Loving Lost in Bali: Uluwatu’s Long Lefts & Bali’s Sunsets

After having a taste of the famous break during the Uluwatu challenge we were hungry for more! Surfing Uluwatu Bali is a real treat. Taking in the beautiful view, the water is warm, the wave fast and long. The hardest decision of the day was choosing which bikini we wanted to wear.

Surfing Uluwatu

Leading the way, Lee-Ann Curren, Rosy Hodge, Kelia Moniz and Bruna Schmitz knew where to go. Below the cliffs and through the cave, we entered the surf, perhaps one of the most unique and beautiful entry points we’ve ever encountered on all of our globetrotting surf trips.

Surfing Uluwatu

Usually a crowded break, we found a few line ups all to ourselves and made the most of those famous Uluwatu long lefts. This is our definition of heaven.

Rosy Hodge Surfing at Uluwatu

Rosy Hodge Surging Uluwatu

Kelia Moniz Surfing Uluwatu

Bruna Schmitz Surfing Uluwatu

Exploring all of our available options, we hired a boat and headed out to find some secret spots and explore further down the coast.

ROXY Team Surfing Bali

Surfing in Bali

Rosy Hodge Surfing in Bali

Lee-Ann Curren Surfing in Bali

The best part of heading out on the boat had to be the delicious dinner the crew served up as we returned to the beach.

No need for plates here! A leaf and a pair of chopsticks were all we needed to enjoy a delicious Balinese-style feast.

Sally Fitzgibbons

Bali Beach BBQ

ROXY Team Riders Enjoying a Traditional Bali BBQ

Spoiled with an incredible Bali sunset, we reveled in some epic photos and the stories that matched.

Sunset Surfing in Bali

Kelia Moniz Sunset Surf in Bali

We couldn’t have asked for a more picturesque evening to conclude our last night in Bali. We fell in love with the beauty, adventure and spirit of Bali and can’t wait to return again soon!

Sunset Surf in Bali


Loving Lost in Bali: Raw Food Cooking Class in Ubud

Inspired and energized by the local ingredients in some of the meals we were eating in Bali, we booked ourselves a raw food cooking class in Ubud to learn a couple new dishes.

Raw Food Cooking Class in Ubud

We let our stomachs guide the way as we selected our top 5 choices to create from the menu.

Ready to put our cooking skills to the test, we chopped, diced and blended our way through 5 meals! All using the freshly grown produce on hand at Ubud Sari.

Ubud Sari Health Resort

Raw Food Cooking in Ubud

Raw Food Cooking in Ubud

Raw Lasagna

Our favorite dish by far was the raw lasagna (Did we mention that the marinara sauce was incredible!?)

Want to make a raw lasagna dish of your own? Here’s how we made it!

You’ll need:

1 Zucchini

1 Cucumber

1 Eggplant

1 Jicama (can be substituted with water chestnuts, pear or apple)

1 Avocado

basil pesto

Marinara sauce:

½ cup of sundried tomatoes

2 cloves of garlic

2 Tomatoes

1 tbsp honey

1 tbsp oregano

A handful of fresh basil leaves

2 dates

½ cup of olive oil

1 tsp flax seeds

1 tsp salt

1 lime

Here’s how to put it together:

1. To make the marinara sauce, Chop the tomatoes and place them in a blender along with the oregano, garlic, sundried tomatoes, fresh basil, the honey, dates and olive oil.  Squeeze a hint of lime and the salt. Blend until all ingredients are combined for about 1 – 2 minutes.

2. Slice your zucchini, eggplant and cucumber lengthways and cut them into even slices for layering.

3. Mash your avocado and set aside.

4. Place 2 even zucchini slices vertically side-by-side on a plate and spread with marinara sauce.

5. Follow by placing 2 slices of eggplant horizontally side-by-side on top and then spread with basil pesto.

6. Place 2 even cucumber slices vertically side-by-side and spread with mashed avocado.

7. Place 2 more slices of zucchini horizontally and spread with marinara sauce

8. Top with jicama (or substitute) a slice of tomato, a few leaves of basil and garnish with some flax seeds

9. Enjoy!

Raw Food Cooking in Ubud

Raw Food Cooking in Ubud

If you were wondering about Bruna’s unique headband she is wearing…it was made by a local woman at Bambu Indah. As we all sat for breakfast, an older woman approached us and gave each of us a beautiful flower headband handmade by the beautiful flowers from garden. A sweet little gift and token of kindness we will always remember from our trip to Bali!


