A great weekend at The inagural ROXY Montauk Classic at Ditch Plains


The Inaugural ROXY Montauk Classic event was held this past weekend at Ditch Plains in Montauk, NY. The event brought in locals as well as avid surfers all the way from Florida, Illinois, Hawaii and beyond! Over 100 participants competed for prizes including Paul Mitchell product, local shop Air & Speed gift cards, and tons of Roxy goodies. Five time World Champion, Stephanie Gilmore, World Longboard Champion, Kelia Moniz and Monyca Byrne-Wickey were on site signing autographs, handing out awards and  schmoozing and taking pictures with the elated crowd.


Saturday brought clouds and wind but that did not stop the contestants from braving the chilly weather and rippin’ while Sunday was a perfectly, quintessential summer, bluebird day for competition. Kudos to the on-lookers as well those who cheered on our participants and enjoyed the fun!


Event sponsors included Paul Mitchell, activating and offering ‘beachy’ hair-dos which was a non-stop line, Sun Bum sunscreen, which helped keep visitors protected from the New England sun; HeartBeet Juicery joined in and gave out their amazing concoctions of juices; Vitacoco water kept everyone hydrated; and Beachcomber Resort, kept us well-rested!

Huge thanks to the Ditch Plains and Montauk locals for letting us hold the event-hope to see you next year! #ROXYMontaukClassic 

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Teenie Wahines (Ages 6 to 10):
Longboard Results:
1. Sophie Stella 7.60
2. Briggs Stella 4.86
3. Keira Corrigan 4.20
4. Cecelia Agoglia 3.90
5. Caroline Baker
Shortboard Results:
1. Brookelle Kline 11.46
2. Angel Cali 10.57
3. Rosalyn De Castro 5.60
4. Caelan Delgrosso 3.0
5. Gabrielle Johnson 2.50
6. Kiele Gutierrez

Wahines (Ages 11 to 14)
Longboard results:
1. Holly Hansen 9.33
2. Anissa Maimone 8.06
3. Chelsea Welsch 7.56
4. Layne Johnson 5.87
5. Skyla Welsch 5.33
6. Olivia Maldonado 4.40
Shortboard Results:
1. Izzi Gomez 15.17
2. Miller Overbeck 9.73
3. Elizabeth Kohler 7.57
4. Kallie Leonik 7.47
5. Dakota Ejnes 5.60
6. Teaken Haggerty 3.90

Jr. Queens (Ages 15 to 19):
Longboard Results:
1. Erin Kohler 14.77
2. Kassidy Kawa 7.84
3. Kerri Pagels 7.17
4. Emily Casey 5.70
5. Annie Scully 5.00
6. Kristin Visconti 3.40
Shortboard Results:
1. Casey Kwieninski 12.23
2. Selena Moberly 11.10
3. June Crawford 5.83
4. Abby Melton 2.83
Queens (Ages 20 to 29)
Longboard Results:
1. Kristen Brady 14.00
2. Kristin Angiulo 11.87
3. Katie Brady 10.40
4. Alyssa Eurell 9.04
5. Kristen Casse 6.90
6. Holly Toft 5.43
Shortboard Results:
1. Annaleise Trezza 11.33
2. Summer Ejnes 9.40
3. Lauren Ginsberg 7.20
4. Erin Holmes 2.56

Royalty (ages 30+):
Longboard Results:
1. Kim Romagnesi 12.40
2. Darlene Dubray 9.60
3. Chris Holub 7.36
4. Lourdes Lieder 6.17
5. Margie Osswald 6.03
6. Liz Quinn 5.93
Shortboard Results:
1. Lorraine Costa 11.84
2. Jen Morrison 8.06
3. Melissa Schickler 3.54


Introducing the Roxy Montauk Classic August 3rd – August 4th!

Join us for the #ROXYMontaukClassic

New this year! The Roxy Montauk Classic lands at Ditch Plains, Saturday August 3rd and Sunday August 4th. Come see female surfers of all ages (6 years and up) compete in Longboard and Shortboard divisions along with Roxy team riders, including: World Longboard Champion Kelia Moniz; artist, pro surfer and Roxy wetsuit designer Kassia Meador; and the pioneer of women’s surfing and 4x world champ Lisa Andersen will be joining the fun on the beach.

Giveaways, fun games and athlete signings will take place during the day on both Saturday and Sunday along with amazing surf action that only legendary Ditch Plains can provide! Roxy will be spinning the wheel to raffle off free custom tank tops, Sunbum sunscreen products and Paul Mitchell prizes! Also, Paul Mitchell stylists will be on site to create custom beachy hairstyles throughout the weekend (braids or waves anyone?)! Register online here for a chance to surf and compete in this inaugural New York event!

For a look back at the recent Roxy Waikiki Classic at Queens Beach click here.