Congratulations to the 2014 ROXY Pro Gold Coast Winner Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore Wins the 2014 #ROXYpro Gold Coast   ©timo

It was the final of finals for the 2014 ASP ROXY Pro Gold Coast.

To set the scene, after two absolutely stacked semifinal heats with Stephanie Gilmore up against 2013 reigning world champ Carissa Moore, closely  followed by heat two with Rookie of the Year Bianca Buitendag facing off against powerhouse Lakey Peterson, Snapper Rocks was absolutely pumping and energy was nothing short of electric!

Local girl, 4x Roxy Pro champ, and ROXY team rider Stephanie Gilmore made incredible wave selections during her heat and walked away with an upsetting win over Carissa Moore.

South Africa’s Bianca Buitendag took on California girl, Lakey Peterson at Snapper Rocks and narrowly took the win and would face off in the final matchup of the day.

A first final ever for Bianca Buitendag, she brought so much heart and excitement into this final. A goofy footer and rookie, Bianca couldn’t have had a more memorable match up against teammate Stephanie Gilmore. It was the absolute biggest heat in her young career.

With weather on our side, and the waves getting bigger as the day progressed, it was homegrown Gold Coast native Stephanie Gilmore who took the prized 2014 ROXY Pro Gold Coast crown after being paraded up the beach by friends and family for her 5th ROXY Pro victory. Considered her favorite spot on the entire tour Stephanie commented, “To win here today at the ROXY Pro at Snapper on the Gold Coast is one of my absolute favorite things in the world to do. Today has been an incredible day, it’s been a long week, but so many emotions, so much anticipation, and um yeah, wow, I love winning here in front of my friends, my family, the waves were pumping, the guys and the girls were spoiled and, yeah, thank you, thanks to everyone at ROXY for supporting me, and of course the Quiksilver family to be down here with all the boys watching is really cool and obviously congratulations to Bianca. To surf the final with Bianca is really special.” Stephanie Gilmore #ROXYpro Gold Coast Stephanie Gilmore #ROXYpro Gold Coast

After zero victories last year, and her lowest ranking on the WCT, we’re thinking this is a major comeback year for Stephanie Gilmore and starting off the season on this note with Women’s Surfing where it is only makes us excited to see more! More! MORE!

We asked Steph about her mindset going into the next tour events, “To start off the year with a win has just been so amazing. I didn’t even get one win last year, to start the year off at home definitely makes me feel confident heading into Bells & Margaret River. The rest of the Australian leg is going to be great and I’m really looking forward to it. I can’t wait. “

See more from the ROXY Pro here.

#ROXYpro #ROXYpro

Stephanie Gilmore #ROXYpro Gold Coast Bianca Buitendag

Stephanie Gilmore #ROXYpro Gold Coast Bianca Buitendag  #ROXYpro Gold Coast #ROXYpro#ROXYpro


ROXY pro Lay Day makes a Byron Bay Beach Day #DowntimeDownUnder

ROXY Byron Bay Road Trip #ROXYproIt was a lay day at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast so the Semis were just going to have to wait for another day and more waves, which was okay by us because we knew exactly where to find them…

We packed our things and headed to Byron Bay for a little #DowntimeDownUnder with the ROXY team. It was 6 girls: Stephanie Gilmore, Monyca Eleogram, LeeAnn Curren, Lisa Andersen, Kelia Moniz, and Bruna Schmitz, their boards, and all the other essentials needed for a road trip along the coast. Backseat driver, Lisa Andersen retold stories about old camp days skinny-dipping at night and playing tug of war in the sand setting the stage for lots to laugh about and reminisce on.

Our Byron Bay quiver collection

It was a scenic drive with Mt. Wanning’ silhouette in the distance, ridiculous valleys on either side, and Lennox, considered Australia’s surfing Mecca, set as the destination. You know, the place where the shortboarding revolution came about and where longboards moved from long to short. A nice place to revel in the history of surfing that Australia is dripping with, and also marked our first wave-checked of the morning.

ROXY Byron Bay Road Trip

After suiting up, and by that we mean bikinis, no need for wetsuits at this place in the height of Summer, the girls decided to head to a ‘secret spot’ where Stephanie Gilmore could ride a point break and get some practice in before the ROXY pro Gold Coast semifinals. Everyone obliged, because what doesn’t sound enticing about and open line-up and just your friends progressing together. Thanks Steph, you were so right!

LeeAnn CUrren getting some air at a secret spot in Australia #DowntimeDownUnder #ROXYpro ROXY Byron Bay Road Trip

The spot proved to be epic, pumping waves, just a few of your closest friends, and plenty of great surf shots for the team to revel in afterwards. Both LeeAnn and Stephanie put on a show trying some aerials and giving tan-obsessed beach goers and eyeful.

