A Day in the Life of Brilliant Becca

Check out this Q&A with Becca, our rad Roxy graphic designer!


Job Title/Description of what you do:
I am a graphic designer for Roxy and currently do web design for (and even some work for Quiksilver and DC’s websites too). My job includes everything from designing promos that can be seen all over the site, designing the weekly emails Roxy sends out, to getting to help out with photo shoots. Another really fun part of my job is getting to concept ideas for campaigns such as holiday campaigns or special promotions we offer during the year. I love getting to be so creative all of the time, so it doesn’t feel like work because I enjoy what I do so much.

Time worked at ROXY:
1 year

Defining moment at Roxy:
I think my defining moment at Roxy actually happened before I even worked here, it’s something that led to me getting my job here… A few months before I got the job, I entered a surfboard design contest Roxy was hosting, which I found out about on the Roxy blog. I sent in my design, and it ended up being one of three designs that were chosen to be put onto a surfboard that was then displayed in one of the Roxy stores. When I found out I was one of the winners I was SO excited… I hopped in the car with a few of my friends and drove to the store immediately to go check it out… I couldn’t believe the surfboard hanging in the window was actually something I created! I have loved Roxy for so long, and being a recent college grad it was a goal of mine to try to get a job here, and I knew having my design chosen to be on a surfboard put me one step closer to my dream!

Fav part of working for ROXY:
I love getting to be creative everyday and I love waking up each morning and actually wanting to go to work. When I am here I don’t even feel like it’s work because I am surrounded by so many great people, who are also all excited about the brand, the industry and just being here.

Style Icon/Style Inspiration:
I’m not really inspired by one style in particular… I love to shop and collect random pieces, whether they are old, new, borrowed, whatever it is I come across that I really like. Then I often turn to magazines, catalogs, blogs and my friends to get inspiration on how to put all the random pieces I’ve collected together, to make an outfit that works…

Go-To Fashion Item or Outfit right now:
I’d have to say that one of my favorite things in my closet right now is a black boyfriend blazer… I wear it ALL the time. It goes with everything and is great for dressing up and works with casual outfits too… I wish I had one in every color.

Advice to Readers:
Never give up and think that what you want to do with your life isn’t possible. I have wanted to work for Roxy since I was 15, and I never gave up, and now, 10 years later, here I am with my dream job. Everyone told me that I shouldn’t get too excited and expect to have my dream job right out of college, but turns out, anything is possible, because I DO!

Thanks Becca!


ToRoxy Music Club: Molly Jenson, Maybe Tomorrow


Our newest artist to watch proves musical wisdom beyond her years with the re-release of her 2005 debut album, Maybe TomorrowMolly Jenson‘s style is along the lines of a mellow Kelly Clarkson, but shows the versatility of her creativity with edgy tracks like “Wednesday” or the occasional poppy number, “Thinking Of You“.  Her eloquence and lyrics encourage listeners to be persistent and hopeful, despite the tough times.  So pop her in when times are cloudy and let the music uplife you, she’s sure to earn a permanent spot in your CD collection!

Yours Truly,

Music Muse


Roxy Follow Your Heart Grand Prize Winner!

And the winner is…Danni Washington!

She won $10,000 from the Roxy Follow Your Heart Tour presented by Schick® Quattro for Women®!

Thanks to everyone who submitted videos and shared their

Meet Danni:
Danni is an amazing
girl from Miami
Beach, FL. She has been following her heart for many
years spreading the message of ocean conservation. She wants to get the word out
even further by hosting her own children’s TV show about the ocean.

She will be using the
$10K prize to create a great pilot to pitch to the big name TV networks and get
her show off the ground.

Watch Danni’s reaction when she learned that she was the winner:

Interview with Daniell ‘Danni’ Washington – Roxy Follow Your Heart Tour presented by Schick® Quattro for Women® video contest winner!

