Doctor’s Order: Out sick on June 20th

Just got a doctor's note from @Roxy to go surfing on #ISD June 20th! Get your own here

June 20th is International Surfing Day #ISD, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to go surfing with friends. We want you to take the day off, so grab your favorite board and bikini—connect with Facebook to get your personalized doctor’s note and prescription ready.


Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Get Beach Abs on the Beach


Next time you’re catching a few rays and enjoying a summer beach day, get your outdoor fitness on without even leaving the sand. You can get creative and have beach abs on the beach. In the sand. Sitting down. Literally. Here’s how’s we did it in our Hot Competition Shorts and Cut Back Tank:

Bring your hands behind your head, legs crossed (if you’re not already relaxing comfortably there). Now here’s the challenging part. Lift your legs a few inches off of the sand, while lifting your shoulders off the sand and inhaling. As you exhale, pull your knees in, lift your shoulders higher, and engage your core. Return to starting position, and repeat.


In the same starting position, open your legs about hip width distance, and return to crossed legs, keeping your legs hovering over the sand and shoulder blades lifted. Keep your chin off your chest and pull your belly in as you repeat the motion.

Have a seat in the sand with your hands by your hips. Lean back until you feel your abs working, then dig your heels hard into the sand, using the soft sand as resistance.




With your bum still seated comfortably in the sand, roll onto your right side using your right forearm for support and left hand behind your ear, elbow out wide. Bring your legs to a 45 degree angle hovered above the sand. As you exhale, pull your knees into your chest and pull your upper body towards your knees using your obliques. Return to starting, repeat, and flip to the left side!


And there you have it! Jump in the water for a cool down.




Surf To Snow: A Roxy Team Adventure with Olay Fresh Effects! Episode 5

#SurfToSnow A Roxy Team Adventure with Olay Fresh Effects!

The last episode of the ‘Surf to Snow’ series is here and while we’re sad to say goodbye, Bruna Schmitz sums it up best in this video when she says, “OMG it’s so good” – and that’s exactly how we feel!

No matter where your adventures take you, we’ve got you covered year round’ and so does Olay Fresh Effects.

Today’s Twitter giveaway will get you ready to travel #SurfToSnow – just think Olay Fresh Effects gift pack, Roxy travel set, and a $200 gift card to spend on Roxy.com.


Here’s how to enter (today only!):

RT for a chance to #win the #SurfToSnow @FreshEffects #giveaway today! Watch the 5th episode http://bit.ly/109S54D http://bit.ly/ZEDEk1

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Olay Fresh Effects #SurfToSnow Episode 5 with ROXY


Surf To Snow: Episode 4 How to Beauty Tips in Aspen, Colorado with Olay Fresh Effects

#SurfToSnow A Roxy Team Adventure with Olay Fresh Effects!

Professional surfers Monyca Byrne Wickey and Bruna Schmitz catch up in Aspen, Colorado and show us their favorite Olay Fresh Effects. Between surf breaks in Tahiti and snow filled runs on the mountain, these girls are always on the go and always need the perfect products to keep them naturally beautiful.

Don’t forget we’ve got another giveaway today filled with Monyca and Bruna’s  favorite Olay Fresh Effects products and a $200 Roxy.com gift card to buy that new bikini and beach bag you’ve been eyeing!


Here’s how to enter (today only!):

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#SurfToSnow A Roxy Team Adventure with Olay Fresh Effects!


Surf To Snow: Episode 3 Snow Adventures with Torah Bright Colorado with Olay Fresh Effects!

It’s off to Aspen in the 3rd episode of the ‘Surf To Snow’ series, and no snow adventure would be complete without the queen of snowboarding and Olympic gold medalist Torah Bright in on the action.

Ice skating (or something close), toboggan riding, hot cocoa drinking and a day packed with snowboarding help round out this episode in snowy Colorado.  We know the previous episode had you looking forward to warmer weather, but we’re thinking the cold might be winning back our hearts…how about yours?

It was only befitting that today’s Twitter giveaway was a Roxy snowboard (yep, the one Torah rides), a pair of Bright Edition goggles and an Olay Gift Pack!


Here’s how to enter (today only!):

RT for a chance to #win the #SurfToSnow @FreshEffects #giveaway today! Watch the 3rd episode http://bit.ly/ZEnb0g  http://bit.ly/14D36zd 

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Surf To Snow: Episode 2 How To Be Naturally Beautiful using Olay Fresh Effects!

Roxy girls are naturally beautiful. Here’s how Kelia Moniz and Bruna Schmitz stay fresh all day and at the beach using their Olay Fresh Effects! Enjoy the episode and get tweeting for a chance to win today’s #SurfToSnow giveaway!

One lucky winner will get this Olay gift pack plus a $200 Roxy gift card to get bikinis, sunnies, and whatever else you need to meet the waves.

Here’s how to enter (today only!):

RT for a chance to #win the #SurfToSnow @FreshEffects #giveaway today! Watch the 2nd episode http://bit.ly/13Jbh8D http://bit.ly/Zy4m1N

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Surf to Snow: A Roxy Team Adventure series with Olay Fresh Effects! Episode 1 California Surfing & Twitter Giveaway

Join the Roxy pros for two action packed days on the road in the ‘Surf to Snow: A Roxy Team Adventure’ series with Olay Fresh Effects. From point break surfing in Malibu with ASP World Longboard Champ Kelia Moniz and a gallery opening party with surfer/photographer Kassia Meador in Venice to backcountry snowboarding in Aspen with Olympic gold medalist Torah Bright this is a must-see series for all you Roxy girls!

