayulita, Mexico for PSOS to paint a mural at Coste Verde International Elementary School, clean the beach and teach little local girls surfing, yoga, and environmental stewardship. My heart flutters with anticipation and the wonder of unknown lands. My 3-day, 5ft Mexico mural created for Project Save Our Surf called Sayulita Sea Saint: a blue-haired sea saint with an Aztec-inspired halo of ocean animals.

I began volunteering for Project Save Our Surf in July by putting on art projects for little girls to do at the beach clean-up surf days. Preparing my first art project for Project Wahine in Goleta, Ca, I strung and glued tons pearls in shells for them to paint.



Roxy Guest Blogger: Kaitlin

Happy Friday Roxy Girls!

Whether you’ll be hitting the slopes this winter, or cuddling up in the cabin by the fire, everyone deserves a snowy getaway this season!  Here are some key items in your closet that will last you a weekend away.

Because you’ll only be gone for a few days, you’re going to want to pack light.  That means you can only bring one puffy jacket. (I know, I know, you want to bring them all!)  You’ll want something versatile, like the Snow Globe Jacket, which you can wear out in the snow to keep warm, but it also looks stylish while you’re having fun!   Next, you’ll need a sweater for cuddling fireside.  The Alpine Sweater should definitely be on your packing list; it’s cozy and festive. Pack a pair of your favorite jeans, along with a pair of comfy sweats and a thermal shirt, like the Mountain Lodge Pants, and the Log Cabin Shirt. Finally, a hat, gloves, and scarf are absolutely essential to looking cute and keeping warm during your winter getaway.  My personal favorite is the Northern Lights Beanie because it’s so colorful! Happy packing Roxy Girls! Enjoy your weekend away- we all deserve it!

Friday Inspiration: Write someone a handwritten letter this week.  Whether it’s a love letter, an invitation, or simply just catching a friend up on your life, I promise it will be much appreciated! Or send them a ROXY Holiday Ecard. #JustSurpriseMe



Roxy Guest Blogger: Kaitlin

Happy Friday Everyone!

It’s been a long, crazy week, but that’s what makes life exciting, right?! I hope that school, work, or whatever it is that you Roxy girls do is going wonderfully! I don’t know if you’ve noticed it, but I’ve certainly been feeling the cold nibbles of winter air on my face walking to and from class this week.  It’s an exciting feeling that brings one thought to my mind: Winter Jackets! Here’s my guide to picking out the perfect jacket for you!

-If you’re hitting the slopes this winter, a total boarder girl, and you’re ready to make a bold statement, the Ride On is calling your name. (If this is you, check out Roxy’s line of Snowboards inspired by Team Riders—They’re awesome!)

- If you’ll be strolling the city, attending and hosting holiday parties, or traveling with your friends, The Snow Globe Jacket is so trendy this winter. Add your favorite scarf to the mix, you’ll be extra comfy!

- If you’re that girl who loves to be outside, discovering nature, and photographing the first snowflakes of the season, The Withered Maple Plaid Jacket will keep you warm while you’re exploring.  The Show Me Slouchy beanie is a great addition to this winter jacket. 

Stay warm, Roxy Girls!

Xx Kaitlin


Roxy Guest Blogger: Kaitlin


Boots are in style for the fall and winter, so how are you going to wear your new pair? Here is plan A, B, and C for your boot-wearing needs!

                 A) Pair a long sleeved sweater dress, like the Winter Tide Dress, with a leggings or tights and your newest lace-up boots, like the Montana Convertible Boots in black. You’ll feel cozy and look cute in this outfit!

                 B) Try out a pair of Leg Up Boot Socks with your boots and a light pair of jean shorts, like the Desert Suns Shorts, and a loose long sleeve shirt. This outfit gives off a beachy-chic look.

                 C) If you are feeling edgy, layer a pair of jean shorts and tights with the Leg Up Boot Socks, and add a flannel to the mix for a festive fall look.

Some Friday Inspiration: Try something new this week… a new style, a new sport, a new sandwich, even! The time is now for something fresh and exciting.

Happy Friday Roxy Girls! – Kaitlin


Roxy Guest Blogger: Kaitlin

Hey Roxy Girls! My name is Kaitlin, and those who know me would say that I live a Roxy Girl lifestyle.  I am absolutely in love with everything outdoors- the beach, playing sports, long-boarding my neighborhood’s hills, and outdoor concerts.  Art (especially photography) and music (especially reggae) are my passion, and I am currently studying in the field of graphic design.  I like to be unique, and fashion is just one of the ways that allows me to do so.  I am very inspired by other Roxy girls like you, so I am hoping to share a bit about my life and some of the things I love in the fashion world right now!

One of the most unique pieces in my closet is Roxy’s Hipster Doll Dress.  This dress is so versatile considering its removable straps and its capability of being dressed up or dressed down. To dress this stunning maxi dress up try playing around with accessories: silver bangles, a studded headband, or even some strappy wedges.  To dress down try an oversized sweater, like the Malachite Sweater, which is super trendy for this season.  As summer has quickly faded into a crisp fall, you may be grasping at every chance to wear your favorite summer items one last time (I know I am!) Don’t fret! Pair your favorite August tank, like the Koi Tank, with a new pair of October jeans, like the Skinny Slides Jeans, and a light sweater- you’ll give off a summer glow on a fall night out!

Have a marvelous Friday, Roxy Girls! -Kaitlin


Roxy Guest Blogger: Danielle

What are fun, bold, and invading everything from the streets to the red carpet? Tribal prints! 

The best thing about this raging trend? The many different ways it presents itself. 