Stephanie Gilmore #POPsurf #ROXYproROXY road trip Polaroids #ROXYproROXY road Trip! Byron Bay edition

A few hours passed, and lunch seemed like a great idea so we cruised to local favorite ‘The Roadhouse’ for some tacos plates and nourish platters. We quickly realized, there’s really nothing like organic roadside food, reggae music, and coconut coffee (no need for any sugar here!). After filling our faces we were on the road again, with our eye on the prize: BYRON BAY.

Byron Bay ROXY road trip #DowntimeDownUnder #ROXYpro

Byron Bay beach day with the ROXY team

As we approached the main street in Byron we felt right at home. A sunny. laid-back Santa Cruz vibe Byron Bay was just what we needed to get away from it all. As we weaved and wrapped ourselves along the coast we could enjoy a flurry of ocean activity including dolphins and turtles. We pulled up at Wategos Beach and we knew we had found the spot. It felt a bit like Kelia’s Aussie version of Waikiki and we couldn’t have been more content.

Byron Bay ROXY road trip #DowntimeDownUnder #ROXYpro Lisa Andersen

After a long day of surfing, eating, and road tripping, we set back up to Coolangatta to await the next call of the ROXY Pro. Stay tuned, because Semi finals is next and both Roxy team riders Stephanie Gilmore and Bianca Buitentag are in the lineup. See more from the Pro here.

BYRON_6ROXY Byron Bay Road Trip


The ROXY Pro GOLD Coast Quarterfinals Recap

Recap from the #ROXYPro Quarterfinals

The quarterfinals kicked off today on the Gold Coast with ROXY team rider ‘s Stephanie Gilmore, Bianca Buitendag and Sally Fitzgibbons  all in the mix! The call was made bright and early for the #ROXYpro and after a day like yesterday you could feel the excitement in the air.

Local favorite, Stephanie Gilmore, shined today against yesterday’s standout, Courtney Conlogue, in the first of 4 heats run today at the ROXY Pro Gold Coast. The biggest upset was in the 3rd quarter final heat when ASP Rookie Bianca Buitendag took to the water and dominated against number 2 in the world, Tyler Wright. A beautiful display of back-hand surfing saw a shock elimination of last 2013 ROXY Pro Champion.

Recap from the #ROXYPro Quarterfinals

The next call will be made by the ASP at 6:30 AM (local time) tomorrow, so stay tuned…we could be crowning the 2014 ROXY Pro Champ! In the meantime, check out what else we’ve been up to on the Goldy!

Recap from the #ROXYPro Quarterfinals Recap from the #ROXYPro Quarterfinals


#ROXYpro Day 2 Sunday Funday watching the boys at the Quiksilver Pro Gold Coast

Sunday Funday on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro

It was the boys turn today at the ASP Quiksilver Pro so the girls went to the beach to check them out (sort of…). That’s what you do on a Sunday funday in the land of OZ after all.

Stay tuned for the next call here on the Gold Coast at Snapper Rocks for Round 2 of the #ROXYpro.

Sunday Funday on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro#ROXYproSunday Funday on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro

Sunday Funday on the Gold Coast #ROXYproSunday Funday on the Gold Coast #ROXYproIMG_5458Sunday Funday on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro


#ROXYpro Day 1 on the Goldy

Kelia Moniz taking a nose ride during her #DowntimeDownUnder

Day 1 of the #ROXYpro was blessed with perfect waves for the beginning of the 2014 ASP women’s Championship Tour.

High scores and pristine summer conditions saw the ladies of this years ASP tour show the surfing world that women’s surfing is the best its ever been, with some of the tours top seeds missing out on taking a win & be forced into tomorrows round two (elimination round)

For the rest of the ROXY team it was sunrise surf sessions at Dbah with Lisa Andersen and a little afternoon longboarding excursion with Kelia Moniz showing us how it’s done. Even the matriarch of surfing herself Lisa was taking a few stylish notes from the recently crowned 2x World Longboarding Champ (see nose-ride below and you’ll see what we mean).#ROXYpro


_MG_9335 _MG_9405_MG_9369_MG_9342 _MG_9410 _MG_9440 _MG_9448_MG_9501_MG_9458



Torah Bright and Dara Howell Dare to Dream Bigger

Torah Bright & Dara Howell

All of our Roxy athletes inspire us, but this winter two riders in particular have really been moving mountains. 19-year-old freeskier Dara Howell only just recently joined the Roxy team, and she has not wasted any time getting down to business. Four years ago Dara was inspired to start freeskiing when she saw a photo of Sarah Burke. Sarah was a pioneer of her sport, and while she passed away in January 2012, skiers like Dara have done a great job of furthering the progression that Sarah established. In the last year Dara was on the podium at 5 World Cup events and won 2 X-Games Bronze medals. But Dara really made her mark when earlier this month at the 2014 Sochi Winter Games she won the Gold Medal in the first ever Olympics ski slopestyle event. In a fitting move, Dara dedicated the award to Sarah, both for the groundbreaking skier that she was and for all she did to get freeskiing admitted into the Olympics.

