Wanderlust: street style

For some time now there has been a growing Do-It-Yourself movement in snowboarding, where people are exploring creative ways of riding that do not involve high priced lift tickets, crowded slopes, and expensive lodge food. For some, new split board technologies act as human powered chairlifts allowing them to ride the backcountry or sidecountry (the area right next to the resorts) for free. Others head to the streets, where all they need is a shovel and a few good friends. This is the path that some of our creative Roxy amateur team riders (including the 2012 Roxy Shooting Star winner Danyale Patterson) have taken in the fourth video in the Wanderlust collaboration video series between Roxy and Peepshow films. Consider this a how-to video on low-budget (yet still high tech) snowboarding, and be inspired to think outside the box this winter.


Catalog Countdown: Winter Wonders! The New Catalog is Here!

Once there were girls who dreamed of riding frozen white waves. In the dog days of winter, while everyone else shivered in their homes, they bundled up in bright colors and stepped out into the snow. They bound their boots to snowboards made just for them.  They went to the very top of the highest peak and then they rode down. With every turn, every jump, every floating second, they fell in love with snowboarding. At the bottom the girls looked back to see the path they had taken and saw their fortunes written in the snow.

Explore the Wonders of Winter in the New Catalog and shop the collection!


Catalog Countdown: National Forest

The Winter catalog makes its online debut tomorrow and in grand anticipation we’re pulling back the curtains to give our readers some insight into the collaborative graphic genius behind our 2012/13 Roxy snowboards.

As much as we’d like to say they’re just really cool boards (because they are), there’s a whole lot more heart, thought, tech and creative energy that goes into the boards that are ecologically handcrafted in the USA at the Mervin Factory in Sequim, WA. Today we’re giving you a brief glimpse into the collaboration between Roxy’s own designer Yuhei K., Kyre M., Roxy team riders (including Kjersti Buaas pictured below), and Thomas Sullivan and the rest of the design crew from the LA based design firm National Forest.

We caught up with National Forest and asked them all the tough questions.

As an artist, how important do you think a board’s graphic is, and why?
National Forest: A great graphic can be very important. Snowboarding is about expression, having fun, and feeling great. Being stoked about the look of your whip is a good step in the right direction.

NF designed the 12/13 Roxy snowboard line, can you briefly walk us through the process?
National Forest: Sure thing. The process begins with a lot of “What if we did this?” conversations. We dig up favorite books, posters, pop culture references, old photos, etc., and pool them together for a big mind- -meld of intuitive concepting. We formulate abstract ideas and begin drawing, setting type, or designing with the conversations, references, and specific snowboards in mind. In the beginning we make intuitive marks; then we step back and ask ourselves, “Where is this going? Is this new? Is it good?” We’ve found that this is the best path to create a new vibe that we know we want but can’t quite describe. Our rule of thumb is if we’re uncomfortable with an image it’s good because it’s new and uncharted. As the images take form we meet with Roxy and the snowboarding team, via our friends at Mervin to discuss the progress and invite them to add their contributions to the pool of ideas. We collectively decide which creative paths to follow and then fine- – tune the images. We tweak and refine until the pictures are done and ready to send off to the factory. We all meet at Mervin HQ, located in Sequim, WA (near Seattle), for one final multi-day press check followed by high-fives and beers.

Where do you get your inspiration for the graphics? Do the Roxy team riders contribute inspiration?
National Forest: It is important that each design has a heartfelt expression at its core. We think this level of sharing, risky as it may be, is what allows visuals to resonate deeply and communicate with other folks. These expressions come from the Roxy team, outside artists, or our personal experiences.

Do you think a good board graphic can make you ride better or make your day better, and why?
National Forest: Yes ma’am! I’m stoked on my current set-up and as lame as it may sound, when I feel cool, I ride cool. If you roll to the disco knowing your steez is just right you’re going to strut like a king, look girls straight in the eye, and crush it on the dance floor. The same goes for a day on the mountain.

