Roxy Girl Guest Blogger: Dylan


Hello again Roxy girls!
It has been WAY too nice outside! Such a nice change from this semi-chilly Spring weather we have been having down in Southern California. I was so stoked when I could finally pull out my new floppy beach hats from Roxy- The Roxy Breezy Hat and The Breezy Straw Hat. They are so cute and go perfectly with any outfit and any occasion. I’m a HUGE hat fan (you rarely see me without one!), so these are one of my favorite items in my closet- Had an awesome time adventuring through the streets of Newport Beach. 
The warm weather has inspired me to do some pre-Summer online swimsuit shopping. I somehow spent hours searching through seemingly hundreds of suits, and finally decided on two…both, of course, are Roxy- The Stop and Glow and the Wild Paradise!! Both suits are adorable, retro chic, fit perfectly, and are VERY affordable. They came just in time for Spring Break, too. I’m getting more and more excited to gear up for summer everyday!

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