Taking Shape: How to Make a Surfboard with Jen Smith

We caught up with Roxy Professional Longboarder Jen Smith in the shaping room as she was getting ready for the ASP Swatch Pro Girls China event. The 2x World Longboard Champion has a good shot at claiming her third World Title at this event, so she’s shaping her own surfboard for the contest, and she’s giving us a step-by-step on how to do it!

“I want this board to be fairly basic with a smooth, curvy outline, no nose concave, soft rails and a diamond tail. The template is one I made off of my first longboard I shaped. It’s basically the nose profile of my favorite Takayama longboard and the tail profile of one of my favorite quads by Jeff McCallum.


We’re All on This Ride Together

We have been trailblazers from the very beginning. By marrying fashion and performance we turned our world upside down and inspired a wave of girls to head out into the surf. We were born in the ocean and carved our way to the mountains — and we’re not done yet. This is our heritage and our future — Ride strong and create the next big wave.

This is a look our most inspirational Roxy girls from around the world including Olympic half pipe snowboard Gold Medalist Torah Bright, professional surfers, Kelia Moniz, Kassia Meador, Jen Smith, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, and Bruna Schmitz. This is a look at our most inspirational Roxy girls from around the world including Olympic half pipe snowboard Gold Medalist Torah Bright, professional surfers, Kelia Moniz, Kassia Meador, Jen Smith, Monyca Bryne-Wickey and Bruna Schmitz.

We are all on this ride together…


Tidal Waves and China Days

Roxy Professional Longboarders Jen Smith and Chloe Calmon are jet setting on an experience of a lifetime to surf the Silver Dragon, a tidal bore in Hangzhou, China. This is only the fourth time China has ever allowed anyone to surf in the river, and our very own Roxy girls will be competing in the Silver Dragon Shootout Surf Contest! Chloe’s been lucky enough to surf in the river before, so she knows exactly what to expect and has a head start against the competition, but Jen’s done her research, and it sounds like she’s ready for the adventure! This is one of the most unique surfing experiences we’ve heard of, so we caught up with Jen and Chloe as they were getting ready to leave, and they filled us in on everything we need to know about surfing tidal waves and traveling to China.

Chloe’s Travel Tips and China Tricks

Last year, when people saw me walking on the street with surfboards, they thought I was crazy and tapped me to see if I was real! Ha! This time, I’ll make sure learn a phrase in Chinese that I can explain to them!

I suggest packing comfortable clothes. I know I won’t be leaving without my  1. sun skippers, 2. easy tees, 3. savage dress, 4. a cross body purse , 5. and some easy boots.

I’m also bringing a 1. lightweight springsuit, and my 2. favorite bikinis, for the river. More importantly, the 3. surf essentials for the competition. It’s a must to bring a spare leash in case it snaps and all the other basics including fins, and wax which are easy to forget when packing for a trip. Plus sunscreen and sunnies!

The most important thing to know about before traveling there is the culture. The Chinese have an ancient culture that cherishes small details and gestures, from giving a business card to eating with them. So it`s helpful to watch some videos on the internet about Chinese etiquette and respect!

How to surf a Tidal Wave by Jen



Lisa Andersen’s Champ Camp sets off to Cardiff in their Airstream

Last week a group of Roxy athletes set off in their silver–clad aluminum Airstream to Seaside Reef in Cardiff for a day of surfing.

This training camp kicked off the first of many upcoming Lisa Andersen Champ Camps that offers a one of a kind experience with surfing legend Lisa Andersen as their mentor and seeks to progress the sport of surfing through training and analysis. Team riders including Nikki Viesins, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Kylie Loveland, Meah Collins, Meg Roh, and Kehanu Delovio all joined in for this signature experience.

Lisa wasted no time and ‘broke the ice’ for all the girls when they arrived, giving them a brief rundown of the camp, key fundamentals, and heat strategy. The girls suited up in their Roxy wetsuits and headed out for a heat, giving Lisa and 2x world longboard champion and team rider Jen Smith a chance to closely watch and critique the girls’ surfing.

After the heat, the girls headed back to the Airstream for a brief review by Lisa and Jen, and back out to apply the tips and advice from surfing’s elite. This time around, Lisa and Jen suited up for a fun expression session with all the girls.

