Sofia Takes Gold in China

Congratulations on the Gold at Riyue Bay, Sofia Mulanovich!

Roxy Team Rider Sofia Mulanovich took first place, scoring big points for her Peruvian team, one of the 8 national teams competing for the gold medal the last 3 days at the Hainan Wanning Riyue Bay International Surfing Festival Presented by Quiksilver.

Former ASP World Champ (2004) and ISA World Surfing Games (2004) gold medalist, Sofia opened with the highest wave score of a 9.50 and a total heat score of an 18.17 in her qualifying round. In the final, her powerhouse turns and combination of maneuvers earned her a final score of 15.27, putting her in perfect position for the gold—a great way to start the season!

Coming in second place was Roxy Team Rider from South Africa, Sarah Baum who finished with a 13.70. Diana de Souza (BRA) and Justine Dupont (FRA) came in with a Bronze and Copper.

Also representing the Roxy Team in China were Bruna Schmitz, who finished in 9th, competing from Brazil, and Nikki Viesins in 11th, an impressive finish at only 16 years old, competing for the U.S. Team.

Final team points brought Australia in 1st, France in 2nd, Peru in 3rd, and USA in 4th.

Congrats again, Sofia!

photo credit  isa/watts

surf shot photo credit isa/munoz


The 2012 Quiksilver Rincon Classic

Roxy is proud to support Santa Barbara’s oldest and most revered surfing competition. The 2012 Quiksilver Rincon Classic waiting period begins January 21st and 22nd at Rincon Point.

The pro-am event is open to surfers of all ages, and will feature an Expression Session with some of the best surfers in the world, including Roxy’s very own 4-Time World Champion Lisa Andersen.

On the beach, the public will be able to demo our latest Roxy and Quiksilver wetsuits, along with enter in a gear raffle for Lisa Andersen’s custom wetsuit and other great prizes.

Select entries for surfers are still available at www.rinconclassic.com; note that entries are only taken from the core community (805), and the surrounding area if there are openings. Check out the site for more information on sponsors, activities, live music, and food for the weekend. See you there!


Monyca checks into the New Year— and Roxy Headquarters

@samantha_simons asked: As a newbie to surfing, do you have any tips to help me improve? I would say, start off slow, on a little bit bigger board, get your balance, and start in small waves and always be comfortable.

@sj4569 asked: How old were you when you started surfing? I was six years old when I started surfing, but I didn’t really get very into it until I was about 9.

@_br00kyln_ asked: What has been your favorite moment of 2011? One of my favorite moments would have to be getting Cold Springs in the Mentawaii’s really fun and surfing it all day with perfect sunshine, and perfect waves.

@mauiw0wie asked:  What are the best places to go on Maui that typical tourists wouldn’t know of? That’s a little secret (sneaky laughs..), but there are some awesome places to go on Maui. If you have a strong enough stomach, then definitely the road to Hana is always beautiful, and there’s lots of beautiful nature and beaches out there if you want an authentic experience.

@sarahsunshine00 asked: Do you have any New Year’s resolutions?I have a couple. I want to really work on remembering peoples’ names, because I am terrible at remembering names. I want to just experience lots of things that I take for granted— traveling the world and going to different places— I want to really enjoy each moment I get to spend in those places.

@Ibisssx3 asked: Who first taught you how to surf? I’d say I pretty much got taught by my friends. We’d always get dropped off after school at the beach and we started off on boogie boards, and we started to stand up. We all just had each other’s backs and we started to learn from each other.

@adribby asked: What surfing exercises are the best? The best exercise for surfing would have to do with endurance and core. Working on your stomach and your legs, which is where most of all your power comes from when you’re surfing. And having a high endurance is really important as a surfer, because it takes a lot of you, and its best if you want to continue going.

Before leaving Roxy Headquarters in Huntington Beach, CA, Monyca managed to slip in a little shopping time & shared her New Years’ Resolutions with us!

Stay tuned for more behind the scenes next week…until then, shop some of Monyca’s picks for her trip to NY:  Ice Rink Dress, Skinny Slides, & Montana Boots!


A Bajan Christmas


This holiday season, I checked in with Roxy Team Rider Chelsea Tuach at her beautiful hometown on the island of Barbados.

Chelsea is dominating not only the Caribbean, but this last year she finished 9th at the World Games in Peru. I found out why, after surfing with her and watching her shred this Christmas.

