Roxy Denim Re-Work & Shop

Get your DIY on! Join us December 2nd from 3pm-6pm at Roxy in Times Square for our Roxy Re-Work & Shop! Enjoy 40% off ALL Roxy Denim that day!

We’ll be there along with Roxy snowboarder Torah Bright, Roxy Denim designer Mark Wiesmayr, & Teen Vogue’s stylish Jasmin Reate distressing, patching, sewing, pining, and having some serious fun!

Roxy Times Square
3 Times Square
New York, NY 10036

PICK IT – pick out the supplies you might use (some of our favs include: patches, embroidery floss, seashells, sandpaper, safety pins)  

DISTRESS IT  - using a dremmel or 100-200 grit sandpaper add a little dimension & wear to your Roxy jeans
SEW IT  - the more colors the better! We suggest embroidery floss & our very own Roxy friendship braiding string – play with different patterns & designs you love right now!

PATCH IT – cover some of your distressed holes or add a little flare to your back pockets using some fun patches

PIN IT – using safety pins create unique designs or pin your patches to your jeans

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