NF works on a lot of very impressive, national and international campaigns for big brands, are there any similarities in how you approach a national campaign and how you approach designing a snowboard line?
National Forest: There sure are. We work on a lot of self-initiated projects and, as you mention, some big global ones. With all of our projects, big and small, we try to share the same message: “It’s important to experience and share joy, it is important to find time to be in the present, and we can collectively create a ‘cool’ that everyone is invited to enjoy.” We find the message important to remember in our personal lives and are excited when we can help steer big companies (Roxy included) to spread the word.

A few of the 2012/13 designs feature work from prominent artists, can you tell us a little bit about the artists and why you chose them?
National Forest: Sure. There are three contributing artists who collaborated with NF on the 2012/13 line. Two of the artists, Imants Tillers and Michael Nelson Jagamara, are friends of Torah Bright, a shredder on the Roxy Snow team. Torah suggested the two collaborate to create the key image for her signature Eminence C2 BTX board. Thomas, one of the crew here at NF, suggested we reach out to Theo Altenberg for a collaboration on the Banana Smoothie. Theo is a great German contemporary artist who has been making amazing work since the ’70s. He’s also a cool-ass dude.

Do you have a favorite board from the 2012/13 collection and why?
National Forest: I dig the Inspire. I like the simple irony of a rainforest jungle scene with rainbows and tropical birds slashing through the snow. It’s a silly notion but I appreciate the gag. Can you get me one in a men’s 162 wide?

Have any of National Forest’s employees ridden a Roxy snowboard?
National Forest: Not yet. But I’m happy to say we have a new shredder with us who will surely be taking some turns on a Roxy whip come first snow.

Missed our last two countdown posts? Sneak a peek at the catalog press check and get your winter wardrobe fix with the girls from Peepshow Films.


catalog countdown: winter style inspiration

Our upcoming Winter catalog spotlights June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda, the girls behind the lens of the Roxy Wanderlust snowboarding video series. They are masters of cold weather style, so we caught up with them for some winter fashion advice.

You have such unique style, how do you stay stylish in cold weather and snow while also staying warm and dry?
June: I love using warm functional first layers that keep heat in and close to my body, then layering it with a few of my favorite button ups and jackets. Everything else is about wearing a few key statement pieces that are also functional, like bundling up with a thick knit scarf and keeping your clothes dry with a long water resistant parka. It can end up feeling bulky if you do it wrong, so it’s important to invest in some technical first layers (like Roxy’s Tree Trunk layers) and good outerwear. Layering lets you mix and match to create your own personal style.

What inspires your winter style?
Esthera: I could say that my winter style is a mix between street fashion and vintage children’s winter wear. I like my pants and jackets to have modern cuts but I also like to wear big beanies, wool mittens and oversize jackets (the kind your mom would zip up for you in the morning).

Any tips on transitioning your closet from summer to winter?
June: I still wear my favorite tank tops and shorts, but I layer them with fall staples like leggings, scarves, oversize cardigans, flannels or denim button up shirts. If this isn’t enough I throw on my favorite military parka.
Esthera: During winter, I try to give a second life to my summer clothes by layering up. For example, to wear a delicate summer dress, I pair it with a wool sweater, thick leggings and combat boots with warm socks. For me, mixing fabrics and layers is the trick!

How would you describe your off snow style compared to your on snow style?
Esthera: They’re both pretty similar in the way that I like to add layers and wear earth tones. But off snow, I like to experiment a little more. Right now, Roxy’s hi-lo hem pullovers (the Rochester and the Elm) are my favourite. I also really like the Briarwood street jacket because it’s very convenient when it’s time to transition from snowboard clothes to a street style.

Name your all time favorite piece of flare during the winter, and why?
Esthera: Beanies! I’m very picky when it comes to finding the best beanie. When I do find a good one, I keep it for years.
June: I love my red flannel. It’s a classic red and black plaid, but I’ve been wearing it for 6 years now and I haven’t even thought of retiring it.

