Loving Lost in Bali: Mt. Agung Sunrise Trekking Part 1

Mt. Agung, Bali

Welcome to Mt. Agung, the tallest and holiest mountain on the island of Bali at 9,944 feet above sea level! Famous for it’s picturesque sunrise vantage points and breathtaking panoramic views across the entire island of Bali, we couldn’t help but sign up for the full moon mountain hike to see for ourselves.

Bamboo Indah, Bali

To prepare ourselves for the challenging day ahead, we took the afternoon to physically and mentally prepare with an afternoon yoga session in the Minang house at Bamboo Indah. Overlooking Ubud’s rice terraces, this was the perfect place to mentally prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

Bamboo Indah, Bali

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah, Bali

Rosy Hodge, Kelia Moniz, Lee-Ann Curren and Bruna Schmitz enjoyed a private lesson from a local yogi, complemented with a stunning visual of bright green leaves and the soft sounds of chirping birds in the background.

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah, Bali

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah

Inspired by our surroundings and wearing our favorite ROXY Outdoor Fitness gear we felt our mind, body and spirit renewed and energized for the early morning adventure ahead.

Stay tuned for Part 2, as we trek up Mt. Agung!


Roxy Hawaii: Rock jumping & racing with Kelia & Ford Fiesta! Episode 4

ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA

On your marks, get set….JUMP!?

In episode 4, Kelia Moniz (aka Sister), Bruna Schmitz, and a slightly timid Kassia Meador roll up in their Ford Fiesta for a little cliff jumping off the notorious ‘Jump Rock’ in Waimea Bay. The first jump is always the hardest; remember these girls are surfers…not skydivers.

After some turtle-filled free diving the girls fill up at a special place on the North Shore where the surf snack menu includes the famous Chocolate Haupia Pie at none other than Ted’s Bakery.  Next stop, the motocross track, to meet up with Kelia’s brothers for a little red-dirt action in the Ford Fiesta! We can’t tell you how badly we want to take this thing for a ride like that again #FiestaMovement 

See all the episodes here.

ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA  #FiestaMovement




ROXY Hawaii: Experience Oahu like Hawaiian royalty with Kelia and Ford Fiesta. Episode 2

There’s nothing like an sunrise surf session with the ‘Queen’ of  Queen’s (Beach, that is) with Kelia Moniz.  Take the tour to another side of the island with the team in their ROXY Ford Fiesta

There’s nothing like getting up early and enjoying a morning sunrise surf session with the Queen of Queens (Beach, that is) – Kelia Moniz (plus, we like to take advantage of an open lineup).

In episode 2, Kelia takes teammates Bruna Schmitz and Kassia Meador around to some of her local favorites as they catch a ride in the Ford Fiesta. With bikinis in tow, they head to the ‘local’ side of the island Makaha Beach – Oahu’s true playground. Enjoy this week’s road tripping adventure and get inspired to try something new – maybe even a SUP Squatch? (just watch…you’ll see what we mean!).

 In Kelia’s words “It’s always nice to give a little piece of your heaven to your friends”. Join the movement #FiestaMovement 

ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA


New Wetsuit Experience – Wetsuits for any temperature

Wetsuits for ANY temperature #DAREYOURSELF

With our new wetsuit experience debuting today, we thought we’d round up some of our best surf moments of recent to share with you.

Now it’s your turn to make some memories and find the perfect one for you and for ANY temperature. #DAREYOURSELF

Wetsuits for ANY temperature #DAREYOURSELF Wetsuits for ANY temperature #DAREYOURSELF

Wetsuits for ANY temperature #DAREYOURSELF Wetsuits for ANY temperature #DAREYOURSELF With our new wetsuits experience debuting today, we thought we’d round up some of our best surf moments of recent to share with you.   Now it’s your turn to make some memories and find the perfect one for you and for ANY temperature.


