The “Greatest Show of Our Time”

Photo" Courtesy of The CW.

The only thing I love more than watching my VERY favorite TV show- aka: “THE GREATEST SHOW OF OUR TIME” or more accurately- Gossip Girl- on Monday nights is reading the hilarious recaps posted the following morning by one my favorite New York magazine blogs, Daily Intel. DI provides a “Reality Index” for each episode of Gossip Girl…noting what is (from last night’s show) “Realer than the Poor Kid from Boston Taking the Chinatown Bus” or “More Fake than College Students Using a Verizon-Branded IM Service and Not Gchat.”  I love the cheek-in-tongue way they dissect parts of the show I may have missed or give voice to something I was secretly thinking to myself while watching. But don’t let me make the decision for you- check out last night’s “Gossip Girl finally gets out of its Maid Outfit” recap yourself here.