Stephanie Gilmore Wins the Swatch Women’s Pro

It was a ROXY all-Aussie Final for the women’s first ever WCT event at the Swatch Women’s Pro at Trestles!

Five-time World Champ, Stephanie Gilmore surfed against ROXY teammate Sally Fitzgibbons for an epic head-to-head battle for the trophy.

Scoring a near perfect 9.5 on her first wave, Stephanie set the tone for the finals. Following her impressive 9.5, Steph put together a series of seamless turns, elegant layback, quick floater and elegant exit, earning her a perfect 10!

In case you missed it, here’s a look at Stephanie’s perfect 10:

2014 Swatch Women's Pro Finals

Stephanie Gilmore Swatch Women's Pro

Sally Fitzgibbons Swatch Womens Pro

2014 Winner of the Swatch Women's Pro

Stephanie Gilmore Wins the 2014 Swatch Women's Pro

Stephanie Gilmore Wins the 2014 Swatch Women's Pro

Next stop on the Women’s World Tour takes us to France for the #ROXYPro!  Sally is currently ranked #1 in the world and Stephanie is following close behind with a #2 ranking.  Stay tuned for more updates from France!

Photos: Courtesy of ASP 


Ride the Frozen Waves of Winter #ROXYSnow

When the temperature drops, our excitement rises, as we wait for Mother Nature to drop another blanket of white over our favorite mountains. From the Rockies to the Alps, the Ural Mountains to the snowy peaks of Japan, we’re on the hunt for new adventures in new gear. With style and creativity leading the charge. The world is our snow globe, and the memories we make on the mountain will carry with us year round.

Join the ROXY snow conversation by sharing your favorite #ROXYsnow moments on Instagram for a chance to be featured on our ROXY snow site!

Take a peek & shop the new 2014/2015 ROXY snow collection here. 

ROXY Snow 2014/2015

ROXY Snow 2014/2015

ROXY Snow 2014/2015

ROXY Snow 2014/2015

ROXY Snow Team

ROXY Snow 2014/2015


Behind the Scenes at the 2014 US Open of Surfing

Last week we took a break from the office to watch ROXY Team riders Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Bianca Buitendag compete in the 2014 US Open of Surfing right in our backyard in Huntington Beach, CA!

Between autograph signings, team dinners & daily treks down to Main Street to catch all the live action on the beach…our team definitely kept busy throughout the week!

Both Sally Fitzgibbons and Stephanie Gilmore won their heats in the Quarterfinals on Saturday, despite really tough conditions and a dropping swell.  The two Roxy team riders went head to head in the semi-finals on Sunday, with Steph beating Sally with a 16.10 to advance to the finals.  Steph scored an impressive 9.93 – a nearly perfect wave!

In the finals, Steph competed against fellow Australian Tyler Wright.  Steph started strong but it was Tyler’s 8 wave that allowed her to take the lead and turn the heat around.  Steph finished 2nd to Tyler in a really close final.

Sally is now ranked 2nd in the world and Steph is 4th as they head into the next WCT stop at Trestles in San Clemente, CA from September 9-20.

Didn’t get to catch any of the action at the US Open this year? Here are some of our favorite behind the scenes photos captured by ROXY’s social media team!

Bianca Buitendag-US Open of Surfing 2014

Bianca Buitendag-US Open 2014

Bianca Buitendag-US Open 2014

ROXY Team Riders at the 2014 US Open of Surfing

Sally Fitzgibbons-US Open 2014

Stephanie & Whitney Gilmore-US Open 2014

Stephanie Gilmore-US Open 2014

Stephanie Gilmore-US Open 2014

Huntington Beach, CA

Lisa Andersen, Monyca Eleogram & Bruna Schmitz

ROXY Team Riders-US Open 2014

ROXY Team Signing at HSS-US Open 2014

ROXY Team Signing at HSS-US Open 2014

US Open of Surfing 2014


Score $25 in Live Nation Concert Cash with Roxy This Summer


Summer might be coming to an end, but we’re closing out our favorite season with a special perk for our SoCal friends. Roxy and Live Nation are joining together to help get you out to see some of the best events happening around town.