•    Full name: Daniell ‘Danni’ Washington
•    Age – 21
•    City you currently reside in: Miami, Florida
What was your reaction when you got the call from Roxy that you won the Roxy Follow Your Heart Tour presented by Schick® Quattro for Women® video contest?


I couldn’t
breathe. I don’t know if you noticed but there were was a silent moment because
I couldn’t even speak. I was in a park with my mom in Miami. I had just
finished helping her breakdown an event that she was working on. It was a very
stressful day so when I got the call I was overwhelmed with joy. There were a
bunch of different emotions – crying, laughing, thankfulness and pure shock –
it was unreal!


What is your dream?

I want to become a spokesperson for the ocean. I want to be the ‘Green Marine Spokes-chick’ for getting the word out about saving this precious resource. The ocean is so vast, so beautiful and so mysterious – but many people don’t realize how much our lives depend on it.  Our society as a whole needs to change its perspective. I want to focus on the children. They are the ones that will really make the change.
Media is the fastest and most efficient way to communicate. This is why I want to become a TV host for a children’s show focusing saving the ocean and it wonderful creatures .

When did your interest in the ocean spark?

When I was 6 years old I developed a love for the ocean more than anyone else in my family. I have always had a deep passion for marine life especially – orcas, whales, dolphins and even SHARKS – over the years that passion has quickly developed into a complete admiration for the entire ocean.   I continued my interest by achieving a double major at the University of Miami in Marine Science and Biology. I have just graduated in May of this year!

How will you use the $10,000 from Roxy?

The money will be used in several ways. It will mainly be put towards funding to create a really awesome pilot that I will be used to pitch at various TV networks. It will also go towards establishing great production crew. I also intend to get my Dive Master Certification – one the highest levels of certification for diving; this will help in my research of the ocean.  Lastly, I ultimately hope to use the money to start up an national marine education tour where I will travel to schools in various locations (especially in coastal cities) talking to kids about ocean conservation and raising their awareness about becoming environmental stewards in their own communities. This would also serve as a major avenue to promote the show. I can see it now! My team and I driving from school to school in an ocean themed wrapped hybrid vehicle!

Watch Danni’s video submission below:

Congratulations Danni!


A good day!

Lake Havasu, originally uploaded by Official Roxy Photos.

Hmmm…it’s over?! What now? It’s so hard to believe that after this four month life altering experience it’s all over. Now I am supposed to go back to normalcy what even is that? I sit here on my couch and try to come up with some gnarly ending to this adventure and all I can come up with is mushy gushy!
I had the summer of a lifetime. It’s ironic that it would be called, the Follow Your Heart tour, I entered this with a broken heart and am leaving it in love. NO, NO! Not a boy!

I know all of you especially those who know me, thought a boy! NO! I feel in love with LIFE! I have passion to live , learn, love, grow and truly know who I am. I now can completely say, I have the ability to follow my gut.  Quintessentially leading to my heart, hence, the Follow Your Heart Tour. It was an amazing experience! Most definitely ONCE IN A LIFETIME!

I am so thankful for the opportunity and chance to shine. I hope those of you who are still keeping up with us will appreciate our adventures as much as I. It was nothing short of REMARKABLE!
I want to thank all of those whom I came across this summer; you were apart of a memory I will never be able to forget. Thank you Roxy for all that you gave me. It will prevail as the opportunity that will remain in my heart forever!



Who’s Gonna Win the 10K?

Which video is your favorite? I just can’t decide…there are some fabulous entries…Watch them all on the playlist below (just press play and scroll across the bottom of the player to see the entries…84 and counting…)

A BIG THANK YOU to all of you have shared your hearts with us and submitted videos!!!!!

We had a couple of technical problems on the site Friday but have gotten them squared away. We will be announcing the winner of the contest by August 15th! Keep your fingers crossed!


Follow Your Heart tour gets crazy in NYC!

