Catalog Countdown: Big Sur Vibe

The Fall Catalog drops tomorrow!

For now, enjoy a sneak peek glimpse at our Fall vibe video from our adventures in Big Sur and check out our amazing Pinboards colorfully crafted and inspired by our journey to up the coast of California. @RoxyClothing

Coastal Cove…inspired by warm fall sunsets…

Bright Gold…The late summer golden glow carries us into the new fall season

Moss Cove…Inspired by the coastal landscape of Big Sur…

Teepee Turquoise…A favorite fall color inspired by late summer swells , a journey to the sea…


Let The Sea Set You Free: The Winners Watch The Roxy Pro and Meet the Athletes! Day 4

On Day 4, the Let The Sea Set You Free winners are beach bound and adventure ready as they head down to watch the last day of the Roxy Pro happening at the Le Grade Plage in Biarritz where they soak up the sun, watch some surf and cheer on team rider Sally Fitzgibbons. #GoSally

Before the Bastille Day fireworks celebration to end the night the girls head to the Roxy lounge with Kelia Moniz for all things art. Between getting their nails done, hair styled, and a little DIY crown making right on the beach you can sense the girls are sad but beyond blessed to have spent such an amazing a life-changing trip together! Thanks for joining the ride! #LetTheSeaSetYouFree

For more on their epic adventure check our Day 1, 2, and 3 here!

Day 1 video

Day 2 video

Day 3 video


Let The Sea Set You Free: The Winners arrive in Biarritz France! Day 1

The three lucky winners of the Roxy Let The Sea Set You Free contest embark on their first life-changing adventure together as they meet each other for the first time at the Roxy Pro 2012 in Biarritz, France.

In Day 1 of their adventure, Roxy athletes Kelia Moniz, Monyca Bryne Wickey, and Bruna Schmitz meet the girls at their amazing house in Biarritz, go to Les Halles Market, tour Roxy headquarters in St. Jean de Luz where they check out the recording studio where Emilie Layla Lovaine showcases her talents as both a musician and writer, surf at Cote des Basques in their Kassia Meador wetsuits, BBQ  with the team riders, and have a jam session at the house.

Experience the journey with the Winners as they hang with the Roxy athletes, make friends, experience the culture, and celebrate their unique talents with each other.

Stay tuned for more from Biarritz, France!

Sea you later!


Let The Sea Set You Free: Meet The Winners!


Roxy Bandeaus and Blues: Happy 4th of July!

Happy 4th of July!!! Well, almost…in the meantime we’re busy getting ourselves ready for this star studded day with an easy DIY and the fourth’s favorite colors: red, white and blue!

Number one on our list of requirements for the day’s activities is a bikini, and since we couldn’t decide on just one, we’ve rounded up two of our favorites. For all you bandeau lovers, we’ve selected the Against the tide Bikini, it’s blue, white, striped, and perfect to mix and match! Our sporty pick from the Surf Essential line, is the Tri Tankini top because of its great layering ability.

Another must-have on our list is a hint of crochet. We love how the Daisy Rhapsody top let’s any bikini top peek through just a little. Want to ‘dress’ it up – then opt for the red Autumn Light Dress!

For a quick DIY, we pulled out a pair of pliers, a couple star studs and punched a cute little flag design into our Sun Skippers Shorts. It took less than 10 minutes to complete and we’re officially obsessed!

Now it’s time to accessorize, the Mistress Watch for a touch of gold, Azul sandals, a hat, and the Drifter Backpack to stuff it all in!

Have a Happy 4th of July with tons of fireworks and fun!


Teepees & Volcanos at summer snowboard camp

Just when you’d packed away the snow gear and dusted off the beach chairs, we’re here to remind you that the best of the snow season has only just begun on the snowy volcano of Mt. Hood, Oregon. This week marks the opening of High Cascade Snowboard Camp, and we wanted to celebrate the magical combination that is summer camp & snowboarding, so what better way to do that than by building a teepee! Roxy Snow Marketing & Team Manager, Amber Stackhouse and the talented gals behind Peepshow Films, June & Esthera, ventured to Mt. Hood, unrolled the canvas and dove in. After 12 hours of painting, 4 hours (and multiple attempts) setting up the dozen 16 foot wooden poles, and our Roxy teepee was open for business. And what will that business be? Perhaps a place to craft, beat the heat, chill with friends, (kiss?), and make happy summer camp memories.


