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Dive into fitness & the fresh adventures all around you. Change is in the air – full of new beginnings and new chances to push ourselves to the edge. Whether we’re charging up trails, stretching into sun salutations, or paddling out over glassy waters, we live to be outside channeling the strength that comes with movement. Our beauty radiates from within but we pull off sweaty with style! As far as we’re concerned, the possibilities are endless. Let’s go!

Experience our latest in ROXY Outdoor Fitness, but first, enjoy this vid straight from the likes of Waikiki, Oahu, Maui and all over Hawaii with Sally Fitzgibbons, Gillian Gibree and Sierra Blair-Coyle. Love Sally’s pants? Yep, us too…here they are!

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ROXY Outdoor Fitness: Gillian Gibree brings SUP Yoga to a whole new level in Tahoe, California

#ROXYOutdoorFitness ambassador Gillian Gibree

Last Saturday, ROXY Outdoor Fitness ambassador Gillian Gibree brought SUP Yoga to a whole other level on beautiful Lake Tahoe, California. Approximately 200 SUP Yogis gathered during the Tahoe Nalu SUP Festival and flowed through a sun salutation to break the world record for the largest number of people practicing SUP Yoga at once!

Since the weather in mountains has already cooled down, Gillian decided to wear her Daybreak Tee and Enhance Capris during her nautical flow. The top has a flattering open back that gave her style during her down dog!

After the final Namaste was said on the crystal clear lake, everyone cheered with paddle in hands. Following the class, Roxy and Paddle Into Fitness donated prize packages to the SUP Yogi who held the longest headstand and the largest donor for the Tahoe Safe Alliance, a local women’s shelter. The event had a great turnout, gorgeous mountain weather, and supported an awesome cause!

The following day, Gillian participated in the Elite Survivor Race that was a combination of sprint paddleboarding, beach running, and buoy turns in her pink Ready Steady Swim Top and her Land to Sea swim bottoms, finishing third overall in a field of tough competitors. Namate to a great weekend with ROXY Outdoor Fitness at the Quiksilver Tahoe Nalu!

#ROXYOutdoorFitness ambassador Gillian Gibree leads the largest SUP Yoga Class in Tahoe



Gillian Gibree #ROXYOutdoorFItness How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddle Board

No matter what body of water you’re near— fresh or salty— grab your SUP board, get outside, and practice your pivot turns on a sunny day! Make sure to wear comfortable, sun-protected clothes like the Roxy Outdoor Fitness Dawn Running Tee and the Enhance Capris. Plus, they’re super flexible for the wide stance maneuvers!

Roxy Outdoor Fitness Stand Up Paddler Gillian Gibree demonstrates how to get down a pivot turn (for a regular footed paddler, but of course if you’re goofy-foot, just practice on the opposite side!).

1. Step your right foot back towards the tail of the board so that the nose rises out of the water. You can stagger your feet on opposite sides of the center line to keep the board more stable. Engage your core for balance and a nice ab workout!

2. Use a sweeping stroke starting at the center of the right rail towards the tail, which will turn you board counter clockwise. You should start turning 360 degrees! As you progress, you can bring your back foot closer to the tail for a faster pivot turn.

Gillian Gibree #ROXYOutdoorFItness How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddle Board

3. Use your paddle to ‘slap’ the water (called bracing) for added support if you find yourself off balance. Try and wait for a warm day to practice this in case you fall in!

Gillian Gibree #ROXYOutdoorFItness How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddle Board

Gillian Gibree #ROXYOutdoorFItness How to Pivot Turn on a Stand Up Paddle Board


Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Cinco de Mayo in Mexico! 5 reasons to get on the water this May


Summertime is just around the corner, and what better way to get in shape for bikini season than to be out on the water, paddle in hand?! The travel bug hit us just in time for Roxy Outdoor Fitness Athlete Gillian Gibree’s SUP Yoga Retreat in Punta de Mita, Mexico.

Here are 5 reasons to jet set on your next adventure on the water:

1. Bring on the colors. Get festive and make your workout fun with bright, summer tops. We love the stripes on the new Onshore top.




2.  Get your feet wet. Go somewhere new, and try something different.


4. Soak it all in. Our favorite waterproof pieces are lightweight for packing, and quick to dry.


4. Explore more. Taste new flavors and walk along the way to boost your cardio.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness5. Meet new friends. Make your workouts more enjoyable with a fitness buddy.



Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Ace your workout with Gillian Gilbree’s SUP Fitness Tips!

Looking to find a fitness workout that you can stick with? Then get your paddle on! No matter what sport you’re into, or what level you are at, there is a modality of SUP that you can enjoy…surfing, whitewater, racing, yoga, downwind, or just exploring! The great thing about SUP is it can be done anywhere there’s water—lakes, oceans, rivers, marshes, or bays!

