Roxy Shooting Star week 2 winners: Michelle Zeller and Lauren Broomall

Two weeks down and two weeks to go in the premier online girl’s snowboarding video competition. Today we’ve got two more Roxy Shooting Star weekly winners whose videos stood out in the field. First up the A-Lister of the week is returning competitor, Michelle Zeller, a Colorado girl who’s not afraid to hit the big jumps and get inverted. Her video is earning her a Roxy Jacket. In the Local Celeb category we have Lauren Broomall, coming out of Big Boulder, PA, who will now be recognizable not only from her trick library but also her new Roxy Googles.
There’s only two weeks left to get your edits in and have a chance at cash & prizes in the A-Listers category and tons of Roxy gear for the Local Celebs. Remember, no matter what your level, this contest has something for everyone. The next 15 girls to enter receive a Roxy tee and beanie! For all the info and to submit your video, visit roxyshootingstar.yobeat.com!
A-Lister of the week

Michelle Zeller Roxy Shooting Star 2012 from Michelle Zeller on Vimeo.

Local Celeb of the week

Dec/Jan Edit 11/12 from Lauren Broomall on Vimeo.

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