Kassia Meador’s Artistic adventure at the La Casa Artist Residency in Aus

With Kassia Meador’s latest and most magical wetsuit collection to date dropping next week, we thought we’d share one of her colorful adventures from down under. If you don’t know Kass yet, get to know her…like now. She is truly one of a kind and is constantly evolving and adding to her already magnificent repertoire of artistry – whether it be longboarding, photography, music, filmmaking, or painting, she’s not one who just dabbles, she masters. We are grateful to have her a part of the Roxy family, so sit back, and enjoy this rad little adventure and stay tuned for more next week!

Photograph by Roxy team rider Kassia Meador Photograph by Roxy team rider Kassia Meador

In Kassia’s words:

“I recently had the opportunity to stay at the La Casa Artist Residency  with a few of the members from our performance art group UFO2012. It was a magical 2 weeks filled with good vibes, wonderful people, music making, surfing and just all around creating magical moments and living dreams. I also teamed up with one of my most favorite people and filmmakers Taylor Steele, to shoot a commercial for my most recent Signature Roxy wetsuit collections. It’s always so great to work with people you look up to and vibe with, that’s when the magic happens. And the icing on the cake was the track that Paz and Aska made specifically for the commercial while we were all together at La Casa, the house of dreams!!! Enjoy”

Photograph by Roxy team rider Kassia Meador

Photograph by Roxy team rider Kassia Meador Photograph by Roxy team rider Kassia Meador


2013 Waikiki Classic is back for its 3rd year!

Roxy Waikiki Classic!

The Roxy Waikiki Classic is back at Queens Beach in Waikiki on Saturday June 8th and Sunday June 9th for it’s third consecutive year! Come see female surfers of all ages (6 years and up) compete in Longboard and Shortboard divisions and witness the pros in action in the Women’s ASP Longboard qualifier! Roxy team riders including: World Longboard Champion and Waikiki native Kelia Moniz, face of #ROXYOutdoorFitness and pro surfer Rosy Hodge, Brazilian beauty and pro surfer Bruna Schmitz and the pioneer of women’s surfing and 4x world champ Lisa Andersen will be joining the fun on the beach. Once again, the beach site will be full of fun games, giveaways, signings and entertainment, plus tons of other fun surprises! Roxy will be spinning the wheel for free custom tank tops and opportunities to participate in DIY projects! Paul Mitchell will be set up for beach braiding, SunBumJamba Juice and Kona Red will be giving away free samples and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation will also be there!

We’re so excited to announce that Rebekah Steen of Goldfish Kiss will be joining us on the beach for the Waikiki Classic and DIY’ing eco-friendly Roxy bags all weekend long! See the whole DIY and Rebekah’s pics here! Plus, find out how you can ‘Get your Sarong On’ before the Waikiki Classic kicks off at 3 unique retail events and complete your beach look with Rebekah here!

For the complete event website, click here!

Online registration opens starting May 7th! Register Here! 

Thank you to everyone who entered the 2013 Roxy Waikiki Classic! Registration is now CLOSED. All competitors MUST check in on site atRegistration Tent6:30am on Saturday, June 8th to sign their waivers. If there are’no-shows’ on the day of competition, availability will be first-come,first serve on a waiting list. Waiting list will ONLY be available at the event site on day of competition!

Mark your calendars & see you at the beach June 8-9th!






Make a Break for It: Spring Break in Waikiki with Kelia Moniz

That shave ice is going to have to wait: Oahu is one of Hawaii’s biggest and most bustling islands, so when you touch down in Honolulu, proceed directly to Waikiki to find a good spot on the sand. Our friends at the excellent travel website Fathom, along with hometown girl and pro surfer Kelia Moniz, gave us their top picks for living aloha, plus an island-worthy collection filled with our favorites on Roxy.com.

Warm Up

Check into the Moana Surfrider and book a lomi lomi ola massage at the  Moana Lani Spa.

