Paddle Into Fitness with Roxy SUP Athlete Gillian Gibree

Check out what Roxy SUP athlete Gillian does to keep up her fitness, flexibility, and strength when the surf is flat… Gillian combines Yoga and Stand up paddling in her unique Fitness class’s. You can train with Gillian anytime, check out her website at http://paddleintofitness.com and become a fan of Paddle Into Fitness on Facebook!


Mammoth Mountain Is Looking For Girls!

Mammoth has recently posted a brand new position online and they’re taking applicants now! The Unbound Terrain Park is looking for fun-loving, adventurous girls who are passionate about the snow to join them on the crew to promote cool events at Mammoth, such as the 2011 Roxy Chicken Jam! The girls will be decked out in Roxy outerwear by day and will definitely get to join in the industry parties by night! It’s a season-long position, so get your bags packed and get ready to move to the snow! For more information and to apply, click here!


Kenny Did the Ride Thing!

Back in July we blogged about Kenny Livingston’s  trek across America on his beach cruiser. His mission:

To inspire my fellow Americans, through example, in making a commitment to change the way we approach our personal health, nutrition and lifestyle choices. (From Kennydoit.org)

Kenny’s since reached the Kitty Hawk pier and made it in 67 days total from start to finish from the Hermosa Beach Pier. He even was stuck in Austin, TX for 11 days also with something called ‘Valley Fever’, which is basically an illness you can get from being exposed to the Arizona desert climate too much.

Now he’s currently riding even further to Washington DC in the pouring rain to make a bigger statement to the country’s lawmakers about healthy school lunches and cancer research. He’s estimated to arrive in DC on Thursday, 10/7.

He’s also having a contest to win the Nirve beach cruiser he’ll have ridden about 3,500 miles to the person who raises the most money for KennyDoIt.orgdetails here.

People are still encouraged to bike along with Kenny for anything from 1 mile or 100 to show their support, especially during the last bit into Washington, DC.


Do The Ride Thing…

Why would someone ride his bike cruiser from Hermosa Beach, CA to Kitty Hawk, NC? Kenny Livingston, whose epic ride kicked off July 24th, 2010, hopes that this bike cruisade will  call attention to inspire positive change in healthier school lunches and cancer reasearch. Wanna know how you can chip in? Keep up with him daily on his trek across America and maybe even ride with him for a bit! 5 minutes, 5 hours, whatever you can fit in.  Kenny, we wish you the best!

To see his quote see below.



DIY time: Make your own feather necklace!

Last month, we got to hang with PacSun at their Ballyhoo event. At the Roxy booth we offered DIY native american inspired necklaces.

Not only are they fun to wear, but they were even more fun to make! As you can see, the girls went wild over our DIY booth. Thanks to Erika Domesek from P.S. I made this, we learned step by step how to create our new favorite accessories of the summer!

Here is our step by step guide:

What you’ll need: Feathers, beads, tape, and suede string in any colors you like!

1) Measure the string to your desired length, cut it, and repeat so you have three strings that you can braid.

2) Tie the three strings into a secure knot.



Roxy at PacSun’s Ballyhoo!

Take 2 days full of fun in the sun in Santa Monica, stir in about 6,000 Roxy fans,  add a Tony Hawk demo,  add Erica from P.S. I made this, B.O.B.,  Matt & Kim, and a ton of other amazing musical acts and blend them all into the weekend of June 19th & 20th. What do you get?

The PacSun Ballyhoo event!

Check out our booth! Erica from P.S. I made this helped all of our Roxy girls, Roxy fans, and Roxy friends make amazing necklaces using suede strings, feathers, and Roxy beads. For stopping by you got to keep your necklace you made a really cute ROXY “Hello Summer” tote.

For our pix on Flickr, click here! Can you spot yourself?


Our First Twitter Contest: “What’s In Your Beach Bag?”

Introducing our first Twitter Contest @Roxy!

How does this contest work?

1. WATCH this episode of Roxy Style Spy.

2. TWEET us @Roxy which is your fave item in the bag and why!

3.  Be sure to follow us on Twitter!

The contest is only 2 days long (June 29 – 30, 2010) and you can only enter once. We will announce the winner Thursday via our Twitter account. The winner snags up the Wild Side Bag, the Rest a Sure Wallet , and the oversized Locals Only beach towel. And who doesn’t need a cute beach bag to get this summer started? Good luck!