Starting on August 1st, when you spend $100 in a participating Roxy/Quiksilver store in Southern California, you get a $25 gift card that can be redeemed for any music or sporting event offered by Live Nation**

See participating store locations and official rules below for more details.

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ROXY – FASHION ISLAND Fashion Island 259 Newport Center Dr.  Newport Beach, CA 92660  (949) 718-9792

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A ROXY Breakfast with Chef Andre

It’s not every day that you can eat breakfast at the office prepared by the chef of world-class surfers, so when it does happen, we make it into the office extra early! Australian clean foods chef Andre Sickinger is better known as the “Surfers Chef.” He prepares meals for the world’s top surfers on the tour, including our very own Stephanie Gilmore!  Every meal he makes is organic and nutritious, but yet somehow still tastes great!

Chef Andre at ROXY HQ

For our office breakfast, Chef Andre made two delicious super-food, plant-based meals. Check out the pics and try the recipes at home the next time you need some energy for your morning paddle!

The first is a revitalizing green smoothie. To make this smoothie you will need:

  • Approx. 16 oz. of Coconut Water (Chef Andre recommends Harmless Harvest brand if you don’t have any fresh coconuts available)
  • 1 green apple chopped
  • 2 celery stalks
  • 1 Lebanese cucumber (or a regular cucumber)
  • 1 large handful of fresh kale
  • ½ handful of mint
  • 1 lemon with no skin

You can also put in a teaspoon of Spirulina, a natural algae that is high in protein and nutrients.

Place them all into a Vitamix  and blast it on high speed until completely smoothed (or if you’re like us…a traditional blender will do).

Keep extra coconut water on hand to balance the consistency of the smoothie to your liking.

This recipe is great before a surf session to keep you energized and strong. It’s also great for detoxing!

Chef Andre's Revitalizing Green Smoothie

ROXY Team Enjoying Chef Andre's Revitalizing Green Smoothie

The next dish we had is a Power Chia Pudding, a really easy recipe that takes some overnight preparation.

What you need is:

  • 8 oz. coconut water
  • ½ cup of chia seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of goji berries
  • 1 tablespoon of inca berries
  • 4 pitted prunes
  • 1 tablespoon of dehydrated mangos (sliced into strips)
  • 1 tablespoon of pepita seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of sunflower seeds
  • 1 tablespoon of almonds

Combine the coconut water, chia seeds, goji berries, inca berries, prunes, and mangos into a bowl. Mix them well and let it soak together overnight.

Soak the pepita seeds, sunflower seeds, and almonds in a separate glass of water overnight. Drain and rinse them after approx. 12 hours of soaking.

Mix all ingredients together and serve. If you have a sweet tooth, drizzle organic coconut nectar on top for a healthy all natural way to sweeten!

Keep a bowl of this in the fridge and have it as a snack or dessert for the next few days!

Chef Andre's Power Chia Pudding

To learn more about Chef Andre and follow his culinary creations, follow him on Instagram at @andresickinger_chef. We look forward to more breakfasts in the office like this!

ROXY Breakfast with Chef Andre


Loving Lost in Bali: Mt. Agung Sunrise Trekking Part 1

Mt. Agung, Bali

Welcome to Mt. Agung, the tallest and holiest mountain on the island of Bali at 9,944 feet above sea level! Famous for it’s picturesque sunrise vantage points and breathtaking panoramic views across the entire island of Bali, we couldn’t help but sign up for the full moon mountain hike to see for ourselves.

Bamboo Indah, Bali

To prepare ourselves for the challenging day ahead, we took the afternoon to physically and mentally prepare with an afternoon yoga session in the Minang house at Bamboo Indah. Overlooking Ubud’s rice terraces, this was the perfect place to mentally prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

Bamboo Indah, Bali

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah, Bali

Rosy Hodge, Kelia Moniz, Lee-Ann Curren and Bruna Schmitz enjoyed a private lesson from a local yogi, complemented with a stunning visual of bright green leaves and the soft sounds of chirping birds in the background.