Being on an unstable surface is very effective for building better balance and coordination, andfires different muscle groups you may have never worked before (I commonly hear about sore foot muscles after teaching a beginner SUP lesson!).  The rotational movements target the obliques and spinal rotators, and with the correct paddle technique, you should feel your abs burning! The pulling motion from paddling helps develop the upper back and shoulder muscles, which is great cross training. There are different kinds of results you can achieve from the sport of SUP as well—sprints will help build speed, and long slow paddles can be great for fat metabolism and building endurance. At either intensity, you’re getting a fun and exciting cardio workout while experiencing nature!

Some of my favorite ways to use paddleboarding to stay fit are SUP surfing, yoga, and exploring the beautiful California coastline. The Roxy Outdoor Fitness Ace bikini is perfect for all three! It’s form fitting, and stays on while I’m pushing the limits on my board.

Check out the photos from Gillian Gibree‘s latest California adventure, and join her on her next adventure to Mexico! Gillian will be offering a training for future SUP yoga teachers next month on a Mexico Retreat April 28-May 1! The health benefits and simplicity of SUP and yoga make them the perfect match. SUP is the fastest growing sport in the world—what better way to learn something new than to learn from the best in beautiful Punta Mita, Mexico? Learn more here.



Roxy Outdoor Fitness: How Gillian Gibree stays in Shape without the Dumbbells or Treadmill

When Gillian Gibree isn’t busy teaching stand up paddle yoga at her company Paddle Into Fitness in San Diego, CA, she can be found competing and placing in some of Stand Up Paddling’s most prestigious and high profile events around the world. Find out how she stays in shape for her demanding career without stepping foot in a gym.


I love going on fitness adventures, so I start the day with a paddle session near my house in San Diego. This time, I even got a cool shot of some dolphins playing nearby! After a few sets of paddle sprints, I grab my sneakers and hit the trails to explore the canyons. The view from the top of Sunset Cliffs is amazing! Nothing like getting my sweat on while watching a beautiful California sunset!

Stand Up Paddle Yoga

The health benefits and simplicity of SUP and yoga make them the perfect match! Stand up paddle yoga keeps me in tune and in nature. Stand Up Paddle Boarding strengthens the core, tones every muscle, and gets me out on the water. Yoga improves flexibility and balance, while restoring all bodily systems by creating physical, mental, and spiritual harmony. SUP is the fastest growing sport in the world and SUP yoga is popping up everywhere! I’ll actually be training future SUP yoga teachers for their certification next month on a Mexico Retreat!


Whether it’s support on my downhill trailrun, or flexibility during my SUP training session, the Perfectly Seamless Bra always has me covered!



Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Get out there Rain or Shine

Get out there, rain or shine. Here’s our favorite Roxy Athlete recommended workouts and a post-workout treat to get outside and enjoy the day, no matter what the weather:

1. Climbing under a roof when it’s raining so I can see the waterfalls – Roxy Outdoor Fitness Rock Climber, Sierra Blair-Coyle.

2. Surfing in the rain is the best because it’s less crowded and I get to use my new Roxy Outdoor Fitness wetsuits. I love breaking out the new suits each season – Roxy Pro Surfer, Rosy Hodge

3. SUP Yoga in the rain to be completely surrounded by water above and beneath – Roxy Outdoor Fitness Athlete, SUP Yoga instructor and owner of Paddle into Fitness, Gillian Gibree

4. Downwind paddling in the rain to feel the drops against my back. – Gillian Gibree

5. Running on the street after a good rain, I love the smell of rain on asphalt – Pro Surfer, Sally Fitzgibbons

6. Mountain biking in the rain because the dirt gets sticky and smooth.  I can hold my line better in critical turns – Roxy Outdoor Fitness Mountain Biker, Karin Kendrick

After your wintery workout, recover and warm up with our all-natural Ginger Mint Tea:

- Grab a handful of fresh mint leaves. Mint is one of the oldest and most popular herbs grown around the world. Its sweet flavor and cooling after sensation also soothes and cleanses the digestive tract, eliminates toxins, reduces blemishes, and keeps your breath nice and fresh!

- Grate about a teaspoon of fresh ginger. From the ancient Chinese to the Romans, ginger has been used for thousands of years to aid digestion and act as an anti-inflammatory. Perfect for a post-workout zing! Try a bath soak with ginger for those achy muscles, cramp prevention, and to soothe your cranky winter skin.

- Just a spoonful of honey…The benefits of honey go beyond its blissfully sweet taste. Honey is known for instantly boosting performance, endurance, and reducing muscle fatigue. Its also a perfect “pick-me-up on a spoon” when you pack it for that extra mile!

- Combine all the ingredients and boil in a full tea kettle.

- Drink hot after a chilly workout, or ice it for refreshing hydration. Feel free to add sliced lemon for extra tang! (Lemons are perfect for that immunity boost in the winter, and cleanse the liver for a great detox boost!