A Bajan Christmas


This holiday season, I checked in with Roxy Team Rider Chelsea Tuach at her beautiful hometown on the island of Barbados.

Chelsea is dominating not only the Caribbean, but this last year she finished 9th at the World Games in Peru. I found out why, after surfing with her and watching her shred this Christmas.

Chelsea took me around the island and taught me a few tricks of the trade I believe I need to share…

Be careful of the sea urchins. Those are painful to step on and remove. I learned this the hard way.

The monkeys will take food from you. I also learned this—prior to any warning.

Barbados locals are called Bajans. Not Barbadians.

Do NOT drive on the right side of the road.

Wear a tight-fitting bikini when surfing.

Stock up your supply of warm water wax.

Do not come in on the reef when surfing Soup Bowl.

Chelsea also shared authentic Bajan food with me, and took me to her local surf breaks, Brandons and the infamous Soup Bowl. With warm water, a local tour guide, and fun waves, there’s no complaining—a great way to spend Christmas. The only downfall to the trip was leaving!

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