The glitz, the glamour, the lights, the smells, the tastes, the sounds, and the CITY! New York! What a powerful place. I can’t think of anywhere else I’ve been in my life thus far that gave me the overwhelming feeling of holly good gracious where in the darn tootin am I. That statement right there should sum it all up; I am certainly no city girl! My eyes have never been open wider.

As most of you probably already know the Follow Your Heart tour was in Long Island, New York at the Roosevelt Field mall. We had another incredible turn out, with another early bird gets the worm mentality. We had girls lined up before we could even begin set up.

The Roxy wearin ladies, who came out for our event made struttin a habit. The ladies in New York by far could conquer the dreaded catwalk. These girls didn’t even think twice. We even had people stay late just to walk the runway. Those Jersey girls aint scrrrrd.

Well as we do what we do we had to pick three. These three are…. oh heck, we’ll get to that in a sec…. don’t scan down and look for names! I know, I know, it’s been a week since our last posting. Sorry about that. We had a long haul drive we made from New York to Colorado and some things………………. well, basically we stopped in Colorado and took a few days off. HI MOM! Sorry about that.

Ok where was I? Oh yes sir, the three nominees from Long Island at the Roosevelt field mall were; Jasmine Rivers age 17 from Bronx, New York, Missy McCoy age 20 from East Islip, New York, and our contest winner is Karmen Guilyard.

Karmen is age 17 from Kernersville, North Carolina. Karmen loves fashion because she says it’s a way to be expressive without having to say anything. “People can tell I’m a really chill person by how comfortable I look and dress.” Said Karmen. Sounds pretty game show to me. And that she was. Karmen was a delight to meet. She was very chill, just like she said.

I guess this is the part where I have to start wrapping this lengthy post up. In more than one way ☹ (sad face). This adventure of ours is yet to be over as we are now on our way back to Cali. Unfortunetly our Roxy Follow Your heart tour schedule seems to be looking a little vacant. My friends, it is sad but true we have reached the end of our Roxy Follow Your Heart tour model search. I truly want to thank all those stunners for comin out to our events. I have personally loved every second of it and have enjoyed the company of all the Roxy lovin chickadees out there!
As Mr. Saget would say (Americas funniest home videos), “keep those cameras rolling.” You still have till the 1st to get those puppies in! C’mon, ten grand??!! That’s a lot of dolla bills!
You can also check out our crazy pics from New York in the photo gallery. Check ya on the west side.
Much Love,
Samantha and Carissa


Watch Follow Your Heart Tour in Canada

Fyhvisit33Mag got some great footage when the Follow Your Heart Tour made its stop in Canada…watch it now online…some parts are in French but I think you’ll get the idea…


Cocoa Beach, FL Ron Jon surf shop

  EPIC! Ron Jon surf shop in Cocoa beach FL, takes the number one spot for most attendance. We had a record breaking 150 girls show up to our casting call. This may have been one of the toughest decisions yet. Our judges were given so many options because so many Roxy lovin ladies showed up for the sixth spokes-model search stop. Ron Jon’s was flooded with beautiful talent. If you were a single male in Cocoa beach on Saturday, I can assure you Ron Jon’s was the place to be.

  We had ladies lined up at the door starting at four in the a.m. These ladies weren’t playin a fool it was all business. The length of the line blew Carissa and me away at 8 a.m. when we arrived for set up. It was rad to see such enthusiasm for the Follow Your Heart tour!

  Although it was a struggle we had to narrow it down to three girls to participate in the fashion show.  Amy Oberbeck, Katie Neff, and Heather Parrish. All three showed a lot of enthusiasm and love for Roxy, and impressed our judges with their answers to some pretty difficult questions. They all did such a stellar job modeling the latest back to school fashions.

  The hardest part of the whole day was narrowing it down to one. It’s a dirty job   but it had to be done. Our winner was……………….. Drum rolls please, Katie Neff!

