Roxy Shooting Star Weekly Winners: DANIKA DUFFY AND SARAH FRUENDT

We’re one week into the 2012 Roxy Shooting Star competition, and that means we have winners! Remember, each Monday, we’ll select the best video from both the A-Lister and Local Celebrity categories and send them prizes. It’s not a guarantee that they’ll win the overall prize, but it is an extra chance at gear. The competition was tight in the A-lister category this week, with Katie Williams pulling out a front and backside rodeo to give Danika Duffy a serious run for her money. For her video though, Danika will receive a brand new Roxy Jacket. In the local celeb category, Sarah Fruendt impressed us with her smooth riding on the rails at Crested Butte and is getting a fresh new pair of Roxy Goggles to show for it. (Not to mention the Tee and Beanie they’re both getting for being some of the first girls to sign up!)

There are only three weeks left to submit your video, so get your cameras and put together a video. Whether you’re an expert in the park or just learning to hit boxes and rails, we’ve got two categories and tons of prizes!
Get all the info and submit your video at: roxyshootingstar.yobeat.com

Untitled from Danika Lynn on Vimeo.

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