How-To Make A Gingerbread House, Roxy Style!

Today is the perfect day to stay inside and do some fun crafts with your friends. Check out our Gingerbread House How-To and build yours like a Roxy pro!

You Will Need:

    1 cup light corn syrup
    1/2 cup firmly packed brown sugar
    1/2 cup vegetable shortening
    4 cups all purpose flour
    1 Tbsp ground ginger
    1 Tbsp ground cinnamon
    Cardboard or tray to build your gingerbread house on
    Mixing bowl and spatula
    Cookie sheet for baking
    Stove top & small pan for heating ingredients
    Wax paper to cut out pattern for gingerbread house
    Pastry bag or zip lock baggy

    Click for the Roxy Gingerbread House How-To!


Essentials for an Impromptu Holiday Gathering

A little unprepared for the back-to-back Holiday festivities? If you’re in need of a quick and easy treat for your next impromptu Holiday gathering these Santa Hats are a tasty addition that are bound to excite your guests! Next on the list, a fun Holiday dress!

What You Need:
Brownie bites – can be found pre-made in grocery store or make your own using a muffin tin and brownie mix
Fresh strawberries
Whip cream – I suggest frozen cool whip as it sets up better

Easy How-To:

1.If you bought frozen cool whip, remove from freezer to thaw
2.Wash strawberries and cut the stem off so the end of the strawberry is flat
3.Put brownie bites on the serving tray you would like to use
4.Using a spoon dollop the whip cream on top of the brownie bite
5.Place a strawberry on top of the whip cream with tip of strawberry pointing up

Add a small dollop of whip cream to the tip of the strawberry to complete your Santa Hat treats! Enjoy!

Keep counting down with us as we unlock the Gifts of Winter everyday this Holiday season. #GiftsOfWinter


Eat.Sleep.Wear. Comes to California

A few months back we had the pleasure of meeting Kimberly Pesch of blog Eat.Sleep.Wear. in her adoptive hometown of New York City.

We’ve always admired her travels that she beautifully documents on her blog and Pinterest, but nothing prepared us for the news that she had never been to California!

To a girl who has been all over the world, this came as quite a shock for our team at Roxy, and we immediately felt the need to get her out to California, and stat!…and that’s exactly what we did!

A self-expressed beach girl at heart, Kim fit right in at our Fall 2013 shoot. Unlike the typical city girl that may have felt like a fish outta water, Kim was quite at home up in Santa Cruz, California. Ready for early morning call times; she didn’t want to miss out on any sunrise and became fast friends with Roxy surfers Kelia Moniz, Monyca Bryne-Wickey, Justine Mauvin, and Bruna Schmitz.

Here are some of her lovely looks during her adventures up the California coast; including her trip to Manhattan Beach where she wore a sweater for all seasons, the Rochester, followed by a plaid Faded Journey shirt up at Capitola Beach, and on our last day of shooting Kim sported a motorcycle jacket (little did she know we’d actually be shooting with a motorcycle later that day!) .

For more on her trip, check out her California Dreaming Pinterest board (it’s a sight to see!). Stay tuned for more…Kim snapped tons of pics and will be sharing them with us until Fall 2013 of next year! Can’t wait.



Let The Sea Set You Free: Katie McLean takes a trip to Mexico

Roxy Let The Sea Set You Free Americas Winner, Katie McLean, recently became an Ambassador for Project Save Our Surf. In August she traveled to Sayulita, Mexico to paint a mural at Coste Verde International Elementary School, clean the coast, and teach local girls surfing, yoga, and environmental stewardship. Check out her trip!

In August, I traveled to Sayulita, Mexico for PSOS to paint a mural at Coste Verde International Elementary School, clean the beach and teach little local girls surfing, yoga, and environmental stewardship. My heart flutters with anticipation and the wonder of unknown lands. My 3-day, 5ft Mexico mural created for Project Save Our Surf called Sayulita Sea Saint: a blue-haired sea saint with an Aztec-inspired halo of ocean animals.