The mountains will open soon, what fun new style ideas /trends your looking forward to trying out this season? Esthera: I’m excited about all those new riding shirts that combine the look of a flannel over a hoodie like Torah Bright Dusk Riding Shirt. I’ve been wearing flannels over hoodies for years now, but the combination of both into an insulated good fitting shirt seems very appealing to me.

See more styles from June at Boat People’s Vintage

If you missed last week’s Catalog countdown, check it out here!


Wanderlust: Park Days

Snow has started to fall in many parts of the country, so riding days are soon here again. We cannot wait to ride the chairlift and cruise the park with our friends. This little gem is the 3rd video in our Wanderlust collaboration series with Peepshow films, and features Roxy snow team riders Corinne Pasela, Erin Comstock, Kjersti Buaas, and Ty Walker. Watch, enjoy, and whet your winter whistle! Don’t forget to stock up on all your Roxy Snow gear.


Presenting Intervals with team Rider Robin Van Gyn

We had the opportunity to sit down with Roxy team rider Robin Van Gyn in the Roxy photo studio this week. Despite her busy schedule prepping for the upcoming  snow season we caught up on all things DIY and her latest film—Intervals.

Roxy: Bucket list for the season (spots, travels, tricks)

Robin: “Travel- Alaska

Snowboarding-more big mountain, bigger terrain

Tricks- more natural tricks— tricks you can do off of whatever is in front of you without built features. I’d like to get some good shots hitting those natural features!”

Roxy: Is fall training any different than regular season training? What is your typical pre-season daily workout?

Robin:  “During the season not a lot of opportunity to train –it’s a lot of go-go-go all the time. In my down days I’m definitely in the gym or hiking…In the fall & summer is when I’m working out the most and making sure my body is ready for in-season…My training consists of a mixture of cardio, plyometrics, and strength-training. It’s really important that all the parts of your body are strong enough for the season, especially for injury prevention.”

Roxy: Does your nutrition change when preparing for the season?

Robin: “My nutrition doesn’t change. I feel like if you’re a healthy eater in general you don’t need to change or diet. I eat well—lots of vegetables, grains, and good proteins like fish and chicken.”

Roxy: Not so typical day in the life of Robin… what do you do on your down days? (non-snow season)

Robin: “I do a lot of gardening! I have a big backyard, so I’m always working in my garden. I also do a lot of biking and hiking on the north shore of Vancouver with my dog Stella, she’s always with me. I also run a lot.  The fall is also a really great time to do surf trips in BC. I try to get up to the coast as much as I can!”

Roxy: Do you have any good DIY projects you’ve been up to lately?

Robin: “I actually built a pallet couch this summer!  There was a construction site next door to my house so we asked for a bunch of those and spray painted them white and made an “L-shaped” couch for my patio. It’s pretty cool!  I’ve also done some smaller DIY projects for my room such as masking tape paint jobs on cork boards..!”



Torah Bright Edition

For 5 seasons now our ever so talented snow team rider, Torah Bright, has had the opportunity to design her own winter collection: Roxy Bright Edition.  Torah has impeccable taste, so this is a dream come true for both Torah and Roxy.  Every year we are impressed with Torah’s approach; she finds inspiration in the most unusual places, and the results are quite spectacular.  For 2013 her inspiration is an alluring mix of romantic, gothic florals and the sun burnt deserts of her Australian childhood.  We love the combination of the brandywine Bluff jacket with the cavern grey floral Birch pants with her Eminence snowboard.



Office Spy: Not your average Boardroom with Amber S.

As they say, ‘It’s always Summer somewhere’, well conversely ‘It’s always winter somewhere’ which is why we’re excited to switch gears to the colder side of the year and talk with Snow Marketing Manager Amber S., who just so happens to know Snow better than anyone we know, and she should since she is a former Roxy snow team rider herself.

We slipped into Amber’s office (in other words, ‘boardroom’) to catch-up and we found ourselves reeling about the beautiful new snow site, Wanderlust videos, new team riders and much more.

