ROXY Outdoor Fitness: Our Place is Outside

Dive into fitness & the fresh adventures all around you. Change is in the air – full of new beginnings and new chances to push ourselves to the edge. Whether we’re charging up trails, stretching into sun salutations, or paddling out over glassy waters, we live to be outside channeling the strength that comes with movement. Our beauty radiates from within but we pull off sweaty with style! As far as we’re concerned, the possibilities are endless. Let’s go!

Experience our latest in ROXY Outdoor Fitness, but first, enjoy this vid straight from the likes of Waikiki, Oahu, Maui and all over Hawaii with Sally Fitzgibbons,¬†Gillian Gibree and¬†Sierra Blair-Coyle. Love Sally’s pants? Yep, us too…here they are!

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  1. Rachel @ Betty LIVIN says:

    January 9, 2014 at 2:02 pm

    I love videos like this! They are so inspiring when I am stuck at a desk in the middle of winter. Please make a bunch more videos like this one!

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