I began volunteering for Project Save Our Surf in July by putting on art projects for little girls to do at the beach clean-up surf days. Preparing my first art project for Project Wahine in Goleta, Ca, I strung and glued tons pearls in shells for them to paint.



Hometown visit with Let the Sea Set You Free Winner Katie McLean

Between teaching classes at her local yoga studio, running her own art gallery and surfing the best swells, we caught up with Let the Sea Set You Free winner, Katie McLean at her humble abode in Santa Barbara, CA where we treated her to a box full of Winter’s best including new favorites: The Elm Sweater (perfectly cropped!) and the Golden Hill jacket (one of Kelia’s personal favs as well).

Steps away from the sand and the best local surf spot in Santa Barbara is the residence of Let the Sea Set You Free winner, Katie McLean. In a warehouse turned home Katie’s residence sits in the heart of Funkzone, where a creative community of shapers, artists and surfers reside.  Between touring her art gallery, snacking on some of her home grown tomatoes from her rooftop garden and following her around to her favorite local spots, made us want to permanently crash on her couch.

As we listened to Katie’s latest travels to Mexico, we couldn’t help but notice the huge collection of vintage and thrift store finds. We were particularly drawn to her collection of vintage swimsuits hanging in her closet.

As we wandered around her home, admiring everything from a handmade dream catcher dangling from the skylight over her bed to the hues of pinks and turquoise that colored the walls, it’s no wonder Katie’s space inspires her as much as it inspires us.

Head downstairs to check out her gallery, Latitude—which is actually attached to her home! From murals to wine bottle artwork to her work as a graphic artist, you have to ask yourself, is there anything this girl can’t create? Did we mention there’s a surfing museum and Mermaid vintage shop right next door?

Stay tuned! Katie McLean will be blogging about her adventures in Mexico next.

SEA the other inspiring Let the Sea Set You Free entries and tell us who you admire most!


Friends of Roxy: Photographer Daniel Blom

We’re excited to get our hands on Drifting Decade, a book released this week by one of our favorite photographers, Daniel Blom. The book is a selection of Blom’s finest pics taken over the last ten years of his snow photography career. Blom hails from Sweden, and we think his photos capture the beauty and simplicity that Scandinavian design is known for. Lucky for us, Blom is also a fan of Roxy, and has worked a lot with the Roxy snow team over the years . So if your coffee table needs a pick-me-up, add Drifting Decade to your collection.


Let The Sea Set You Free Winner Katie McLean tours Roxy HQ & Fall Haul

Fall back in style with Roxy and shop the best of back to school. Go behind the scenes of Roxy Headquarters and get a full style haul with our Let The Sea Set You Free winner Katie McLean @KatieGypsyeye of Santa Barbara, CA.

Before setting off on her first life-changing adventure with Roxy to Biarritz, France for the Roxy Pro, Katie picked up a whole new wardrobe, packed her bags, and met up with fellow winners’ Madison Setiawan of Bali, and Emilie Layla Lovaine of Wales.

What’d she pack for her adventures abroad? Tons of bikinis, hats for coverage, and some easy shorts (we love the sun skippers).

When shopping for back to school we suggest choosing colors and patterns that work well together and sticking to those. That way everything looks great together with little effort.

The next stop for the lucky Let The Sea Set You Free winners? …the beaches of Hawaii!

Want to Sea even more? Check out all the inspiring videos, pictures, quotes, and girls from around the world who participated in this year’s Let The Sea Set You Free Contest. Stay tuned for more from Katie McLean and her amazing style and serious creativity.

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Having a Maine Moment with Shana of The Ropes Maine


Moments before we set off on a journey with the Roxy surf team to the Mentawais and Bali for our Summer 2012 shoot, we fell head over heels (and borderline obsessed) with The Ropes Maine and have been completely hooked since.