Frequencies: Dissonance with Team Rider Kassia Meador

Introducing the third of four shorts before the Surf film FREQUENCIES, a collaborative effort between director Bruce Muller, photographer Sonny Miller, and Roxy team rider and famed longboarder Kassia Meador, debuts.

Roxy was lucky enough to catch the screening of the film at Sonos Studios in Los Angeles, where ESP performed the original sound scoring live to a packed audience. Ever since, we’ve been anxiously anticipating the chance to share the third short entitled ‘Dissonance’ with all of our Roxy fans.

In the collaborators’ own words, “There is a seemingly chaotic disorder in the world. At all times we are absorbing a myriad of competing frequencies. Electromagnetic, sound, seismic, and ocean waves reverberate all around us…The magnitude of these effects are massive. Some frequencies are incalculable. Certain energies are immeasurable. The collective neurosis of man cannot sustain.”

Be sure to check out the 1st short ‘Early Echo’ and 2nd short ‘Reflections’ here on the Roxy blog.


Team Rider Jen Smith Shaping for International Surfing Day

As we are fast approaching International Surfing Day on June 20th, team rider Jen Smith, who happens to be one of the most down to earth surfers and skateboarders around, mentioned she was getting ready to shape a surfboard and let’s just say, we were nothing short of speechless after seeing what she came up with…

When Jen and photographer Drew Martin, of Drew Martin Photography teamed up, they captured what surfing is all about; It’s those creative moments shared both in and out of the water and this is where it all starts!

In Jen’s own words, “Surfing is one of my greatest passions and I’ve been riding waves for about 19 years (well over half of my life). recently I picked up a planer ad started shaping boards. It’s an amazing challenge and a new way of exploring ad expressing my love for the ocean. It’s all about finding the board you want to make within the blank you are starting with. For this project, I decide to make a board for international go surfing day. What better way to celebrate go surfing day than to make a new board to slide across a wave on.”

We hope you all enjoy watching this video of Jen shaping a one-of-a-kind surfboard and inspires you to get a little creative (in or out of the water) on International Surfing Day.


Help Us Celebrate International Surfing Day! PIN IT To Win IT

Help us celebrate International Surfing Day on June 20th and ‘Pin It’ (your favorite surf shot) for a chance to ‘Win It’ (a $200 Roxy gift card)! Sounds like fun right….

You have from June 12th – June 25th 2012 to Pin and Tweet your favorite surf shot! (yep! it’s that easy!)

Here are the details:

  1. Follow @Roxy Clothing on Pinterest
  2. Pin your favorite SURF shot to one of your boards
  3. Tag the picture @RoxyClothing #InternationalSurfingDay (that way we can RePin it!)
  4. Post the Pin to Twitter and tweet the following @Roxy (to do this, simply click the Twitter option box once you have Pinned your favorite Surf pic):

@Roxy Here’s My Favorite #InternationalSurfingDay Pic #PinToWin

The winner will be announced on June 26th right here on the Roxy Blog and on Twitter!

Don’t forget to check out our Surf Team Riders’ favorite surf shots on Pintertest as well, and get a little extra inspiration to grab a board and have a surf session with some friends on International Surfing Day!

Check out the Official Rules for details!


Frequencies Film Screening with Surfer Kassia Meador

Professional Roxy Surfer Kassia Meador teamed up with director Bruce Muller and cinematographer Sonny Miller and musical trio E.S.P. to present three short films from “Frequencies” at Sonos Studio in Los Angeles this week.

It was a full house for the pre-screening and needless to say, it was quite a show! Check out some of the pictures straight from the event, and if you haven’t had a chance to see the first of two shorts leading up to the official premiere of Frequencies, you can watch Early Echo and Reflections on the Roxy blog.

Stay tuned for more from Kassia Meador right here on the Roxy blog.