Like Dara, Torah Bright also spent the last year breaking boundaries. In January of 2013, this 2010 Olympic halfpipe Gold Medalist decided to tackle 3 snowboard disciplines: halfpipe, slopestyle and snowboard cross. While she’d been riding halfpipe and slopestyle for years, she was a completely inexperienced in snowboard cross. She worked hard all year training and competing in as many events as she could. Many said she couldn’t do it, that she was spreading herself too thin, but Torah proved them wrong. Over the course of the year she won the Dew Tour halfpipe, a World Cup halfpipe, received 3rd in the World Championships of slopestyle, and placed in the top ten at a World Cup snowboard cross event. In January of this year all her hard work paid off when she became the first and only person ever to qualify for 3 Olympic snowboard disciplines. Torah put on a grand performance at the 2014 Sochi Games, placing 7th in slopestyle, holding her own on the snow cross course, and winning a Silver Medal in the halfpipe event.

Congratulations Torah and Dara and thank you for all that you do, you lift us up with your courage and show us that anything is possible!

Torah Air
Dara jump
Torah jump


ROXY Pro Gold Coast 2014 #ROXYpro

The first stop of the 2014 ASP World Tour, the ROXY Pro Gold Coast, officially kicks off March 1st.  It’s summer in Australia so expect sunshine, bikinis and some epic surfing with surprises along the way (you’ll see).

This also marks the first time the ASP is officially taking over the tour and we’re excited to see the changes  to support women’s surfing around the world. Roxy team riders Stephanie Gilmore @StephanieGilmore , Sally Fitzgibbons @Sally_Fitz and Bianca Buitendag @BiancaBuitendag will begin their season alongside other familiar faces on the new Women’s ASP World Championship Tour [WCT]. A favorite spot of the WCT for more reasons than one, the Gold Coast – Snapper Rocks (better known as Australia’s Super Bank) hosts a perfect right-hand point and boosts the premier amphitheater setting to experience the action firsthand (just see the pictures for a taste)…And the weather looks in our favor as well!

Roxy’s very own Rosy Hodge will also be taking over as part of the core commentary team for the ASP.  Nothing beats the South African beauty and her quick witted reporting (nothing – period), so we’re stoked to see her representing the tour.

So…get ready for some giveaways (check back here soon), follow ROXY on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram for all the latest updates and don’t forget to watch live on the ASP’s new event website.  

In the meantime, let the trailer set the stage and get a taste of what’s to come for the 13th edition of the ROXY Pro Gold Coast!

#ROXYpro #ROXYpro#ROXYpro#ROXYpro#ROXYpro#ROXYpro#ROXYpro


Sarah Burke’s Olympic legacy

Sarah Burke

January 19th 2014 marks the 2 year anniversary of the day Sarah Burke passed away. With the Winter Olympics right around the corner, when all of Sarah’s freeskiing comrades will head to Russia, we‘d like to honor what Sarah did to make that possible. Sure, Sarah was an incredibly talented and hard working skier, a pioneer of freeskiing, and a beautiful soul inside and out, but she was also hugely instrumental in the campaign to get freeskiing accepted as an Olympic sport.

It all started back in the early 2000’s when Sarah got to work lobbying the X-Games organizers to accept women’s freeskiing into the Winter X-Games. In 2005 they finally did, and once the female skiers were given their time to shine the women’s competitive field blossomed. According to Trennon Paynter, Sarah’s dear friend and the Head Coach of the Canadian National Halfpipe Ski Team, when Sarah cracked the X-Games’ door open “This literally created the current women’s ski halfpipe international field, and this in turn helped convince organizing bodies such as the IOC [International Olympic Committee] and FIS [International Ski Federation] that ski halfpipe was a true dual-gender sport, which is an important criteria for Olympic consideration.”

Sarah Burke's Legacy

Early on, Sarah also supported FIS events at a time when most of the freeskiing community was avoiding them to focus on higher profile privately sponsored events. Sarah had the foresight to realize that if she and other freeskiing stars participated in FIS events it would bring validity to the events and show the FIS that freeskiers were serious about the Olympics. But still things were progressing slowly for freeskiing, so in 2007 Sarah became one of two founding athlete members of the AFP (Association of Freeskiing Professionals), a group organized around creating a standard ranking system and consistent judging platform within freeskiing. The AFP became a voice to communicate with the FIS and push for Olympic inclusion. Sarah also became involved with the National Team programs in Canada to help push the Olympic cause. Paynter says, “Her support of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA) was one of the reasons that the CFSA supported creating a National Team, and backing the Olympic inclusion bid when it was presented and put to a vote amongst NSAs (National Sport Asscoiations) at the FIS council meetings.”

