Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Stand Tall and Stretch it Out!

#ROXYOutdoorFitness stretch it out

Staying active and eating right are the staples we think of to maintain good health. While this is completely true, there are other aspects to complete the health triangle: flexibility and posture. We underestimate flexibility and its importance in allowing us to stay active. Flexibility and correct posture go hand in hand and work together to help your body maintain a fit, injury free life.

Being flexible allows your body to function and move the way it was designed to. Without it, the body tries to work around inflexibility in ways that are very detrimental to our muscles and joints. Here are some tricks to make sure you stay flexible enough to maintain an active lifestyle:

1. Stretch for at least 10 minutes a day, no matter what. Slip into something comfortable like the Standard Yoga Pants and Spin Bra to stretch with ease and look cute doing it!

2. Stretch IN bed. Stretching in bed sounds nice so you’ll actually want to do it.

3. Incorporate yoga into your life. Hot yoga is great, because it loosens you up that much more.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness stretch it out

4. Use a foam roller to loosen especially tight areas and make it easier to stretch.

Correct posture is also overlooked, and it’s extremely important in injury prevention. Correct posture increases core strength in large muscles such as your abs, glutes, and thighs, allowing your body to work the way it is supposed to without straining your shoulders, neck, and calves. Here’s a couple things you can do that help put your body into alignment and work your large muscles:

-Don’t slouch! Pulling your shoulders back and down out of your ears will take work out of your shoulders and get rid of that awful neck and back pain.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness stretch it out

-Abs, abs, abs. Strengthen and Lengthen should be your new motto! Strong abs puts out of arms and legs and everything that seems to just ache after a while. Abs are like great shock absorbers.

-Stick that booty out! By sticking your butt out, you turn on your glutes all the time. This will lift and firm your behind… and what girl doesn’t want that!?

#ROXYOutdoorFitness stretch it out



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