Thanks to Maine Ropes designer Shana, we packed a bag full of Ropes, which now grace the pages of our Summer 2012 catalog and countless other pictures from the Surf Team’s epic adventure…and some of our co-workers even sports some Ropes too!

We caught up with Shana and had her share some ‘Maine Moments’ with us, because let’s face it, something about her Ropes and Maine quaintness completely entrances us.

Roxy: What is it about Maine you love most?

Shana: I always found the cities to be inspiring in a cultural sense but stifling from a creative and design stand point.  I like the idea of visiting different metropolitan cities but then coming home to Maine to interpret and digest everything.  Maine does not have all those big cities comforts or conveniences therefore I believe it pushes you to be more creative.  Things are not so straight forward or obvious; you have to look outside the box and that is where creativity flourishes.   

Roxy: How would you define a quintessential Maine moment?

Shana: Spending the entire day on my husband’s lobster boat exploring different islands off the coast. 

Roxy: What is your favorite Roxy memory?

Shana: Growing up, I vividly remember my babysitter giving me hand-me-downs of her super cool clothes. I remember labels like Benetton, Espirit, OP, Body Glove, etc. But one item I remember in particular was a pair of boardshorts from Roxy that I wore every single day that summer.

Roxy: Where will your next adventure take you?

Shana: Hopefully on the next Caribbean location with Roxy!…realistically a trunk show/reunion with my college friends in the Hamptons.

Roxy: Can you give us a sneak peek or inside scoop on what we can expect next from The Ropes Maine?

Shana: In the future you can expect to see many more great jewelry designs, as well as a few new accessories – all incorporating rope of course!


Thanks 2 You! We’ve Reached 2 Million Facebook Fans

Thanks 2 You! We’ve Reached 2 Million Facebook Fans!

It’s moments like this, that we realize how truly inspiring the Roxy brand is. We’ve been blessed to connect with young, talented women from all over the world like yourselves.

We recently set out on a GLOBAL search for 3 girls who want to live the DREAM of a Roxy girl and experience something that money just can’t buy!

It’s this dream that has inspired countless videos, pictures and submissions from all over the world telling us why they are a ROXY GIRL!

“We were already obsessed with our community of friends and are now blown away by the number of new girls who want to join our ride.  We have already found so many amazing girls from this contest that we are truly inspired to see how global you ladies are. We are amazed by each entry and story that you have submitted.  You keep us grounded, committed, and you personally ensure we stay true and committed to Roxy.There is an amazing network of girls out there that are making waves. You should be proud” Danielle Beck VP of Roxy Marketing.

There’s still time to Tell us what makes you a Roxy Girl. Enter for your chance to Live the Dream of a Roxy Girl. The Let The Sea Set You Free contest ENDS in less than 1 WEEK: April 26th 11:59pm PST (see official contest rules for details).

Stop by the Roxy Facebook Wall to grab a 20% code to be used on (hurry, it’s valid for 2 days only!).

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Surf & Skate: Presented by Boardriders Venice Beach

The Venice Art Walk and Auctions kicks off this year with the Surf & Skate even presented by the Boardriders on Thursday April 19th. The preview event will be held at 585 Boardriders with Quiksilver, Roxy, and DC all present! Quiksilver Inc. athletes and artists will be there to preview auction works. Expect a list including Quiksilver surfers Reef MacIntosh and Strider, Kristi McKnight’s live art, Cesario “Block” Montano photography, Quiksilver shaper Michael Baron, Roxy surfer and artist Kassia Meador, DC’s Mark Winn and Tobin Yelland’s custom decks on display,  Mike Blabac photographs, and some Quik skate athletes.

Come down to Boardriders this Thursday and enjoy live art, music local DJ Kevyon Pierre, refreshments including beer frin PRIMO and Central Cal Wines and shopping to benefit Venice Family Clinic. This event is free and open to the public. A 20% discount will be offered and 20% of all proceeds will be donated towards the Venice family clinic. See you there!