Roxy Guest Blogger: Kaitlin


Boots are in style for the fall and winter, so how are you going to wear your new pair? Here is plan A, B, and C for your boot-wearing needs!

                 A) Pair a long sleeved sweater dress, like the Winter Tide Dress, with a leggings or tights and your newest lace-up boots, like the Montana Convertible Boots in black. You’ll feel cozy and look cute in this outfit!

                 B) Try out a pair of Leg Up Boot Socks with your boots and a light pair of jean shorts, like the Desert Suns Shorts, and a loose long sleeve shirt. This outfit gives off a beachy-chic look.

                 C) If you are feeling edgy, layer a pair of jean shorts and tights with the Leg Up Boot Socks, and add a flannel to the mix for a festive fall look.

Some Friday Inspiration: Try something new this week… a new style, a new sport, a new sandwich, even! The time is now for something fresh and exciting.

Happy Friday Roxy Girls! – Kaitlin

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