Cool Down

Recover from your lesson at Faith Surf School (run by Kelia’s parents!) with a Green Machine juice or ‘Awa Coconut smoothie at Diamond Head Cove Health Bar.

Take It In

Post up at Duke’s on the beach for the fish tacos at best sunset.

“I always come back for my family, friends, yummy food, happy faces, and lots of laughter.”  - Kelia Moniz

Carry On

Score chocolate-covered mac nuts and Hawaiian heirloom gold bangles at International Market Place.

Don’t Miss Out

Share giant plates of kalbi beef and bulgogi at Me’s Bar-B-Que (151 Uluniu Ave, Honolulu; +1-808-926-9717).

“I bring all my friends here for the best Korean food.” - Kelia Moniz

Get more of Kelia’s Waikiki picks – best beach, best surf break, best coffee – on Fathom.

Did we mention Fathom is giving away the perfect Spring Break Essentials gift pack? Sign up for their newsletter and you’re automatically entered to win!


Roxy Spring 2013 Catalog is here!

The enchanted chain of the Maldivian Islands, southwest of India is home to isolated reef banks, uninhabited white sand beaches, secluded villages and crystal clear water  - one of our favorite places on earth. Sharing waves, laughter, fresh fish, and empty line-ups together, we asked ourselves what else we would need to live out our dreams.

Shop the new catalog here and enjoy these behind the scenes photos and video from the Roxy surf team’s adventures in the Maldives!


Tidal Waves and China Days

Roxy Professional Longboarders Jen Smith and Chloe Calmon are jet setting on an experience of a lifetime to surf the Silver Dragon, a tidal bore in Hangzhou, China. This is only the fourth time China has ever allowed anyone to surf in the river, and our very own Roxy girls will be competing in the Silver Dragon Shootout Surf Contest! Chloe’s been lucky enough to surf in the river before, so she knows exactly what to expect and has a head start against the competition, but Jen’s done her research, and it sounds like she’s ready for the adventure! This is one of the most unique surfing experiences we’ve heard of, so we caught up with Jen and Chloe as they were getting ready to leave, and they filled us in on everything we need to know about surfing tidal waves and traveling to China.

Chloe’s Travel Tips and China Tricks

Last year, when people saw me walking on the street with surfboards, they thought I was crazy and tapped me to see if I was real! Ha! This time, I’ll make sure learn a phrase in Chinese that I can explain to them!

I suggest packing comfortable clothes. I know I won’t be leaving without my  1. sun skippers, 2. easy tees, 3. savage dress, 4. a cross body purse , 5. and some easy boots.

I’m also bringing a 1. lightweight springsuit, and my 2. favorite bikinis, for the river. More importantly, the 3. surf essentials for the competition. It’s a must to bring a spare leash in case it snaps and all the other basics including fins, and wax which are easy to forget when packing for a trip. Plus sunscreen and sunnies!

The most important thing to know about before traveling there is the culture. The Chinese have an ancient culture that cherishes small details and gestures, from giving a business card to eating with them. So it`s helpful to watch some videos on the internet about Chinese etiquette and respect!

How to surf a Tidal Wave by Jen



The First Annual Roxy Puerto Rico Classic in Playa Jobos Isabela

We packed our surfboards and bikinis, and left our wetsuits hanging in the closet for Playa Jobos for the Roxy Puerto Rico Classic! The free surf contest brought girls of all ages and skill levels together for a day of surfing at the 1st Annual Roxy Puerto Rico Classic.

The event ran both Saturday and Sunday and was packed with contest surfers and beach goers looking for a chance to enjoy some free surf lessons. The surfers enjoyed chest – shoulder high waves on one of Puerto Rico’s best reef breaks.

Congratulations to all of the wahine finalists in the Open Pro division, who claimed the $2,000 prize purse, and a special congrats to Marissa Shaw from San Clemente, CA, who was crowned with the 1st place prize!