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah, Bali

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah

Inspired by our surroundings and wearing our favorite ROXY Outdoor Fitness gear we felt our mind, body and spirit renewed and energized for the early morning adventure ahead.

Stay tuned for Part 2, as we trek up Mt. Agung!


Bali’s Big Eco Weekend: Open Lineups at the Uluwatu Surf Challenge

Both surfers and non-surfers alike know this iconic surf break. Affectionately referred to as ‘Ulu’s’…the waves here are some of the best in the world.

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

The Uluwatu Challenge was introduced into the Bali’s Big Eco Weekend two years ago, with Quiksilver and the Uluwatu Boardriders Club joining forces to raise money for environmental and beach clean-up programs in Bali.

For  a $180 entry fee, 32 lucky surfers paddled out and competed against Roxy team riders Bruna Schmitz, Rosy Hodge, 2x World Longboarding Champ Kelia Moniz along with Quiksilver legends Mark Richards, Matt Hoy, Jake Paterson, Craig Anderson and current World Tour surfer Freddy Patacchia.

This was the first time in the event’s history that members of the Roxy team had competed. Ready to have some fun and put on a good show, Rosy, Kelia and Bruna suited up (and by that, we mean bikinis)!

Blessed with pristine conditions, the anticipation to surf the uncrowded breaks was electric! Rosy headed out in one of the first heats of the day and soaked up the rare combination of great swell and the choice of any wave she wanted.

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

Bruna ripped! Clearly having heaps of fun, she gave the crowd plenty to cheer about throughout the day.

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

It’s been a while since the Uluwatu crowd had seen a five on a longboard. 2x World Long Boarding Champ Kelia Moniz styled her way through the inside, giving the crowd a taste of her unique and effortless style.

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

Spending plenty of nose time on her board, the crowd loved every wave Kelia caught (as you could hear from the roar of applause coming from the cliff top).

Quickly becoming crowd favorites, Kelia and Bruna took it up a notch in their second heat and jumped on a wave together.

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

In the last heat of the day, and with the last light, Rosy enjoyed a session most surfers would only dream of. She grabbed a few more long lefts before the sun melted over the Indian Ocean.

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge

As the event wrapped up and the newly crowned Ulu’s champ, Freddy P. accepted his award, the Roxy and Quiksilver champs mingled and recounted the day’s waves. Quiksilver surfing legends gave the highlights of their day to the Roxy team, sharing the stoke of a great day in the water, and excited for the prospect of next year’s competition!

Bali Big Eco Weekend-Uluwatu Challenge


Bali’s Big Eco Weekend: Educating, Protecting & Conserving Bali’s Beaches…One Sea Turtle at a Time!

Roxy and Quiksilver team riders and legends kicked off Bali’s Big Eco Weekend with ateam signing at Legian Beach. A huge crowd gathered for the chance to meet their heroes and grab an autograph and a photo or two. The team loved sharing the mutual stoke from the fans! Plenty of smiles all round!

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Getting ready for the beach clean up, we rolled up our sleeves and joined the dedicated clean up crew of local community members and visitors to help clean up Legian Beach.

With non-degradable waste as the by-product of not just the local environment, but also from the rapidly growing population of Indonesia, raising awareness of the alarming issue was the driving force of the weekend.

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Despite picking up trash, we still managed to look stylish, as clearly demonstrated by Bruna!

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

As the cleanup efforts were tallied, we joined the crowd and headed to the presentation. We were welcomed by a traditional band and beautiful Balinese dancers, the excitement drawing people in as they came in from the surf. Given a brief presentation of the initiatives beginnings, we all pledged to continue the clean up efforts in Bali and to take the message home to share with others.

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

As the formalities finished up, the Bali Sea Turtle Society announced it was time for the turtle release! Over 1,000 hatchlings were ready to be released into the ocean.

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

 Rosy, Sally, Kelia and Bruna each gave their turtles a few words of encouragement before setting them off into the wild, hoping they would not only survive but come back to Bali’s beaches to mate in the future.

It was a great moment to share as we watched the tiny turtles make their way towards the water then swept into the ocean to begin their new life!

