Cold Water, Warm Hearts

Stay warm this holiday, no matter where you are! The Roxy team tested out our Fit For Warmth wetsuits in Tofino B.C. for the Lisa Andersen Champ Camp, just for you! Cold water, warm hearts!


Lisa Andersen Champ Camp Meets the North Shore

The globetrotting Lisa Andersen Champ Camp made its fourth stop on the North Shore of Oahu to recruit and train the local girls and progress their surfing skills. Shortly after surfing in the frigid, Canadian waters at the Lisa Andersen Champ Camp in Tofino, 4x World Champion Lisa Andersen and Roxy professional surfer Rosy Hodge hopped on a plane with their favorite holiday bikinis and headed to the tropics.

Lisa Andersen selected ten of the top up and coming shortboarders from Hawaii and the US to surf and train with her for two days on the North Shore. On day 1, each of the campers worked on specific maneuvers they wanted to improve, while Lisa and Rosy watched from the beach and gave feedback and tips for progression. The waves at Hale’iwa were fun and rippable, providing the girls with ideal conditions for practice. In the afternoon, the girls gathered around to learn from special guest and pipeline bodysurfing legend, Mark Cunningham, who gave them important big wave surfing and lifeguarding advice that’s key knowledge for any professional and amateur surfer alike. Lisa and Rosy also gave the girls media training and practice interviews, preparing them for their future careers as professional surfers.

On day 2, Lani’s Reef welcomed the crew with flawless, overhead rights that Lisa and the girls rushed the minute of their arrival. In the water, Lisa and Rosy worked with the campers one on one, and out of the water they ran heats and shared improvements on heat strategy and wave selection. A yoga session with Roxy’s Let the Sea Set You Free winner Katie McLean, followed the morning’s surf sessions and prepped the girls for their afternoon surf. Midday, the camp joined all three of Roxy’s Let the Sea Set you Free winners for a Hawaiian BBQ and ukulele session with Roxy Team Riders Kahanu Delovio and Nikki Viesins. After the day’s activities, the surf was still pumping, and the campers charged for a free surf with Lisa and Rosy. Awards and a special lei from Lisa ended the camp, but was just the beginning for the girls on their way to becoming world champs. Check out the action on Twitter and on Instagram #LisaAndersenChampCamp #LetTheSeaSetYouFree


From Sea to Shining Sea: Lisa Andersen sets up camp in Tofino, Canada

Roxy’s Lisa Andersen Champ Camp has all water temperatures covered after last week’s camp in the scenic and chilled surf off the coast of Tofino, Canada. From California to Costa Rica and now Canada, the camp has brought together young leading surfers hand-picked by Lisa Andersen for a chance to learn and be inspired by the best.

This two-day experience hosted in the stunning surf town of Tofino and the rainforest nestled cabins of Long Beach Lodge Resort gave 8 of the region’s top surfers an opportunity to train with 4x World Champion Lisa Andersen, preparing them for reaching their goals of becoming professional surfers. Special guest and world-renowned Roxy Surfer Rosy Hodge joined Lisa to provide the girls with expert coaching, video analysis and technical breakdown, and all the necessary tools for surfing success!

The girls kicked off their Canadian surfing adventure with a session and coaching at Cox Bay. The waves were exceptionally large, which upped everyone’s duck-dive count, but once out back, the mess gave way to some proper waves, giving the campers a chance to push each other—and catch a glimpse of Lisa’s and Rosy’s surfing. Technical video analysis and insight from Lisa followed, as did another arm burning surf session. The day of surfing in icy waters was rewarded with one of the biggest perks of surfing in a hood and gloves—the camaraderie of water ninjas jumping into hot tubs to defrost! The next day, the Champ Camp was welcomed with friendly, rippable waves at Chesterman’s Beach, where the campers worked on applying technical feedback from the day before, and improving on what Lisa and Rosy broke down for them. At the end of the day, the girls walked away stoked on so many waves, surfing knowledge, hot tub sessions, and new friends over such a short time. We hope our camper’s love affair with surfing is only just getting warmed up, even if it’s in the coldest of water! Luckily our Roxy wetsuits are fit for warmth.

