Oh What Fun It Is To Gift: The perfect DIY gift wrapping ideas

Oh What Fun It is To Give! (and maybe even get!). If your gift looks half as good as these, it is sure to be the first one opened at the next White Elephant or gift exchange! Plus, half the fun in gift-giving is gift-wrapping, of course!

For these simple DIY gift wrapping ideas we let Roxy team riders Kelia Moniz and Bruna Schmitz take the reigns and show us 3 easy ways to wrap this season.

Below is a list of supplies for each wrapping idea and the video will show you the rest!

List of Supplies:
T-Shirt DIY:
1. Rectangle Shirt Box
2. White wrapping paper
3. 3 Buttons
4. A Roxy hangtag for the pocket
5. A Cinnamon stick
6. A piece of Holly
Fabric Wrap DIY:
1. A square box
2. A square piece of fabric (enough to pull all 4 ends together at the top)
3. Yarn to create Pom Pom balls (Here’s our How-To)
Shell wrap DIY :
1. Brown paper
2. Yarn
3. A few shells

If you’re searching for ‘get-able’ and ‘give-able’ gift ideas, our Gift Guide will help you find some cozy slippers, fancy carry-alls, and much more!

Keep counting down with us as we unlock the Gifts of Winter everyday this Holiday season. #GiftsOfWinter


Holiday Pom Pom DIY

DIY some festive Holiday Pom Poms this season & use them to wrap gifts, string a pom pom banner, or adore your cabin’s cuckoo clock with. They’re fun, festive, and trust us, they’re simple to make.

Here’s a quick step-by-step to get you started!

What you need: Scissors and Yarn

1. Wrap the yarn around your fingers
2. Cut the end
3. Carefully remove the yarn circle from your fingers, leaving the middle open
4. Grab the center section of either side and pinch together in the middle
5. Cut a small piece of yarn to wrap around the middle of the pinched yarn circle and tie a tight knot
6. Using your scissors, carefully cut the yarn all the way around (don’t worry if it’s not even, you can always fix it up!)
7. Snip all longer ends to even out the Pom Pom
8. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole bunch!


Let The Sea Set You Free: Katie McLean takes a trip to Mexico

Roxy Let The Sea Set You Free Americas Winner, Katie McLean, recently became an Ambassador for Project Save Our Surf. In August she traveled to Sayulita, Mexico to paint a mural at Coste Verde International Elementary School, clean the coast, and teach local girls surfing, yoga, and environmental stewardship. Check out her trip!

In August, I traveled to Sayulita, Mexico for PSOS to paint a mural at Coste Verde International Elementary School, clean the beach and teach little local girls surfing, yoga, and environmental stewardship. My heart flutters with anticipation and the wonder of unknown lands. My 3-day, 5ft Mexico mural created for Project Save Our Surf called Sayulita Sea Saint: a blue-haired sea saint with an Aztec-inspired halo of ocean animals.

I began volunteering for Project Save Our Surf in July by putting on art projects for little girls to do at the beach clean-up surf days. Preparing my first art project for Project Wahine in Goleta, Ca, I strung and glued tons pearls in shells for them to paint.



catalog countdown: winter style inspiration

Our upcoming Winter catalog spotlights June Bhongjan and Esthera Preda, the girls behind the lens of the Roxy Wanderlust snowboarding video series. They are masters of cold weather style, so we caught up with them for some winter fashion advice.

You have such unique style, how do you stay stylish in cold weather and snow while also staying warm and dry?
June: I love using warm functional first layers that keep heat in and close to my body, then layering it with a few of my favorite button ups and jackets. Everything else is about wearing a few key statement pieces that are also functional, like bundling up with a thick knit scarf and keeping your clothes dry with a long water resistant parka. It can end up feeling bulky if you do it wrong, so it’s important to invest in some technical first layers (like Roxy’s Tree Trunk layers) and good outerwear. Layering lets you mix and match to create your own personal style.

What inspires your winter style?
Esthera: I could say that my winter style is a mix between street fashion and vintage children’s winter wear. I like my pants and jackets to have modern cuts but I also like to wear big beanies, wool mittens and oversize jackets (the kind your mom would zip up for you in the morning).

Any tips on transitioning your closet from summer to winter?
June: I still wear my favorite tank tops and shorts, but I layer them with fall staples like leggings, scarves, oversize cardigans, flannels or denim button up shirts. If this isn’t enough I throw on my favorite military parka.
Esthera: During winter, I try to give a second life to my summer clothes by layering up. For example, to wear a delicate summer dress, I pair it with a wool sweater, thick leggings and combat boots with warm socks. For me, mixing fabrics and layers is the trick!

How would you describe your off snow style compared to your on snow style?
Esthera: They’re both pretty similar in the way that I like to add layers and wear earth tones. But off snow, I like to experiment a little more. Right now, Roxy’s hi-lo hem pullovers (the Rochester and the Elm) are my favourite. I also really like the Briarwood street jacket because it’s very convenient when it’s time to transition from snowboard clothes to a street style.

Name your all time favorite piece of flare during the winter, and why?
Esthera: Beanies! I’m very picky when it comes to finding the best beanie. When I do find a good one, I keep it for years.
June: I love my red flannel. It’s a classic red and black plaid, but I’ve been wearing it for 6 years now and I haven’t even thought of retiring it.

