Roxy at PacSun’s Ballyhoo!

Take 2 days full of fun in the sun in Santa Monica, stir in about 6,000 Roxy fans,  add a Tony Hawk demo,  add Erica from P.S. I made this, B.O.B.,  Matt & Kim, and a ton of other amazing musical acts and blend them all into the weekend of June 19th & 20th. What do you get?

The PacSun Ballyhoo event!

Check out our booth! Erica from P.S. I made this helped all of our Roxy girls, Roxy fans, and Roxy friends make amazing necklaces using suede strings, feathers, and Roxy beads. For stopping by you got to keep your necklace you made a really cute ROXY “Hello Summer” tote.

For our pix on Flickr, click here! Can you spot yourself?

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