The First Annual Roxy Puerto Rico Classic in Playa Jobos Isabela

We packed our surfboards and bikinis, and left our wetsuits hanging in the closet for Playa Jobos for the Roxy Puerto Rico Classic! The free surf contest brought girls of all ages and skill levels together for a day of surfing at the 1st Annual Roxy Puerto Rico Classic.

The event ran both Saturday and Sunday and was packed with contest surfers and beach goers looking for a chance to enjoy some free surf lessons. The surfers enjoyed chest – shoulder high waves on one of Puerto Rico’s best reef breaks.

Congratulations to all of the wahine finalists in the Open Pro division, who claimed the $2,000 prize purse, and a special congrats to Marissa Shaw from San Clemente, CA, who was crowned with the 1st place prize!

Open Pro 18 +

1 Marissa Shaw

2 Lilac Alvarado

3 Maria Kuzmovich

4 Nina Acevedo

Longboard 18+

1 Jessica Ayers

2 Maria del Mar

3 Paloma Quintana

4 Lorena Lopez

Ages 12 to 17

1 Jolaris Carrera

2 Gabriela Rubi

3 Valerie Owen

4 Patricia Dorta

Under 12

1 Havana Cabrero

2 Lily Pease

3 Gabriela Galiano

4 Anabella Lopez


1 Andrea Martinez

2 Isabella Rubi

3 Yarian del Mar

4 Luna Alfonso

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