Friends of Roxy: Teen Vogue brings Photobooth Fun!

Lights! Camera! Roxy!

Now that you’ve been beautified by Stila and Minx Nails, picked up your new cool sunnies that you personalized, and made your own braided & feathered DIY necklace, we think it’s time for a little photo sesh!

So please jump into our photobooth and give us your best pose!

We will provide daily Facebook album uploads, so check in here to find all the fun pix. Don’t forget to tag yourself!!


Find your photos:

Photobooth 9/4 pt. 1

Photobooth 9/4 pt. 2

Photobooth 9/5 pt. 1

Photobooth 9/5 pt. 2

Photobooth 9/8

Photobooth 9/9

Photobooth 9/10

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