We’ll be releasing a new vid every Tuesday for the next 5 weeks starting today (so mark your calendars!)…and if you guessed it, we’re giving away some awesome prizes every Tuesday (think snowboards, Olay Fresh Effects product, plus more)!

Ride the waves in Malibu with Bruna Schmitz, Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne Wickey and meet up with surfer/photographer Kassia Meador at ‘The Dreamers’ gallery opening party in Venice Beach in the first episode of the #SurfToSnow series!

Today’s Tuesday #SurfToSnow giveaway? The surf trip essentials pack: Olay gift pack, Roxy Kassia Meador wetsuit, bikini, backpack, and beach towel!

#SurfToSnow Prize pack

Here’s how to enter (today only!):

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See more of the unstoppable adventure at olayfresheffects.com

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2013 Waikiki Classic is back for its 3rd year!

Roxy Waikiki Classic!

The Roxy Waikiki Classic is back at Queens Beach in Waikiki on Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th for it’s third consecutive year! Come see female surfers of all ages (6 years and up) compete in Longboard and Shortboard divisions and witness the pros in action in the Women’s ASP Longboard qualifier! Roxy team riders including: World Longboard Champion and Waikiki native Kelia Moniz, face of #ROXYOutdoorFitness and pro surfer Rosy Hodge, Brazilian beauty and pro surfer Bruna Schmitz and the pioneer of women’s surfing and 4x world champ Lisa Andersen will be joining the fun on the beach. Once again, the beach site will be full of fun games, giveaways, signings and entertainment, plus tons of other fun surprises! Roxy will be spinning the wheel for free custom tank tops and opportunities to participate in DIY projects! Paul Mitchell will be set up for beach braiding, SunBumJamba Juice and Kona Red will be giving away free samples and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation will also be there!

We’re so excited to announce that Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss will be joining us on the beach for the Waikiki Classic and DIY’ing eco-friendly Roxy bags all weekend long! See the whole DIY and Rebekah’s pics here! Plus, find out how you can ‘Get your Sarong On’ before the Waikiki Classic kicks off at 3 unique retail events and complete your beach look with Rebekah here!

For the complete event website, click here!

Online registration opens starting May 7th! Register Here! 

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2013 Roxy Waikiki Classic! Registration is now CLOSED. All competitors MUST check in on site atRegistration Tent6:30am on Saturday, June 8th to sign their waivers. If there are’no-shows’ on the day of competition, availability will be first-come,first serve on a waiting list. Waiting list will ONLY be available at the event site on day of competition!

Mark your calendars & see you at the beach June 8-9th!






Kassia Meador Wetsuits: Fresh Suits for Fancy Footwork Fanatics

Kassia Meador is one of the most recognizable longboarders in the world, known for her smooth styles both on and off the board. Kassi has developed a passion for surfing, shooting film, and tripping around the globe in search of perfect peelers and radically random weirdness. Meet Kass and check out her inspiration behind the wetsuits that have set the bar and led the way in new flair and wetsuit design and technology…

I’m Kassia Meador, and I’ve been surfing for Roxy for the last 13 years. Since I was young I was always interested in wetsuit design and fashion. I’ve always felt as surfers, what we wear in the water is really a reflection of our personal style. But with wetsuits being the way they were, black on black, there wasn’t really anything out there to let us show our personal style or stand out. About 5 years ago, I thought it was time to change the way the surf world thought about wetsuits, and I worked on my first collection with Roxy.

My inspirations for the first designs came out of my love for the history of surfing and surf costumes, especially bathing suits trends in Europe during the 40′s and 50′s. I wanted to make something that was flattering, comfortable, and would make us women feel like the best versions of ourselves in the water. That first collection sold out. Since then, I’ve developed 5 different colletions of wetsuits with Roxy. Growing and selling out every season helped to start a trend the rest of the surf industry would follow—but more importantly, it was a new way for women to look good and feel great in the water all the while having comfort, flexibility and warmth.

This newest collection is infused with the warmest and most comfortable materials, as well as the grooviest colors and lines to keep our female bodies looking strong and fit. I’m the most excited about this collection than any of the past to date, and I know you will be too. So get out there soak up some sunshine, be bold, live large, follow your bliss and glide the day away….


Welcome to Tahiti Summer 2013 #DAREYOURSELF

It’s Summer…time to heat things up in French Polynesian fashion! Tahiti called and your wave is waiting, so let’s ride (we did!).

The Roxy team including Sally Fitzgibbons, Kelia Moniz, LeeAnn Curren, Monyca Byrne Wickey, Justin Mauvin, and Bruna Schmitz boarded an easy 8 hour plane flight on Air Tahiti Nui from LAX and arrived to a warm flower-filled welcome at the Intercontinental Resort in French Polynesia (PS we can’t wait to show you our Polynesian Lei DIY vid).

What we woke up to was nothing short of a Roxy dream. We quickly boarded a boat and drifted off to the secluded island of Moorea, with bikinis in tow and sandals in hand, we got ourselves ready for a swim with some friends. After that, we dove right in with a lagoon full of stingrays (Kelia’s little buds), sharks and other sea friends that were welcoming and waiting.  Fast forward and we’re living on Tahiti Yacht catamarans a short ride away from one of the biggest and best offshore breaks in the world – Teahupoo. In true Polynesian fashion, we got the lay of the land with Raimana (aka the mayor of Tahiti) who showed us the best breaks, pineapple groves, sunset points, coral reefs, and most delicious Poisson Cru in town (yum!).

This is the Roxy way of life and we’re just starting to heat things up…Here’s some of our favorite pics from the beautiful Polynesian Island. #DAREYOURSELF to keep dreaming big…