Everything from the most recognizable geometric print, to abstract bends and curves can be classified under the large branch known as “tribal prints”. It can be appropriate for any occasion as well! Check out the eye-catching ensemble Mila Kunis wore to a  recent red carpet event. Or, opt for a super cute bikini to show off at the beach, like the Fire Dance Ruffle Bandeau Bikini. Chilly outside? Throw on a light jacket to fend off the cold. Roxy’s Bonfire Spirit Icon Jacket sports adorable tribal detailing, making it stand out against the crowd. 

Tribal prints don’t have to be limited to apparel, either. Check out some of Roxy’s many tribal-printed bags. One of my personal faves is the Factory Rucksack Backpack, which is a perfect addition to any back-to-school shopping list. 

Don’t forget to have fun while playing with tribal prints. Since there are so many variations in patterns and designs, they are incredibly versatile. Don’t be afraid to experiment with your style- you may be surprised to see how well certain pieces work together!


Roxy Guest Blogger: Danielle

As the temperature climbs and school ends, road trips are making there way into everyone’s schedules! Here are a few tips to make your road trip (or lengthy car ride) as fun as can be!

1. Dress comfortably! Tight clothing may look cute, but can easily become uncomfortable after a few hours of sitting in a cram-packed car. Instead, opt for light clothing that can be layered. Try wearing a cute maxi skirt, like the Earth and Sky Skirt, which is as comfy as any pair of sweatpants, yet way more stylish! Pair it with a breezy tank like the Heatwave Tank, and you can keep cool and comfy the whole ride through.

2. Pack lightly! Try sticking to a single bag (as hard as it is) in order to maximize leg room- I personally love my Wanderer Duffle Bag!

3. Pack some shades! Not only do sunglasses act as great accessories, they also protect your eyes from dangerous UV rays (yes, they can pass through car windows). Roxy’s Charlie Sunglasses are a great choice!

4. Pack some tunes that everyone can agree on! Also, it’s a great idea to pack portable speakers, like the new JBL On Stage Speakers, so that you can take your music wherever you go on your stops. 

5. Pack some snacks and drinks! Nothing’s worse than being stuck in a car with hungry (and therefore, grumpy) people!

6. Know where you’re going! Don’t forget to pack maps and/or a GPS!

Happy tripping, Roxy girls!


Roxy Guest Blogger: Danielle

School’s almost out and the summer party season has officially started! From prom after-parties to spontaneous get-togethers, chilling with friends has never been better!Although my own prom was last year, I’ve had the good fortune of being invited to a friend’s prom this year, convincing me to go out and buy another dress! I decided to play around with my look this time around, and chose to heavily accessorize my already-playful dress. Now, for the party looks…

 The great thing about summer parties is that they give you a great opportunity to play around with accessories! During the warm weather, it’s always nice to keep your clothing light and simple, so accessories are the best way to make a statement. Roxy’s Savage Dress is a great option and is available in tons of cute colors (I personally love my old Running Round Dress, which is still available on clearance)! A cute tank, like the Off Shore Tank, paired with shorts or jeans is another great way to stay cool. Now for the accessories- personally, I’m in love with the gorgeous Faceted Curff Watch, which could easily be paired with any outfit. Fun necklaces and bracelets are also great go-to pieces. Another thing to consider when dressing for parties is footwear. While towering heels are always gorgeous, they’re not the most practical. That’s why I like to opt for pretty flats, like the Giselle Flats, which are just as cute, but ten times more comfy!!

TTFN, Roxy girls!!


Roxy Guest Blogger: Danielle

The weather is warm, the grass is green, and the flowers are in full bloom- and the same goes for floral prints in current fashion! Whether small and delicate or big and bold, versatile florals remain a style staple this season. 

Excited to finally see some sun this week, I got to sport my new Natives Only Dress! By pairing it with my trustee leather belt and some cute wedges, I created a little cute outfit perfect for the beach or the street! Alternatively, it’s just as easy to use florals to soften an otherwise edgier look, like I did with my floral print skirt and motorcycle boots. The thing that I find especially great about floral prints, is that they look great as either top or bottom pieces, whereas most prints look best as tops. Florals even look adorable on footwear! An example of a cute top is Roxy’s Surf Party Tank, which mixes a classic print with an innovative design. Another great product is the Moon and Stars Skirt, which is doubly awesome because it combines two trends- florals and maxi-length skirts! And now that summer is almost here, it’s the perfect time to stock up on cute bikinis, like the Sweet Tropics Bikini line, which offers a variety of adorable matching tops and bottoms!

That’s it for this week, Roxy girls! TTNF


Roxy Guest Blogger: Danielle

Whether you love or hate it- you’ve got to admit that Glee has made huge waves since its debut last year. Even though I consider myself a fan, I’ve always found the show’s fashion selection to be a bit lacking- that is, until this past season! For this post, I decided to experiment with looks inspired by some of my favorite characters.
For my ‘Brittany’ look, I did my best to imitate her wacky fashion sense.Though not for everyone, this type of style is undoubtedly unique. I paired my crazy, layered tops with simple jean shorts, like Roxy’s Undertow Shorts. Fun sunglasses are another great way to make a statement. I really love Roxy’s chic Jade Sunglasses, whose frames combine clear and turquoise colors for a truly eye catching appearance.
For my ‘Quinn’ look, I dug up one of my newest purchases, a full, high-waisted skirt. I paired it with a vintage-inspired cardigan, a thick belt, and booties. Truthfully, the look that I was going for had Quinn wearing a delicate crocheted cardi that doesn’t resemble anything in my closet. That’s why I’m adding Roxy’s Mod Swim Coverup Dress to my wish list. It can be worn as a dress, or a cute top! Another great find is the Kick Flip Skirt, which be dressed up or down to suit the occasion. If you pair the two together, you get a great little vintage-inspired ensemble worthy of Glee’s leading ladies!
That’s it for this week, Roxy gals! 
All the best,