It was difficult to carry on conversations, as we were distracted by her neat mix of flea market finds, a wealth of Roxy snow memorabilia that would make any Roxy girl proud, and a collection of all the newest boards that make us want to grab ours (or the ones in her office) and hit the road…but before we pack our board bags we got the snowdown straight from the source.

1.     Eminence C2 BTX snowboard

2.    Banana Smoothie EC2 Split Snowboard

3.     XOXO PTX

4.  ROXY: Flea market frames. Tell us a little bit about these, what’s in them, where did you find the frames…

Amber: “(ha ha, they’re from Aaron Brothers, but I’ll pretend)  I was looking for frames that would mix well together and give a nice winter cabin feel without resorting to cliche “knotty pine”.  Someday I hope to get them up on the wall, but until I find the time they will continue to decorate the corner.”

5. ROXY: Snowboarder Magazine with team rider Torah Bright…Tell us about this.

Amber: “That photo was taken on day 1 of the Snowboarder  Magazine Ms. Superpark event.  Torah was ripping and having a lot of fun on the set-up that Snowboarder built, it was the best course that event has ever seen.  The funny thing is she rode so hard that day that she wore herself out and ended up being sick for the rest of the event.  Lucky for her, one day was enough to nab the magazine cover shot.”

6.  Amber: “Split boards are the antidote to expensive ski lift tickets.  They’re the fixed gear bikes of the snowboard world, minimalist equipment made for  touring adventures in the backcountry.  The board is made to be split apart, then you throw rubber skins on the base of the board’s skis and climb up the mountain.  When you get to the top, click the board back together and enjoy the ride down.”

7.    ROXY:  Tell us about your job, and how your work ends up in a magazine.

Amber: “In the snow industry we’re always working on a few winters at once, for instance right now we’re sending out videos and ads for our 2013 line, producing photo & film shoots for the 2014 line and our designers are starting to develop the 2015 line.  So I split my time between planning, producing, and executing the marketing assets for each season, working with the athletes, all the while trying to keep my finger on the pulse of what is cool in snow at the present.  Oh, and all while staying on budget.  It’s a lot to keep track of, but at the end of the day I am thankful to be able to work with something I believe in.”



Welcome to the team Corinne Pasela!

Some of you may have noticed a new face in the Roxy ranks, so today we’d like to officially introduce you to Corinne Pasela, the newest member of the Roxy pro snow team. Corinne came out of nowhere in March of 2011 and won the first ever Roxy Shooting Star video contest with a video that made the pros jealous. Corinne hails from Ohio, where she learned to ride at Boston Mills Brandywine (elevation 240 ft.) and then took her skills to the streets (literally) and rode handrails with a group of guy friends. A self proclaimed “soft spoken” person, Corinne may be quiet, but where words are lacking her riding does the talking. Last year we sent Corinne on as many filming trips as possible, and it paid off; she stacked up enough bangers to earn herself a full video part– pretty impressive for a rookie! We asked Corinne about her first year filming with Roxy, and this is what she had to say:
“Unexpectedly, in February, I traveled to Quebec where some 10 days were spent filming and shooting with the raddest group of people ever… It was my favorite trip, mainly because I lived it on the edge of my comfort zone. I learned a lot, and like that I still have a lot to learn. After that we traveled through Utah, California, Whistler, and Alaska. I had to keep reminding myself it was real. I’m incredibly thankful for the opportunities to progress and the people I could share them with.”
Check out her full part here, the 2nd video in the Roxy + Peepshow Films collaboration series, Wanderlust.


Friends of Roxy: Photographer Daniel Blom

We’re excited to get our hands on Drifting Decade, a book released this week by one of our favorite photographers, Daniel Blom. The book is a selection of Blom’s finest pics taken over the last ten years of his snow photography career. Blom hails from Sweden, and we think his photos capture the beauty and simplicity that Scandinavian design is known for. Lucky for us, Blom is also a fan of Roxy, and has worked a lot with the Roxy snow team over the years . So if your coffee table needs a pick-me-up, add Drifting Decade to your collection.