Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Fall 2013

Introducing Fall Roxy Outdoor Fitness.

Fall for new challenges and run into fresh adventures. We welcome change and love pushing to our edge. Whether trail running through golden forests, climbing a technical face, or paddling through unknown waters, we honor our bodies and find inner balance with outer strength. This season, everyday is an opportunity for a new adventure in the natural world.




Roxy Waikiki Classic! Make your own Beach Bag at home with Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss

Enjoy this how-to video from Blogger Goldfish Kiss at the Roxy #WaikikiClassic

When it comes to beach bags, we can’t help but love them more when they’ve got a little bit of your own personality to them.  Enter Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss.  She joined us at the Roxy Waikiki Classic and got a bit crafty on the beach.  The best part?  Anyone can do this!  Enjoy the latest Roxy Style Spy featuring Rebekah who shows us all how to make your own eco-friendly beach bag this summer!  #DAREYOURSELF to DIY!

Enjoy this how-to video from Blogger Goldfish Kiss at the Roxy #WaikikiClassic Enjoy this how-to video from Blogger Goldfish Kiss at the Roxy #WaikikiClassic Enjoy this how-to video from Blogger Goldfish Kiss at the Roxy #WaikikiClassic Enjoy this how-to video from Blogger Goldfish Kiss at the Roxy #WaikikiClassic Enjoy this how-to video from Blogger Goldfish Kiss at the Roxy #WaikikiClassic


Roxy welcomes Stephanie Gilmore to the team!

Welcome to the ROXY team Stephanie Gilmore! Welcome to the team Stephanie Gilmore!

Watch her at the ‎ROXY Pro Biarritz this week.

Welcome to the ROXY team Stephanie Gilmore!


Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Weather your Outdoor Workout and Utilize Mother Nature

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Beach Volleyball in the Onshore Bikini with Rachel Moore

It’s finally summertime and every Roxy Outdoor Fitness girl is anxious to get active outdoors—but sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t get the memo. Onshore wind or overcast skies, it’s easy to get discouraged by the elements, but there are days you have to take them head-on! Roxy Outdoor Fitness Ambassador and beach volleyball player Rachel Moore show us how to use those windy days to her advantage.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Beach Volleyball in the Onshore Bikini with Rachel Moore

As a beach volleyball player it’s easy to look out the window and see the palm trees blowing in the wind and want to call it quits, but that’s when its time to throw your Onshore Bikini in your Game Ready Backpack, grab a ball, and push yourself the most.

Beach volleyball will help your speed and agility, but the best beach volleyball players are the ones who can control the ball in the wind. Get out there and practice serving, hitting, passing and setting in the wind to get good at controlling the ball. Learn how to wait and watch the ball all the way to contact. This will help you see the direction of the wind and predict where the ball will end up. Pushing yourself in the elements is the best way to fine-tune your skills, and training in the sand provides natural resistance for your body, creating a full body workout. The beach has a tendency to almost grab you around the ankles and hold you as you try to move. Crank up your cardio by jump training, running, and diving in the sand. Take advantage of what Mother Nature gives us. Look at it as challenge and a way to strengthen yourself and your sport!

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Beach Volleyball in the Onshore Bikini with Rachel Moore#ROXYOutdoorFitness Beach Volleyball in the Onshore Bikini with Rachel Moore



Surf Advisory! Surf Essentials on Sale!

ROXY Surf Advisory #SALE

Just in time for July 4th weekend – get all of your surf essentials on sale!  Shop the Surf Advisory sale for 25% off boardshorts and swim, including kids’ styles.**

Hurry, sale ends Sunday, July 7th!

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Introducing the Roxy Montauk Classic August 3rd – August 4th!

Join us for the #ROXYMontaukClassic

New this year! The Roxy Montauk Classic lands at Ditch Plains, Saturday August 3rd and Sunday August 4th. Come see female surfers of all ages (6 years and up) compete in Longboard and Shortboard divisions along with Roxy team riders, including: World Longboard Champion Kelia Moniz; artist, pro surfer and Roxy wetsuit designer Kassia Meador; and the pioneer of women’s surfing and 4x world champ Lisa Andersen will be joining the fun on the beach.

Giveaways, fun games and athlete signings will take place during the day on both Saturday and Sunday along with amazing surf action that only legendary Ditch Plains can provide! Roxy will be spinning the wheel to raffle off free custom tank tops, Sunbum sunscreen products and Paul Mitchell prizes! Also, Paul Mitchell stylists will be on site to create custom beachy hairstyles throughout the weekend (braids or waves anyone?)! Register online here for a chance to surf and compete in this inaugural New York event!

For a look back at the recent Roxy Waikiki Classic at Queens Beach click here.



Try a Cruiser, Win a Cruiser

Try a Cruiser, Win a Cruiser


Roxy & Schwinn Bikes are coming together to make sure you cruise in style this summer.  The Roxy ‘Try A Cruiser, Win A Cruiser’ Instagram contest takes place the entire month of July and entering the contest is as easy as stopping by your local surf shop.