Chelsea took me around the island and taught me a few tricks of the trade I believe I need to share…



Roxy Team Rider Nikki Viesins Takes a trip to California and shares her picturesque moments

I headed to the Roxy factory to get more acquainted with Lisa Andersen, and have lunch with her.

After a day at Quik headquarters, we drove to Ventura where the waves were firing.



2011 Surfer Poll Awards – Congratulations to Sally Fitzgibbons!

Roxy Team rider Sally Fitzgibbons is currently ranked Number 2 in the world, and recently became a top finisher in the 2011 SURFER Poll Awards last night.

SURFER MAGAZINE hosted its 41st Annual SURFER Poll Awards on the North Shore of Oahu last night to honor the top ten men and top five women as voted by the readers of SURFER Magazine.

This was Sally’s first nomination for the awards—and a well-deserved one at that! She came in 5th, an impressive finish to her year.  Congratulations on a great year, Sally!

Coming in 1st was Carissa Moore, 2nd Coco Ho, 3rd Stephanie Gilmore, and 4th, Alana Blanchard.

If you didn’t get a chance to watch the awards, check out Sally HERE.

headshot courtesy of SURFER


Re-Work & Shop with Roxy at our Times Square Store

P.S. We’re kicking off our Clothes 4 Souls clothing drive with a special DIY Decorate Your Denim “Re-Work & Shop” event on Friday December 2 from 3:00PM – 6:00PM at our Roxy Times Square Store.  Come distress, sew, pin, and patch up your denim with ROXY denim designer Mark Wiesmayr, Olympic Gold Medalist and Roxy team rider Torah Bright, and Teen Vogue style expert Jasmin Reate.

Here’s where we will be from 3pm-6pm for the DIY event (mark it in your calendars & bring some friends!):

Roxy Times Square
3 Times Square
New York, NY 10036


The Roxy Snow Team Takes a Trip to Mervin Manufacturing

Winter is here; ski hills are opening, flakes are falling, and the Roxy snow team is gearing up for a new season of adventures.  But before jumping full-on into winter travels, Torah Bright, Erin Comstock and Robin Van Gyn took the time to stop in at the Seattle, WA offices of Mervin Manufacturing (where Roxy snowboards are designed) to check out the future snowboard line at the annual Roxy, Gnu, and Lib Tech snowboard summit.  Each of the team riders discussed their brand new snowboards and how they are each involved in the design and construction of the snowboards – pretty cool huh! While at the office they were kind enough to stop by the photo copier and create something for the Roxy/Mervin crew to remember them by!

After hanging out at the office and stirring up a little bit of trouble the  team headed back to the mountains– to their real “day jobs”– where office chairs are chairlifts, board meetings are park laps with friends, and time cards are season’s passes.


Special Event at Macy’s in Ala Moana Featuring Roxy Surf Team Rider Kelia Moniz

Come out to Macy’s Ala Moana on November 20th to meet Roxy surf team athlete Kelia Moniz! She will be signing free ROXY posters from 5pm-7pm in the juniors department on level 2.  If you make a Roxy purchase that night you will receive a FREE Roxy tote bag!  Hope to see you there!

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Surf Stories from San Fran

Last week, Roxy’s Rip Curl Grom Search Champions traveled across the nation to meet in San Francisco for the National Finals where Roxy’s own Tatiana Weston Webb was crowned champion!

The girls trained all week, and then hit the city to explore a world they’ve never seen. Shops, munis, markets, seafood, and all the sights of San Francisco were crammed into the one busy weekend.

These girls have never seen or experienced anything like the city of San Francisco. Chelsea Tuach is from Barbados, a small country in the Caribbean where shopping in a big city of lights does not exist. Tatiana Weston-Webb is from Hawaii, where no one owns a big, winter coat and a pair of combat boots. Nikki Viesins is from Florida, where you don’t have to take a cable car across town… But they got to do it all in San Francisco!

From dinner with the Roxy Team in the city, to a day at the Ferry Building Farmer’s Market, to an afternoon at Fisherman’s Wharf, to a day in China Town, to a scenic stop near the Golden Gate Bridge – and in between, an exciting moment in history watching Quiksilver Team Rider Kelly Slater take his 11th World Title, these Roxy girls experienced the city life, along with surfing the chilly, shark infested waters of Santa Cruz and the Cove at Ocean Beach.

Checkout their adventures and see for yourself…