The mountains will open soon, what fun new style ideas /trends your looking forward to trying out this season? Esthera: I’m excited about all those new riding shirts that combine the look of a flannel over a hoodie like Torah Bright Dusk Riding Shirt. I’ve been wearing flannels over hoodies for years now, but the combination of both into an insulated good fitting shirt seems very appealing to me.

See more styles from June at Boat People’s Vintage

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Refinery29 Stops by ROXY Headquarters

Let’s face it, we know our office is cool…lucky for us, it’s pretty much our second home; The place we hang our hat, toss our wetsuit, store our board, and plug away on our computer. That is, if we’re not traveling the world or chasing our top-notch athletes around on their many adventures, so when Refinery29 asked to check it out, we couldn’t resist (we can brag a bit right?).

With 3 massive buildings and plenty to browse, Refinery29 had their work cut out for them, but per usual they did what they do best and wowed us with their 35 snaps of the OC’s coolest office space: Quiksilver.

Here our some of our favorites from Refinery29’s ROXY office adventure!


ROXY @ the 2012 Pacific Festival: The Dunes Sept. 2nd!

The Roxy girls are gearing up for a fun-filled Sunday, September 2nd on Labor Day Weekend, at the Pacific Festival: The Dunes where they will play host to the popular DIY beading and leather lounge area from 1-5pm!

Anyone who buys a ticket to the festival can participate in the Roxy DIY activity and have their fortune told!

The 2012 Pacific Festival: The Dunes benefitting the Surfrider Foundation will showcase live music, local food art and entertainment. Musical headliners include Mayer Hawthorne, Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr, Poolside (recently featured on the Roxy blog), Fools Gold, Capital Cities, Mr. Little Jeans and there will also be DJ sets by Bag Raiders, Miami Horrow and Yacht.

The festival is located at Newport Dunes Waterfront Resort & Marina, 1311 Back Bay Drive, Newport Beach, CA, 92660, just steps away from the water.

Gates open at 12pm and close at 10pm. Tickets are on sale NOW at

Are you going? RSVP on Roxy’s Facebook page, and we’ll see you there!


Catalog Countdown: Big Sur Vibe

The Fall Catalog drops tomorrow!

For now, enjoy a sneak peek glimpse at our Fall vibe video from our adventures in Big Sur and check out our amazing Pinboards colorfully crafted and inspired by our journey to up the coast of California. @RoxyClothing

Coastal Cove…inspired by warm fall sunsets…

Bright Gold…The late summer golden glow carries us into the new fall season

Moss Cove…Inspired by the coastal landscape of Big Sur…

Teepee Turquoise…A favorite fall color inspired by late summer swells , a journey to the sea…


Let The Sea Set You Free: The Winners Watch The Roxy Pro and Meet the Athletes! Day 4

On Day 4, the Let The Sea Set You Free winners are beach bound and adventure ready as they head down to watch the last day of the Roxy Pro happening at the Le Grade Plage in Biarritz where they soak up the sun, watch some surf and cheer on team rider Sally Fitzgibbons. #GoSally

Before the Bastille Day fireworks celebration to end the night the girls head to the Roxy lounge with Kelia Moniz for all things art. Between getting their nails done, hair styled, and a little DIY crown making right on the beach you can sense the girls are sad but beyond blessed to have spent such an amazing a life-changing trip together! Thanks for joining the ride! #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

For more on their epic adventure check our Day 1, 2, and 3 here!

Day 1 video

Day 2 video

Day 3 video


Roxy Bandeaus and Blues: Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!! Well, almost…in the meantime we’re busy getting ourselves ready for this star studded day with an easy DIY and the fourth’s favorite colors: red, white and blue!

Number one on our list of requirements for the day’s activities is a bikini, and since we couldn’t decide on just one, we’ve rounded up two of our favorites. For all you bandeau lovers, we’ve selected the Against the tide Bikini, it’s blue, white, striped, and perfect to mix and match! Our sporty pick from the Surf Essential line, is the Tri Tankini top because of its great layering ability.

Another must-have on our list is a hint of crochet. We love how the Daisy Rhapsody top let’s any bikini top peek through just a little. Want to ‘dress’ it up – then opt for the red Autumn Light Dress!

For a quick DIY, we pulled out a pair of pliers, a couple star studs and punched a cute little flag design into our Sun Skippers Shorts. It took less than 10 minutes to complete and we’re officially obsessed!

Now it’s time to accessorize, the Mistress Watch for a touch of gold, Azul sandals, a hat, and the Drifter Backpack to stuff it all in!

Have a Happy 4th of July with tons of fireworks and fun!


Teepees & Volcanos at summer snowboard camp

Just when you’d packed away the snow gear and dusted off the beach chairs, we’re here to remind you that the best of the snow season has only just begun on the snowy volcano of Mt. Hood, Oregon. This week marks the opening of High Cascade Snowboard Camp, and we wanted to celebrate the magical combination that is summer camp & snowboarding, so what better way to do that than by building a teepee! Roxy Snow Marketing & Team Manager, Amber Stackhouse and the talented gals behind Peepshow Films, June & Esthera, ventured to Mt. Hood, unrolled the canvas and dove in. After 12 hours of painting, 4 hours (and multiple attempts) setting up the dozen 16 foot wooden poles, and our Roxy teepee was open for business. And what will that business be? Perhaps a place to craft, beat the heat, chill with friends, (kiss?), and make happy summer camp memories.