Loving Lost in Bali: Mt. Agung Sunrise Trekking Part 2

Bright and early (very early) we set out for the sunrise hike up Mt. Agung. We met at the base of Temple Besakih where we met our tour guides and began our ascent up the mountain.

Sunrise Hike to Mt. Agung

Climbing through the dense jungle of Besakiah and up 1,500 sets of stairs was an early indicator of how steep the trek up the mountain would prove to be.

Our rock climbing skills were put to the test, as parts of the hike looked more similar to rock climbing than to hiking. With only a headlamp to guide the way, we were cautious for loose rocks and slippery mud as one wrong step could lead to disaster!

Sunrise Hike to Mt. Agung

Hiking for three hours straight, we finally made it above the clouds! Stopping for a much-needed break, we soaked in the incredible view of the full moon while we rehydrated and refueled while watching the clouds hypnotically float through the sky.

Realizing that we were only halfway up the mountain, the sun was already rising and we wouldn’t reach the peak in time for sunrise, we decided to change our plans and set up an impromptu campsite to enjoy a warm fire and a much needed cup of coffee.

Sunrise Hike to Mt. Agung

Sunrise Hike to Mt. Agung

We spent some time warming up near the campfire and we each shared some funny stories about a few close calls during the climb up.

As dawn approached, we began our descent down the mountain. We took our time heading down as conditions had quickly changed. The beautiful cloud cover now caused the grounds to become wet and slippery.

Sunrise Hike to Mt. Agung

Making it back to the bottom safely was a bittersweet moment. Exhausted but proud of just how far we managed to climb, we were excited for a few simple pleasures – a full breakfast, a fresh cup of coffee and the promise of not having to hike anything more than the path to our beds!

Sunrise Hike to Mt. Agung


Loving Lost in Bali: Mt. Agung Sunrise Trekking Part 1

Mt. Agung, Bali

Welcome to Mt. Agung, the tallest and holiest mountain on the island of Bali at 9,944 feet above sea level! Famous for it’s picturesque sunrise vantage points and breathtaking panoramic views across the entire island of Bali, we couldn’t help but sign up for the full moon mountain hike to see for ourselves.

Bamboo Indah, Bali

To prepare ourselves for the challenging day ahead, we took the afternoon to physically and mentally prepare with an afternoon yoga session in the Minang house at Bamboo Indah. Overlooking Ubud’s rice terraces, this was the perfect place to mentally prepare for the exciting journey ahead.

Bamboo Indah, Bali

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah, Bali

Rosy Hodge, Kelia Moniz, Lee-Ann Curren and Bruna Schmitz enjoyed a private lesson from a local yogi, complemented with a stunning visual of bright green leaves and the soft sounds of chirping birds in the background.

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah, Bali

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah

Yoga Session at Bamboo Indah

Inspired by our surroundings and wearing our favorite ROXY Outdoor Fitness gear we felt our mind, body and spirit renewed and energized for the early morning adventure ahead.

Stay tuned for Part 2, as we trek up Mt. Agung!


Meet the YKPA Kids of Bali, and be inspired by their spirit

YKPA Kids Bali

Giving back and getting involved with the local community during Bali’s Big Eco Weekend has been an incredible experience! Even better, connecting with the communities we visit is always the icing on the cake.

Inspired to continue giving back to the Bali community, we discovered the story of YKPA kids through some of the items they sell locally. YKPA “Yayasan Kasih Peduli Anak” is making an impact by offering opportunities, giving loving support, education, health care, and skills for disadvantaged children.

Kelia Moniz, Rosy Hodge, Bruna Schmitz, LeeAnn Curren and Sally Fitzgibbons spent an afternoon getting to know the kids and learning about the organization.