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

As the day drew to a close, competitors of the Uluwatu Challenge were invited to partake in a Balinese Hindu ceremony.

Dressed in traditional sarongs, we took our place on the sand as the blessing was given by the local temple priest. Showered with sacred water and blessed with the customary rice placed on the forehead for good fortune, we watched the sun set over the ocean.

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014

Bali Big Eco Weekend 2014


Get Ready for Bali’s Big Eco Weekend!

We believe that every ROXY woman wants to do her part to help protect and care for the environment on and off the beach. The Quiksilver and ROXY family has teamed up with Coca-Cola and Garuda International to host a weekend dedicated to educating the public about the environmental challenges facing Bali and how we can work together globally to protect our beaches both near and far.

Bali Big Eco Weekend

This year, Bali’s Big Eco weekend will be held at Legian beach with environmental and beach activities for everyone.  Since 2008, the Bali beach clean-up program has employed a crew of 75 locals who help keep Bali’s beaches clean everyday—from the Kuta, Kedonganan, Jimbaran, Seminyak, and Legian beaches. Due to the efforts of volunteers and the local community, over 24 million tons of trash has been collected and 80,000 sea turtle eggs have been protected!

Bali Big Eco Weekend

Our team riders Sally Fitzgibbons, Kelia Moniz, Bruna Schmitz and Rosy Hodge will be joining us in Bali, helping us clean up the beaches and educating the public about the environmental challenges facing Bali. 

Tune in to Facebook, Twitter & Instagram this weekend to see what we’re doing each day and what you can do to help keep Bali’s beaches clean! #KeepBaliClean


Endless Wave…3 Years & Counting: Congratulations Meg Roh!

If the name Meg Roh sounds familiar, chances are that you’ve probably heard her making headlines (in a good way)! You might remember seeing Meg last year on International Surfing Day as she approached her 750th day in a row of surfing!

In February, Meg hit her 1,000th day of consecutive surfing.  Today on June 1st; Meg accomplishes another milestone: surfing every single day for 3 years in a row!

We caught up with Meg at Roxy’s headquarters in Huntington Beach to chat about surf breaks, surf trips & what’s next for this ambitious 15 year old.

Meg Roh

ROXY: Where did you come up with the idea to start surfing every day?

Meg: It all began on June 1, 2011 when I was training for a surf contest. Since it was summer, I figured I’d be surfing almost every day anyways so I set out to surf for 90 days. When 90 days came along, I figured well I’m only 10 days away from 100 days so I made it to 100. From there, I just kept going and going & I haven’t stopped since!

ROXY: What does a ‘typical’ daily surf session consist of?

Meg:  A typical session consists of at least 5 waves…usually more! If I’m ever feeling sick, I’ll usually catch at least 5 but I always try to catch more! It’s actually kind of funny on the days when I’m sick… when I paddle out and get in the water I usually feel much better!

Meg Roh

ROXY: What is your favorite local break to surf?

Meg: San Onofre! There’s always a wave to catch there!

ROXY: We know you have a ton of boards, but which one is your favorite ‘go-to’ board?

Meg: I love all my boards but one of my favorites is my T. Patterson board!

Meg Roh

ROXY: If you could buy a plane ticket to surf any break, where would you go?

Meg: Noosa (in Australia)! I’d love to catch all those really long rights! Also, there’s a secret spot in Mexico that’s pretty amazing too!

ROXY: We heard you have a totally rad baby blue VW bus…can you tell us about it?

Meg: It’s such a good beach car and everyone knows “the bus.”  My dog also loves the bus.  When he sits in the driver’s seat it totally looks like he’s driving! Everyone thinks it’s hilarious!

Meg Rho

ROXY: We know that June 1st marks the 3-year anniversary of surfing everyday.  What’s next after you hit this amazing milestone?

Meg:  I’ll probably continue to surf every day since it will be summer anyways! And after that, who knows what will be next?  We’ll see!

Meg Roh

We’re so proud to have Meg as part of our ROXY family and appreciate her determination to get outside each day and do what she loves the most.  Congrats Meg!