Torah Bright: Chicken Jam Day Two

Today all the girls at the Chicken Jam got to enjoy the 36 inches of snow that fell last night. We spent the morning lapping chair 3 getting face shots on the way down and sprayed by people on the way up. So much snow and so much fun! As far as my first pipe contest of the year, Kelly Clark, Elena Hight and I decided to sit this one out and let the younger riders shine and despite the whipping wind gusts, these up and comers rode so well. Tomorrow is the Slopestyle so cross your fingers the wind dies down and the sun comes out!

In other news, I decided to give myself a haircut last night, what do you think? Not too bad considering I used a pair of toe nail scissors for the trim! Check us out tomorrow from 10-2 on the Webcast!

Cheers, Torah

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