And of course, between all of these strategic steps, Sarah was also out there skiing as much as possible. She followed the snow all year long to countless events around the world, racking up wins and losses, bumps, bruises and broken bones, new tricks, Gold medals, and broken boundaries. After a decade of hard work and dedication, on April 6th of 2011 the IOC announced the inclusion of freeskiing into the 2014 Winter Games.
While Sarah may have passed away before she got to drop into the Olympic halfpipe, the very fact that freeskiing is now an Olympic sport is the true accomplishment of Sarah’s career, and one that is bigger than any Gold medal could ever be. In a sport where people are judged as individuals Sarah was as fierce a competitor as ever there was, but she was also incredibly civically minded. She saw the bigger picture that beyond her own personal skiing ambitions there was greater good in propping up the entire sport of freeskiing. It is precisely her rare combination of personal competitive drive and civic-mindedness that made Sarah a true leader. Her legacy will be forever present at all Winter Olympics to come.

To find out more about Sarah Burke’s legacy and how you can #CelebrateSarah, please visit


The ROXY Team takes home 2 Surfer Poll Awards

The ROXY Team takes home 2 Surfer Poll Awards

The Roxy team, including newly crowned 2x world Longboard champion and Hawaiian Kelia Moniz, Stephanie Gilmore, and Bruna Schmitz all took to the red carpet at the 2013 Surfer Poll awards doting glammed up attire. Meanwhile, the pride of South Africa, and the best commentator we know, Rosy Hodge, ran the red carpet alongside another memorable staple at the Surfer Poll awards, Sal Masekela. The girls made their way over to fellow teammate for a quick chat and photo snap before taking to their seats and watching the show.

Roxy team rider and 5x World Champ Stephanie Gilmore

2x Surfer Poll Winner and 5x world champ Stephanie Gilmore took home #5 at this year’s Surfer Poll and didn’t disappoint the crowd who was waiting to see what she’d be wearing. Her one-piece plaid jumpsuit was sporty, classy and all the rage on Twitter. Kudos to Steph for always surprising and never disappointing which translated to her gracious acceptance speech where she congratulated fellow teammate Kelia Moniz on her recent World title win along with a lovely tribute to friend Buttons. You’ll find Steph finishing the year off right in Hawaii at the Quiksilver House at Pipe.

Roxy team rider and 5x World Champ Stephanie Gilmore

…And Women’s #2 Surfer Poll went home with Roxy team rider Sally Fitzgibbons. Sally accepted the award all smiles and oceans away in the freezing , snowy, and extremely cold waters of Nova Scotia. Looks like her Roxy wetsuit was helping her bare the cold for some surf sessions and a quick acceptance speech.

The ROXY Team takes home 2 Surfer Poll Awards


Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Sally Fitzgibbons shares the key components to a successful early morning workout

Put on your favorite #ROXYOutdoorFItness outfit & go on a run with professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons

According to ROXY Outdoor Fitness ambassador and professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons, the key to an early morning workout is putting on an outfit that ‘makes you feel like you’re invincible and can run at the speed of light’. Her outfit of choice for a cold winter morning? Standard Running Tights and the Ambition Running Tee paired with the  Down and Ready Jacket.

Here are Sally’s morning workout running tips that every girl should abide by (trust us! This girl is so in shape and on her game it’s inspiring!):

Warming up and warming down is absolutely key in preventing injuries.

Put on your favorite #ROXYOutdoorFItness outfit & go on a run with professional surfer Sally FitzgibbonsMake sure you have an active and lively warm up including; leg swings, lunges and only hold any static stretches for a short moment.

Post exercise take your time in doing a slow cool down jog and hold your stretches for an extended length of time. Make sure you sync your breathing with the stretches to go a little further.

Put on your favorite #ROXYOutdoorFItness outfit & go on a run with professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons

Make your run fun and exciting…Go on an adventure! Look off the beaten path and try to always keep moving forward and not go back the same way you came!

Put on your favorite #ROXYOutdoorFItness outfit & go on a run with professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons

Have someone drop you at a destination where you are just running to make it back home or to a friends’ house or your favorite cafe to meet up with everybody.

Use your surroundings wherever you may be in the world. Study your environment and find little challenges like a steep hill and create a super set around it.

3 sets of 5 sprint hills will send the heart rate through the roof and get the legs burning.

Put on your favorite #ROXYOutdoorFItness outfit & go on a run with professional surfer Sally FitzgibbonsPut on your favorite #ROXYOutdoorFItness outfit & go on a run with professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons

Don’t forget to Smile and enjoy yourself amidst all the pain!!! Chin up and always look ahead..

A Smile Will Take You The Mile!

Put on your favorite #ROXYOutdoorFItness outfit & go on a run with professional surfer Sally Fitzgibbons