Roxy Hawaii: Jam sessions & back country road trippin’ in Honolulu with Ford Fiesta! Episode 5

Watch the final episode of the Roxy Hawaii #FiestaMovement series!!

Goodbyes are always the hardest (we’re really not very good at them), so in the last episode of the Ford Hawaii series, it only makes sense to take the long road with Kelia Moniz, Bruna Schmitz, and Kassia Meador on a scenic drive across the island and down into Honolulu in their Ford Fiesta. First stop in Honolulu, a little jam session with Ukelele maestro Jake Shumabukuro at a local recording studio, Island Sounds Studio. Next up, a car ride filled with island trippin’, picture flippin’, and reminiscing on the past 5 days in Oahu. What were your favorite parts of the Roxy Hawaii series? The athletes have theirs…Sandy’s Beach, coconut ice cream, shark cages, canoe racing, Waikiki views, Pineapple field rally races, and the list goes on…

Join the #FiestaMovement 

Watch the final episode of the Roxy Hawaii #FiestaMovement series!!


Roxy Hawaii: Rock jumping & racing with Kelia & Ford Fiesta! Episode 4

ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA

On your marks, get set….JUMP!?

In episode 4, Kelia Moniz (aka Sister), Bruna Schmitz, and a slightly timid Kassia Meador roll up in their Ford Fiesta for a little cliff jumping off the notorious ‘Jump Rock’ in Waimea Bay. The first jump is always the hardest; remember these girls are surfers…not skydivers.

After some turtle-filled free diving the girls fill up at a special place on the North Shore where the surf snack menu includes the famous Chocolate Haupia Pie at none other than Ted’s Bakery.  Next stop, the motocross track, to meet up with Kelia’s brothers for a little red-dirt action in the Ford Fiesta! We can’t tell you how badly we want to take this thing for a ride like that again #FiestaMovement 

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ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA  #FiestaMovement




ROXY Hawaii: Dive with sharks on Oahu with Kelia and Ford Fiesta! episode 3


How does a day turn from a healthy Acai bowl breakfast type of morning to potentially being shark bait in the afternoon?

Take a ride in our ROXY Ford Fiesta as the team (with Kelia in the driver’s seat) ‘goes for a snorkel’ with famed local waterman and shark whisperer Mark Healy in Day 3 of our Hawaiian adventure.

It doesn’t get more daring than 1 massive aluminum cage, and over 20 Galapagos sharks followed by a sunset photo shoot with Kassia Meador in Oahu’s famous Dole Pineapple Fields (a view that few tourists ever get to experience).   

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ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA



ROXY Hawaii: Experience Oahu like Hawaiian royalty with Kelia and Ford Fiesta. Episode 2

There’s nothing like an sunrise surf session with the ‘Queen’ of  Queen’s (Beach, that is) with Kelia Moniz.  Take the tour to another side of the island with the team in their ROXY Ford Fiesta

There’s nothing like getting up early and enjoying a morning sunrise surf session with the Queen of Queens (Beach, that is) – Kelia Moniz (plus, we like to take advantage of an open lineup).

In episode 2, Kelia takes teammates Bruna Schmitz and Kassia Meador around to some of her local favorites as they catch a ride in the Ford Fiesta. With bikinis in tow, they head to the ‘local’ side of the island Makaha Beach – Oahu’s true playground. Enjoy this week’s road tripping adventure and get inspired to try something new – maybe even a SUP Squatch? (just watch…you’ll see what we mean!).

 In Kelia’s words “It’s always nice to give a little piece of your heaven to your friends”. Join the movement #FiestaMovement 

ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA


ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA episode 1

ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA

Join our ride…this is the story of where ‘car meets board’ and for us that journey begins fresh off flight from California to Oahu where ROXY professional surfer and photographer Kassia Meador catches a ride with teammates Bruna Schmitz and Honolulu native Kelia Moniz.

Just think…3 girls, 5 days, and 1 mind blowing adventure that will have you daring to do the unthinkable. This 5 part series has the girls exploring the Island’s waters, waves and mountains, capturing rarely seen images while on Kassia’a editorial photo assignment…tag along as the gang meets some of the Island’s icons while touring in their ROXY Ford Fiesta. Stay tuned for a new ‘ROXY Hawaii: Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA’ episode each week on Tuesday (for the next 5 weeks! Yeow!). #FiestaMovement

ROXY Hawaii: Join Kelia’s Ride with FORD FIESTA