Meet The 5 Global ROXY DARE YOURSELF Contest Winners

Meet the 5  #DAREYOURSELF ROXY winners

We are proud to announce the 5 winners of the ROXY #DAREYOURSELF contest.

Dare Yourself  launched on January 24, 2013 and 4,000 submissions were received. Over 150,000 consumers then voted for their favorites, narrowing the possible winners to 150 worldwide. ROXY judges then chose possible winners to 10 per global region and the selected contestants submitted challenge videos from which one winner from each global region was chosen by Roxy.

The five global winners include: The Americas’ Lexi Youngberg, 20, Saint Charles Illinois; North Asia’s Sawu Koyouan 27, Taipei, Taiwan; South Asia’s Gillian Goh, 23, Singapore; Europe/Africa/Middle East region winner Maria Lafuente Pelaez, 25, Galicia, Spain; and Latin America’s Michelle Saure, 29, Concepción, Región del Biobío, Chile.



Summer Rays for Day Bikini Sweepstakes

ROXY #SummerRaysForDays Bikini #sweepstakes


To celebrate International Surfing Day and to kick off the official start of Summer, Roxy is giving away a year’s supply of bikinis* to one lucky winner!  Now through Friday, July 26th, you can enter for a chance to win an endless summer supply of ROXY swim!  (24 swim pieces total).  Enter today at Roxy.com/sweepstakes.

*No purchase necessary to enter. Void where prohibited by law. Only residents of the U.S. or Canada that are 18 years of age or older are eligible to enter. 

GRAND PRIZE – $1,000 Gift Card
Jessica Dunn
Salt Lake City, UT

SECOND PRIZE – $100 Gift Card

Meghan Hartnett
Hawthorn Woods, Illinois

Pamela Myers
Everly, Iowa

Diane Evans
San Marcos, CA

San Clemente, CA

Bakersfield, CA

THIRD PRIZE – $50 Gift Card
Sara Close
Missoula, Montana


Happy International Surfing Day! Today only enjoy 25% off Swim & Boardshorts!

Happy International Surfing Day from ROXY #ISD

Happy International Surfing Day #ISD! Between surf breaks we’re inviting you to take a shopping break (or spree)!

TODAY ONLY: Enjoy 25% off Swim & Boardshorts with SURF at checkout**

**Enjoy 25% off your order of full priced swim and/or boardshorts only on Roxy.com. Not valid on Outdoor Fitness styles. Promotion cannot be applied to past purchases. Offer expires June 20, 2013 at 11:59 PM PDT. While supplies last. Sale items are not eligible. To receive discount, enter SURF at checkout.#DAREYOURSELF #ISD


Dare Yourself with Meg on International Surfing Day #ISD

Get inspired to surf everyday like team rider Meg Roh has for the past 2 years! #ISD

Roxy girl Meg Roh dares herself to surf everyday. Meg will be celebrating International Surfing Day on her 750th day of surfing. On June 1, 2011, Meg dared herself to surf consecutively everyday, and she has surfed everyday since.

Knowing it would be a tough goal to achieve, something drove Meg everyday to get out there (besides her light blue, 1971 Bus). Meg aspires to be a World Champion like Professional Roxy Surfer Kelia Moniz. Whether she was cooped up in bed with the flu, or the winds were howling and rain pouring, “There’s never a bad day as long as you can surf,” says Meg. “I dare myself to get in the water everyday because I love the experience of surfing and traveling to new places. If you don’t dream big you never know what you’re actually capable of. The best life lessons I’ve learned from this experience are to believe in yourself and to follow your dreams.” #DAREYOURSELF 


Salt Hair, Monyca Don’t Care

Let your hair shine this Summer. Take a tip (or 3) from the queen of beach hair and Roxy team rider Monyca Byrne-Wickey. Enjoy this short Roxy Style Spy video straight from Tahiti where Monyca shows off her lovely locks and a couple easy hair-dos that will showcase the best bikini backs of the season. Our favorite bikini backs? The Naturally Beautiful Rio Halter is our top pick for sure!

Salt Hair Don't Care! ROXY #DAREYOURSELFRoxy's Tahitian Quiver collection Salt Hair Don't Care! ROXY #DAREYOURSELF



Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime

We caught up with Sierra Blair-Coyle this week, and she showed us how to take advantage of summertime while minimizing gym time. Here are her ingredients for summer fitness success:

Recipe makes a 12 pack

1 Roxy Outdoor Fitness Cross Back Sports Bra, fit for comfort
1 pair of Roxy Outdoor Fitness Bump Set Shorts, flexible
1 outside location with space for (4) stations.
1 stability ball
1 all-purpose foam roller
1 10 lb dumbbell
1 fitness band


1. Preheat muscles to a warm temperature with light jog and stretching

2. Lay on the ball while slowly rolling upper body and pausing at the top. Repeat this 25 times or until you reach a burning sensation that gives your abdominal muscles solid definition (or close to that). Add reps for a more solid texture.

3. Squat with the dumbbell between your legs. Straighten your legs and stand up powerfully while swinging the dumbbell to shoulder height. Make your legs do the work.  Repeat motion 15 times, or until legs are nicely-toned. Add weight as needed.

4. Perform a pushup with one hand on the foam roller. Repeat this motion 10 times each side for a full body benefit. Make sure the reps are even to avoid an unbalanced result.