Thank you for joining us Let The Sea Set You Free finalists Kait Fennell and Alexandra Groot Koerkamp of Canada, along with Sylvie Julien, Hanna Scott, Emily Thicke, Alexa Verstraten, Maria Grant, and Sherah Grant. Keep your eye out for these future champs, and stay tuned for our next Lisa Andersen Champ Camp adventure on the North Shore of Hawaii! #LisaAndersenChampCamp

Photography by:

Robin O’Neill
Scott Furkay


From Cardiff to Costa Rica The Lisa Andersen Champ Camp charges on

From camping in Cardiff to Costa Rica, some of the best amateur girl surfers from Latin America and the US came together for a Lisa Andersen Champ Camp at Playa Negra to push each other and learn from the best.

Judging from a selection of online video entries, 4x World Champion Lisa Andersen identified the top surfers and gave these “future champs” a one of a kind experience. Special guest Sofia Mulanovich—Latin American legend and previous World Champ—joined Lisa Andersen in Costa Rica to provide hands on coaching, instruction, and video analysis that helped advance the girls’ surfing.

The girls scored head high waves everyday, but this surf trip was no vacation. A typical day of camp training included 5am wakeup calls and 6am surf sessions with video and one-on-one coaching from Lisa and Sofia. Breakfast didn’t come until 9, and was followed with more surfing and technical analysis and feedback. In the afternoon came cross-training—the future champs practiced yoga and learned the importance of stretching and surf exercises. The daily video review allowed Lisa Andersen to break down everything for the girls and play-back waves and help critique the girls’ surfing. Lisa and Sofia also provided the future champs with media training and interviewing, preparing them for their career as a professional surfer.

Keep your eye out for these future champs: Nikki Viesins (FL), who claimed 2nd place at the East Coast Surfing Championships in the women’s pro division shortly after the Champ Camp, Tatiana Weston-Webb (HI) Surfing America National Champion, Lucia Cosoleto (Argentina), Melanie Guina and Vania Torres who surf for the Peruvian National Team, Leilani Aguirre (Peru), Adela Recordon (Chile), and Leilani McGonagle, who claimed two national titles in Costa Rica just 5 days after the camp!

Be sure to check out more on Twitter and Instgram @Roxy #LisaAndersenChampCamp


Lisa Andersen’s Champ Camp sets off to Cardiff in their Airstream

Last week a group of Roxy athletes set off in their silver–clad aluminum Airstream to Seaside Reef in Cardiff for a day of surfing.

This training camp kicked off the first of many upcoming Lisa Andersen Champ Camps that offers a one of a kind experience with surfing legend Lisa Andersen as their mentor and seeks to progress the sport of surfing through training and analysis. Team riders including Nikki Viesins, Tatiana Weston-Webb, Kylie Loveland, Meah Collins, Meg Roh, and Kehanu Delovio all joined in for this signature experience.

Lisa wasted no time and ‘broke the ice’ for all the girls when they arrived, giving them a brief rundown of the camp, key fundamentals, and heat strategy. The girls suited up in their Roxy wetsuits and headed out for a heat, giving Lisa and 2x world longboard champion and team rider Jen Smith a chance to closely watch and critique the girls’ surfing.

After the heat, the girls headed back to the Airstream for a brief review by Lisa and Jen, and back out to apply the tips and advice from surfing’s elite. This time around, Lisa and Jen suited up for a fun expression session with all the girls.

The team certainly worked up an appetite and munched on Daphne’s lunch., followed by some smoothie-making, so the girls gathered around the Airstream kitchen to whip up some fresh berry smoothies with Lisa…a great way to end the day followed by a brief pep talk from Surfing pros Lisa and Jen!

Next stop for the #LisaAndersenChampCamp…Costa Rica for a week of surfing, hands on coaching, instruction, and special guest appearances! Be sure to check out all the special moments on Twitter and Instagram @Roxy #LisaAndersenChampCamp