For complete rules click here.


Triathlon-ing for a Good Cause

This past weekend my friends Jen, Ally and Allison competed in a triathlon up in Ventura, CA called the Breath of Life Ventura Triathlon.

Swimming, biking, and running has never felt so  sweet.

This race was for a good cause!

The proceeds went towards helping kids with primary immunodeficiency and making sure the treatment facilities at Mattel Children’s Hospital at UCLA and Mt. Sinai Hospital in New York City are legit.

Find out more about the race by visiting their website.


A Day in the Life of Jammin’ Jess D!

Here’s a peek into a day in the life of Jess D- Roxy snow captain!

Jessica D

Job Title/Description of what you do:   Roxy Snow Marketing Manager
I am all things snow, if you’ve seen anything from Roxy snow related, I’m sure I’ve had a hand in it at some point.  This would include things from product development from our outerwear and highly technical snowboards to our ads, in-store visuals, sales catalogs, and team riders.It’s not easy to do “A Day in the Life of” because none of my days are the same, however, I do go through the same type of events and preparations year to year.  I’ll break it out for you by seasons: 

In the fall it’s insane! There is a ton of prep that goes into getting ready for the snow to fall. Our samples come in, so we do a photo shoot for the catalogs. Team contracts are up, so I renegotiate those. I produce all the web content for the season, like podcasts.  I plan for the season’s marketing events and get those ready to roll. Then there is the media to wrangle and make sure my girls are in line to be included in stories and features. 

Winter starts out with sales meetings and rolls right into being on the road for most the season. Events I travel to include: X Games, Olympics, Chicken Jam, US Open…photoshoots, filming for podcasts and more. We also start developing all the outerwear and graphics for the season after next’s product. This is where I live out of a bag.

Spring is like a big shake out, picking up the pieces and seeing what we have.  Scrambling if there’s stuff we didn’t get.  And sleeping in my own bed!

Summer is when I have learned to preemptive strike on all those things I know are going to hit at once in the fall.  We also sponsor a summer snowboarding camp on Mt. Hood! So there is always a trip up there.  Then, in order to chase the snow there is sometimes a trip to the southern hemisphere, like New Zealand to get more photos!

Time worked at ROXY:

I’ve worked in the offices for 4 years now!  But I also was a pro snowboarder for Roxy starting in 1998!!!

Defining moment at Roxy: 

I’m always proud to see a final product. Something I put a ton of effort and work into and then to see it in print or in person.  Like a campaign that we developed and produced, and then to see it in print. I’m also extremely proud of my athletes and their accomplishments.  Knowing that I contributed in some way to their achievements is amazing.  More than once I’ve shared tears at the bottom of the pipe with Torah after she wins another gold!

Fav part of working for ROXY: 

I love to believe I’m doing more than just selling product.  I love to believe that girls grow through participation in sports. I know I did, and that I’m helping to pave the way for more girls to get outdoors, in the snow, and feel the exhilaration of what it’s like to constantly set a goal and accomplish it.

Style Icon/Style Inspiration: 

I’m inspired by everything. I think I am a real observer. I love to pull inspiration from everywhere I go.  If I had to pick one brand I’d pick Marc Jacobs.  If I had to pick one famous person it’d be Kate Moss.  If I had to pick one city it would be Stockholm, Sweden.

Go-To Fashion Item:

Tights! I have them in every color and print. So fun! I never thought I would, but I wear them just like pants.

Advice to Readers:

Be honest.  If everyone knows they can trust you and always get a straight answer, you’ll be able to carve out your own niche.   Have an opinion and know when to listen to others.  And learn to admit when you’re wrong!  I swear it makes your life a breeze, and people respect you for it.  In life- stay connected to the world, know your current events and vote for what you believe.  The world will soon by yours to lead!

Next Project:

The Olympics!  We have 8 girls going from all different countries!  We are planning some fun celebrations!

Thanks Jess! See you next time with another ROXY superstar!


A Lovely Day for a Tea Party


With a little help from DIY guru, Erica, of the fabulous P.S. I Made This… site, we hosted a tea party in New York last week to celebrate the launch of our brand new line of cocktail dresses, which will hit the store just in time for your holiday soiree needs. The event, complete with cupcakes, flowers and goodies made of the latest Roxy prints, was a definite hit and brought out the inner girly girl in every attendee. Now, if only I could get my hands on one of those cupcakes…