For all participating locations in the US & Canada Click Here. Contest ends July 31st, see official rules for more details.

For future updates on Roxy and Schwinn, fill out the form below:

Try a Cruiser, Win a Cruiser! For participating locations, check the ROXY Blog!



Gillian Gibree #ROXYOutdoorFItness How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddle Board

No matter what body of water you’re near— fresh or salty— grab your SUP board, get outside, and practice your pivot turns on a sunny day! Make sure to wear comfortable, sun-protected clothes like the Roxy Outdoor Fitness Dawn Running Tee and the Enhance Capris. Plus, they’re super flexible for the wide stance maneuvers!

Roxy Outdoor Fitness Stand Up Paddler Gillian Gibree demonstrates how to get down a pivot turn (for a regular footed paddler, but of course if you’re goofy-foot, just practice on the opposite side!).

1. Step your right foot back towards the tail of the board so that the nose rises out of the water. You can stagger your feet on opposite sides of the center line to keep the board more stable. Engage your core for balance and a nice ab workout!

2. Use a sweeping stroke starting at the center of the right rail towards the tail, which will turn you board counter clockwise. You should start turning 360 degrees! As you progress, you can bring your back foot closer to the tail for a faster pivot turn.

Gillian Gibree #ROXYOutdoorFItness How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddle Board

3. Use your paddle to ‘slap’ the water (called bracing) for added support if you find yourself off balance. Try and wait for a warm day to practice this in case you fall in!

Gillian Gibree #ROXYOutdoorFItness How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddle Board

Gillian Gibree #ROXYOutdoorFItness How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddle Board


The Roxy Summer Sale starts TODAY!

The Roxy Summer Sale! Save up to 50% off select styles

The Summer Sale starts TODAY!

Up to 50% off new markdowns during our annual summer sale!  Hurry, shop now to get these styles before they’re gone!

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Katie McLean dares herself and takes her next adventure to El Salvador

Roxy's Katie McLean #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

A self proclaimed ‘connoisseur of right point breaks’, likely embedded in Katie McLean by her birthplace, Santa Barbara, Ca., had her eyeing El Salvador’s similar surf setup all her life. On June 1st (Katie’s birthday!) she fueled her constant wanderlust and finally made the journey to what the natives call Cuscatlán, The Land of Jewels.

early morning stretches for #ROXYOutdoorFitness ambassador Katie McLean in El Salvador

Our Roxy Let The Sea Set You Free winner struck gold, scoring the opening south swell of the summer. For two weeks, 4 boys, 4 girls, and I traveled between the pristine, tropical East of Las Flores and the ‘Wild West’ of La Libertad where the city sits right on the shore.

Katie surfed at the edge of a floral jungle resting on a sparkling black sand beach, trekked to the opening of an untouched valley covered with cows, barefooted through a city to surf an urchin-infested rocky point peeling off a cemetery, and boated to an empty barreling break up the immaculate coast.

#LetTheSeaSetYouFree winner Katie McLean's quiver collection in El Salvador

El Salvador’s air was hot, humid, and electric and the water was warmer than any pool. She basically lived in here Roxy bikinis and Roxy Outdoor Fitness shorts and sports bras. While traveling, I keep up my fitness routine by spending just 10 minutes a day doing pilates and yoga.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness ambassador Katie McLean loves trail running in El Salvador

As a huge fan of trail running, Katie reveled at the chance to run through the lush terrains of Central America. She ran through thundering downpours in a rainforest blooming with mangoes to waterfalls where they leapt off into cascading swimming pools.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness goes to El Salvador with adventurer and #LetTheSeaSetYouFree winner Katie McLean

An adventure wouldn’t be complete without seeing some sights, doing some shopping, and learning about the local culture. The group explored tiny town squares, never-ending tent markets, beachfront huts, and piers selling shrimp ceviche and buckets of fresh caught fish.

El Salvador adventures with Roxy's Katie McLean

Roxy's Katie McLean taes a daring adventure to El Salvador #DAREYOURSELF #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

Only 20 years out of a brutal civil war, a country plagued by poverty, gang violence, and drastic natural disasters, El Salvador’s history of danger kept Katie on my toes.

Katie McLean dares herself and immerses herself in El Salvador's rich culture #DAREYOURSELF

Katie’s heart was opened by the kindness of the country’s people; They were intrigued by visitors and excited to show their waves, way of life, and most importantly, Pupusas (El Salvador’s signature dish).

Katie McLean puts her own spin on the classic El Salvadorian dish, Pupusas! #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

Katie McLean ROXY #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

During the last lightning-filled nights and stormy days, Katie drew in her journal and helped a local artist paint a mural at AST Surf Hotel. Katie believes ‘Connecting and sharing your passions wherever you go is what makes travel memorable.’

Roxy's Katie McLean #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

In Katie’s words, “I dared myself to explore El Salvador’s untamed beauty, and was rewarded. I’ve returned home refreshed, inspired, and ready for my next adventure.” #DAREYOURSELF