YKPA Kids Bali

YKPA Kids Bali

As we toured the home, a group of kids were practicing some of their dancing. Initially shy, they showed us their moves- a beautiful mix of contemporary and traditional Balinese dancing.

YKPA Kids Bali

It wasn’t long before they were pulling the Roxy team up for a few lessons!

YKPA Kids Bali

YKPA Kids Bali

YKPA Kids Bali

Laughing at our lack of rhythm for the Balinese style, the kids took over the dance floor with another choreographed performance.

With the dance lessons over, the kids took us out into their courtyard. Communication wasn’t easy with the language barrier but laughter and a soccer ball were the perfect tools for translation.

YKPA Kids Bali

It was a special afternoon, to spend time with the children who have so little when it comes to possessions but so much when it comes to passion and spirit.  We enjoyed all of the laughter we shared and won’t forget this day in Bali.

For more information about the YKPA Kids or to make a donation please visit: http://ykpa.org/


POP SURF – The Best Surfer Out There Is The One Having The Most Fun

Is the best surfer out there really the one having the most fun?

During this year’s ROXY Pro Gold Coast the team put the new POP Surf capsule collection to the test, proving again and again that the best surfer is the one having the most fun.

With a mashup of fashion-forward lycra paired with swaying palm trees and vibrant pops of neon the girls sported their own unique style both in and out of the water. In fact Kelia Moniz even wore her cropped swim top on the red carpet.

Watch the video and shop the collection before it’s gone! Surf leggings anyone?

_MG_0296Bruna SchmitzPOP surf



ROXY pro Lay Day makes a Byron Bay Beach Day #DowntimeDownUnder

ROXY Byron Bay Road Trip #ROXYproIt was a lay day at the #ROXYpro Gold Coast so the Semis were just going to have to wait for another day and more waves, which was okay by us because we knew exactly where to find them…

We packed our things and headed to Byron Bay for a little #DowntimeDownUnder with the ROXY team. It was 6 girls: Stephanie Gilmore, Monyca Eleogram, LeeAnn Curren, Lisa Andersen, Kelia Moniz, and Bruna Schmitz, their boards, and all the other essentials needed for a road trip along the coast. Backseat driver, Lisa Andersen retold stories about old camp days skinny-dipping at night and playing tug of war in the sand setting the stage for lots to laugh about and reminisce on.

Our Byron Bay quiver collection

It was a scenic drive with Mt. Wanning’ silhouette in the distance, ridiculous valleys on either side, and Lennox, considered Australia’s surfing Mecca, set as the destination. You know, the place where the shortboarding revolution came about and where longboards moved from long to short. A nice place to revel in the history of surfing that Australia is dripping with, and also marked our first wave-checked of the morning.

ROXY Byron Bay Road Trip

After suiting up, and by that we mean bikinis, no need for wetsuits at this place in the height of Summer, the girls decided to head to a ‘secret spot’ where Stephanie Gilmore could ride a point break and get some practice in before the ROXY pro Gold Coast semifinals. Everyone obliged, because what doesn’t sound enticing about and open line-up and just your friends progressing together. Thanks Steph, you were so right!

LeeAnn CUrren getting some air at a secret spot in Australia #DowntimeDownUnder #ROXYpro ROXY Byron Bay Road Trip

The spot proved to be epic, pumping waves, just a few of your closest friends, and plenty of great surf shots for the team to revel in afterwards. Both LeeAnn and Stephanie put on a show trying some aerials and giving tan-obsessed beach goers and eyeful.

Stephanie Gilmore #POPsurf #ROXYproROXY road trip Polaroids #ROXYproROXY road Trip! Byron Bay edition

A few hours passed, and lunch seemed like a great idea so we cruised to local favorite ‘The Roadhouse’ for some tacos plates and nourish platters. We quickly realized, there’s really nothing like organic roadside food, reggae music, and coconut coffee (no need for any sugar here!). After filling our faces we were on the road again, with our eye on the prize: BYRON BAY.