The team certainly worked up an appetite and munched on Daphne’s lunch., followed by some smoothie-making, so the girls gathered around the Airstream kitchen to whip up some fresh berry smoothies with Lisa…a great way to end the day followed by a brief pep talk from Surfing pros Lisa and Jen!

Next stop for the #LisaAndersenChampCamp…Costa Rica for a week of surfing, hands on coaching, instruction, and special guest appearances! Be sure to check out all the special moments on Twitter and Instagram @Roxy #LisaAndersenChampCamp


Aloha from the 2012 Roxy Waikiki Classic

The 2012 Roxy Waikiki Classic took over Queens Beach, Waikiki, on June 16 & 17 (Fathers Day weekend)! The free amateur surf contest included both longboard and shortboard divisions for girls and women of all ages. This year the event also hosted the one and only ASP Women’s Longboard Qualifier in Hawaii, giving the local girls a chance to compete for a spot on the 2013 World Longboard Tour! Honorable mentions in the ASP event include Crystal Dzigas who was crowned winner of the professional longboard final Roxy Team Riders Kelia Moniz who took second, and Vanina Walsh who finished fourth.

With 173 competitors in the amateur division and 24 ASP pros… along with their friends, families and supporters on the beach, you could say there was an impressive turn out! While the surf contest showcased new and returning talent, there was also a ton of action on the beach! Paul Mitchell was on site with their very own hair styling pros and they kept the crowds busy by conditioning/braiding girls’ hair! Anyone who was dry or just out of the water could stop by the Paul Mitchell tent for a beach “do” and learn about hair care and special products for the beach.

There was always something fun going on at the Roxy Tent with customized flip flops, raffles, giveaways and athlete signings with Roxy pro surfers Rosy Hodge, Kelia Moniz, Lisa Andersen, Jen Smith, Monyca Byrne-Wickey, Amy Murphree, and Vanina Walsh! These girls were hanging out all day long getting into the spirit and meeting all the competitors.

Jamba Juice stoked out the beach with free smoothies and the Kokua Hawaii Foundation got on board to share their knowledge and “how to’s” on making recycling fun! They set up recycle stations around the beach and encouraged people to get creative by making their own sea turtles out of bottle caps! The Roxy Initiative joined forced to share the importance of recycling and set up a water station with re-useable bottles for a donation. The Roxy Initiative raised just over $2000 for the Kokua Hawaii Foundation which will be matched and rounded up to $5000 to help fund the Plastics Free Hawaii initiative.

With tons of stoke and Roxy love going around (in and out of the water), the event was for sure a favorite! Roxy hopes to spread the love around the USA one day soon with more events just like it! The Waikiki Classic aims to become a series that will continue to grow in the upcoming years! Stay tuned for 2013 dates coming soon…

“[The Waikiki Classic] is all about having a good time and giving back to the sport. We want to teach the youth so they can learn how to surf and enjoy it like we did! The more events we have like this the more we can inspire the next generation.” – Lisa Andersen, 2012 Roxy Waikiki Classic




Team Rider Jen Smith Shaping for International Surfing Day

As we are fast approaching International Surfing Day on June 20th, team rider Jen Smith, who happens to be one of the most down to earth surfers and skateboarders around, mentioned she was getting ready to shape a surfboard and let’s just say, we were nothing short of speechless after seeing what she came up with…

When Jen and photographer Drew Martin, of Drew Martin Photography teamed up, they captured what surfing is all about; It’s those creative moments shared both in and out of the water and this is where it all starts!

In Jen’s own words, “Surfing is one of my greatest passions and I’ve been riding waves for about 19 years (well over half of my life). recently I picked up a planer ad started shaping boards. It’s an amazing challenge and a new way of exploring ad expressing my love for the ocean. It’s all about finding the board you want to make within the blank you are starting with. For this project, I decide to make a board for international go surfing day. What better way to celebrate go surfing day than to make a new board to slide across a wave on.”

We hope you all enjoy watching this video of Jen shaping a one-of-a-kind surfboard and inspires you to get a little creative (in or out of the water) on International Surfing Day.