  Katie is a 17 year old from Kissimmee, Florida. She’s 5’ 8” and enjoys modeling. Katie says, “Fashion is a god sent way to express yourself.” Katie thinks it’s fun to experiment with fashion to see what trends you like, and a fun way to express your beauty.  What a talented and bright young lady. Congrats! Supa duppa baby!

  We sure couldn’t have asked for a better time in Florida, we saw that little rodent they call Mickey, spent some time with family, and finally got some shred time in on those things they call surf boards!

  Were headed north (once again we will be driving by our favorite tourist trap south of the boarder) on our way to NYC! Neither Carissa nor I have ever been there and are really looking forward to it.  It’s our last stop on the Follow Your Heart tour so we hope to see another record-breaking crowd in Long Island!!! See you soon…


Three Canadian Nominees

What a wicked time we had in Canada, eh. It was such a blast to be there for a few days and experience the true culture and say, eh, a lot. Oh and even brush up on some French while in Montreal. If you’re like me, you may not know but it’s all-French in Montreal, they stick to their roots. Bonjour!

We began our journey crossing the boarder in our, not so small whip making it necessary to take a little extra time, those Canadians aren’t messin around. Shortly after we found ourselves in central Toronto, in the heart of the city. It was a slight challenge to find parking, especially when you’re dealing with a vehicle of such caliber.  However we’ve learned there is no task to great for Carissa and I to handle. Carpe Diem, right?

After adjusting to our new surroundings we realized we should be celebrating Canada Day! Sweet! We weren’t able to be in the states for our independence day but we sure helped Canada turn 141 years young. We enjoyed watching the traditional fireworks, but I have to say, they don’t get down for their independence like we do. We get diggity, down, down for our independence, that’s a fact. 

Our actual model search was held at the boat house in Toronto. It was interesting to have the model search conducted in a retail store rather than a huge mall. We enjoyed the ambiance. It was a little more intimate as well, holding the actual runway show inside the store. We also were accompanied the entire time with our Roxy Canada marketing crew!!! Really stellar set of ladies, who even brought along two kick ace female DJ’s who played all of the latest tunedge at all of our events!

We had a rad turn out as we usually do, and found three really incredible ladies. Nicole Frade, a fourteen year old from Ontario, Canada. Sarah Wayne, a nineteen year old, who traveled all the way from Montreal on an eight hour train ride, and our winner Maddy McGowin from Ontario.

Maddy is fifteen, and enjoys fashion. Maddy says, “It is a way to be unique and show your own personal style.” Maddy also loves accessories and shoes and most of all loves Roxy! Maddy had some impressive moves on the runway and spoke truly from her heart. Congrats Maddy, you were a true sweetheart.

Our second main event in Canada wasn’t a model search. It was held in Montreal to really encourage the Roxy Follow Your Heart tour. Our event was at the local Quiksilver store where we were greeted with open arms and even were lucky enough to be thrown an after party, “party your HEART out.”  We were back on the tee shirt press giving away some more cool tees. Our set up was in such a high traffic area I think we informed the whole city of the contest to win the $10k!!!  Which reminds me, we still want those videos ladies keep em’ rollin!

Shew, that was a lot. Hope your still reading, we’re in Florida now recovering from the twenty-two hour drive. We definitely plan on hitting up that little rodent who lives somewhere around here, when we do we’ll be sure to share some pics with all of you. See you in Cocoa beach in a few days!


Somerset Collection Finalist Melanie

Melanie Parke, our Somerset Collection finalist. Melanie Parke is 16 years old. Melanie is from Grosse Pointe Farms. She enjoys fashion  and says, “It’s an art that shows each persons’ unique qualities and empowers you to be different and love it.” Different is what we here on the R.V. call, high quality Melanie.  Superb  Melanie!!!

Headed to Canada ehh. We won’t get to celebrate our independence day but we do get a taste of Canada day, July 1st. Happy Independence day to all of America! We’ve seen most of you this summer and we must say, you’re pretty ASTOUNDING!!!