Byron Bay ROXY road trip #DowntimeDownUnder #ROXYpro

Byron Bay beach day with the ROXY team

As we approached the main street in Byron we felt right at home. A sunny. laid-back Santa Cruz vibe Byron Bay was just what we needed to get away from it all. As we weaved and wrapped ourselves along the coast we could enjoy a flurry of ocean activity including dolphins and turtles. We pulled up at Wategos Beach and we knew we had found the spot. It felt a bit like Kelia’s Aussie version of Waikiki and we couldn’t have been more content.

Byron Bay ROXY road trip #DowntimeDownUnder #ROXYpro Lisa Andersen

After a long day of surfing, eating, and road tripping, we set back up to Coolangatta to await the next call of the ROXY Pro. Stay tuned, because Semi finals is next and both Roxy team riders Stephanie Gilmore and Bianca Buitentag are in the lineup. See more from the Pro here.

BYRON_6ROXY Byron Bay Road Trip


The ROXY Pro GOLD Coast Quarterfinals Recap

Recap from the #ROXYPro Quarterfinals

The quarterfinals kicked off today on the Gold Coast with ROXY team rider ‘s Stephanie Gilmore, Bianca Buitendag and Sally Fitzgibbons  all in the mix! The call was made bright and early for the #ROXYpro and after a day like yesterday you could feel the excitement in the air.

Local favorite, Stephanie Gilmore, shined today against yesterday’s standout, Courtney Conlogue, in the first of 4 heats run today at the ROXY Pro Gold Coast. The biggest upset was in the 3rd quarter final heat when ASP Rookie Bianca Buitendag took to the water and dominated against number 2 in the world, Tyler Wright. A beautiful display of back-hand surfing saw a shock elimination of last 2013 ROXY Pro Champion.

Recap from the #ROXYPro Quarterfinals

The next call will be made by the ASP at 6:30 AM (local time) tomorrow, so stay tuned…we could be crowning the 2014 ROXY Pro Champ! In the meantime, check out what else we’ve been up to on the Goldy!

Recap from the #ROXYPro Quarterfinals Recap from the #ROXYPro Quarterfinals


Golden Day on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro

Golden Day on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro

The spotlight was all on the women today for Rounds 2-4 of the ASP #ROXYpro at Snapper Rocks, and what a fantastic show it truly was! We experienced some of the best waves we’ve seen here on the Gold Coast over the past months, and the girls didn’t disappoint, displaying some incredible surfing from the world’s best surfers (thanks girls!).

Golden Day on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro

Roxy athletes Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Bianca Buitendag took to the water today in epic conditions that proved to fans the 2014 ASP women’s tour is going to be by far the best year of women’s surfing we’ve ever seen. By far!

Golded Day on the Gold Coast #ROXYproGolden Day on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro

Near perfect rides, amazing long barrels and close heat match-ups continued through out today’s event, now the questions remains is who will be crowned this years ROXY Pro Gold Coast champion? Make sure to follow along on Twitter @ROXY #ROXYpro and tell us who you’re betting on.

Stay tuned for the quarterfinals, but for now, see what else we’ve been up to here on the Goldy.

Bianca Buitendag Gold Day on the Gold Coast #ROXYpro

Stephanie Gilmore! Gold Day on the Gold Coast #ROXYproGolden Barrel #ROXYpro Stephanie Gilmore



#ROXYpro Day 1 on the Goldy

Kelia Moniz taking a nose ride during her #DowntimeDownUnder

Day 1 of the #ROXYpro was blessed with perfect waves for the beginning of the 2014 ASP women’s Championship Tour.

High scores and pristine summer conditions saw the ladies of this years ASP tour show the surfing world that women’s surfing is the best its ever been, with some of the tours top seeds missing out on taking a win & be forced into tomorrows round two (elimination round)

For the rest of the ROXY team it was sunrise surf sessions at Dbah with Lisa Andersen and a little afternoon longboarding excursion with Kelia Moniz showing us how it’s done. Even the matriarch of surfing herself Lisa was taking a few stylish notes from the recently crowned 2x World Longboarding Champ (see nose-ride below and you’ll see what we mean).#ROXYpro


_MG_9335 _MG_9405_MG_9369_MG_9342 _MG_9410 _MG_9440 _MG_9448_MG_9501_MG_9458