5. Stand with one or both feet on the band.  Grip the handles of the band with both hands. Slowly raise your hands, palms up to your shoulders, keeping your elbows tightly against your sides. Slowly lower, squeezing triceps on the way down. Repeat about 25 times while the body is still heated, or until it’s ready to move on.

6. Mix the ingredients for a less repetitive workout or perform in order to get focused. Try this recipe as often as possible, and focus on working multiple body parts in one exercise for a sweet summer workout.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime #ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime #ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime #ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime #ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime #ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime #ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime #ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime #ROXYOutdoorFitness Recipe for Minimizing Gym Time and Maximizing Summertime





Doctor’s Order: Out sick on June 20th

Just got a doctor's note from @Roxy to go surfing on #ISD June 20th! Get your own here

June 20th is International Surfing Day #ISD, and we can’t think of a better way to celebrate than to go surfing with friends. We want you to take the day off, so grab your favorite board and bikini—connect with Facebook to get your personalized doctor’s note and prescription ready.


The 3rd annual Roxy Waikiki Classic comes to an end!

The 3rd Annual Roxy Waikiki Classic comes to an end!

Close to 200 girls came out to compete in the 3rd annual Roxy Waikiki Classic and since it’s origination, it has become the event all the young girls of Hawaii wait for in grand anticipation. It’s a favorite weekend amongst the girls who relish the opportunity to surf with friends, meet surfing idols like Lisa Andersen, Kelia Moniz, Rosy Hodge and Bruna Schmitz and just surf the fun waves of Waikiki.

While conditions we small with the south swell already fading from earlier in the week, girls still managed to showcase their skills throughout this weekend’s contest. The girls who took the podium for the awards ceremony were greeted on stage by host and professional surfer Rosy Hodge, along 4x World Surfing Champion Lisa Andersen. We have to admit, it’s not a bad reception to receive an award by surfing’s elite. Wouldn’t you agree?

Between surf breaks, the girls took to the beach where the Roxy staff loved hanging with all the competitors and their families. Girls lined the beach for poster signings, got their hair sun and saltwater ready at the Paul Mitchell tent, and kept their skin protected at the Sun Bum tent. There was never a dull moment beachside or in the water and we were lucky to enjoy beautiful sunny weather both days!

Surfing has come a long way and this event gives girls the opportunity to show how far the sport has advanced here in Hawaii. The smiles on all the girls’ faces are what make us truly realize how special the Roxy life is for these young surfer girls.

Don’t forget to check out some pictures from Day 1 and Day 2 of the Roxy Waikiki Classic and see the full list of results below.




It’s time to ‘Make A Scene’

Make a Scene! Roxy printed shorts #DAREYOURSELF

Like you, we too are obsessed with printed shorts this season and between motifs of hula dancers, palm trees, bright tropics, and embroidered boho prints, our minds are spinning with which shorts to wear when and where.

Luckily for us, Summer is upon us and we’ve got plenty of days on the beach, boardwalk and everything in between to wear our shorts around in. Not doubt we’ll also be sporting these all weekend long at the upcoming Roxy Waikiki Classic!

So, here’s to making a scene in some printed shorts! PS…here’s some outtakes of team riders Monyca Byrne Wickey, Bruna Schmitz, Kelia Moniz, and Justine Mauvin making up some dance moves and making a scene of their own on the island of Moorea!

Make a Scene! Roxy printed shorts #DAREYOURSELF

Make a Scene! Roxy printed shorts #DAREYOURSELFMake a Scene! Roxy printed shorts #DAREYOURSELF

Make a Scene! Roxy printed shorts #DAREYOURSELF



Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Stand Tall and Stretch it Out!

#ROXYOutdoorFitness stretch it out

Staying active and eating right are the staples we think of to maintain good health. While this is completely true, there are other aspects to complete the health triangle: flexibility and posture. We underestimate flexibility and its importance in allowing us to stay active. Flexibility and correct posture go hand in hand and work together to help your body maintain a fit, injury free life.

Being flexible allows your body to function and move the way it was designed to. Without it, the body tries to work around inflexibility in ways that are very detrimental to our muscles and joints. Here are some tricks to make sure you stay flexible enough to maintain an active lifestyle:

1. Stretch for at least 10 minutes a day, no matter what. Slip into something comfortable like the Standard Yoga Pants and Spin Bra to stretch with ease and look cute doing it!

2. Stretch IN bed. Stretching in bed sounds nice so you’ll actually want to do it.

3. Incorporate yoga into your life. Hot yoga is great, because it loosens you up that much more.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness stretch it out

4. Use a foam roller to loosen especially tight areas and make it easier to stretch.

Correct posture is also overlooked, and it’s extremely important in injury prevention. Correct posture increases core strength in large muscles such as your abs, glutes, and thighs, allowing your body to work the way it is supposed to without straining your shoulders, neck, and calves. Here’s a couple things you can do that help put your body into alignment and work your large muscles:

-Don’t slouch! Pulling your shoulders back and down out of your ears will take work out of your shoulders and get rid of that awful neck and back pain.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness stretch it out

-Abs, abs, abs. Strengthen and Lengthen should be your new motto! Strong abs puts out of arms and legs and everything that seems to just ache after a while. Abs are like great shock absorbers.

-Stick that booty out! By sticking your butt out, you turn on your glutes all the time. This will lift and firm your behind… and what girl doesn’t want that!?

#ROXYOutdoorFitness stretch it out