Holiday Pom Pom DIY

DIY some festive Holiday Pom Poms this season & use them to wrap gifts, string a pom pom banner, or adore your cabin’s cuckoo clock with. They’re fun, festive, and trust us, they’re simple to make.

Here’s a quick step-by-step to get you started!

What you need: Scissors and Yarn

1. Wrap the yarn around your fingers
2. Cut the end
3. Carefully remove the yarn circle from your fingers, leaving the middle open
4. Grab the center section of either side and pinch together in the middle
5. Cut a small piece of yarn to wrap around the middle of the pinched yarn circle and tie a tight knot
6. Using your scissors, carefully cut the yarn all the way around (don’t worry if it’s not even, you can always fix it up!)
7. Snip all longer ends to even out the Pom Pom
8. Before you know it, you’ll have a whole bunch!


Award-Winning Boards: Built to Make You Better

Check out all the Award-Winning Snowboards.


Taking Shape: How to Make a Surfboard with Jen Smith

We caught up with Roxy Professional Longboarder Jen Smith in the shaping room as she was getting ready for the ASP Swatch Pro Girls China event. The 2x World Longboard Champion has a good shot at claiming her third World Title at this event, so she’s shaping her own surfboard for the contest, and she’s giving us a step-by-step on how to do it!

“I want this board to be fairly basic with a smooth, curvy outline, no nose concave, soft rails and a diamond tail. The template is one I made off of my first longboard I shaped. It’s basically the nose profile of my favorite Takayama longboard and the tail profile of one of my favorite quads by Jeff McCallum.


Let The Sea Set You Free: Katie McLean takes a trip to Mexico

Roxy Let The Sea Set You Free Americas Winner, Katie McLean, recently became an Ambassador for Project Save Our Surf. In August she traveled to Sayulita, Mexico to paint a mural at Coste Verde International Elementary School, clean the coast, and teach local girls surfing, yoga, and environmental stewardship. Check out her trip!

In August, I traveled to Sayulita, Mexico for PSOS to paint a mural at Coste Verde International Elementary School, clean the beach and teach little local girls surfing, yoga, and environmental stewardship. My heart flutters with anticipation and the wonder of unknown lands. My 3-day, 5ft Mexico mural created for Project Save Our Surf called Sayulita Sea Saint: a blue-haired sea saint with an Aztec-inspired halo of ocean animals.

I began volunteering for Project Save Our Surf in July by putting on art projects for little girls to do at the beach clean-up surf days. Preparing my first art project for Project Wahine in Goleta, Ca, I strung and glued tons pearls in shells for them to paint.



Catalog Countdown: Winter Wonders! The New Catalog is Here!

Once there were girls who dreamed of riding frozen white waves. In the dog days of winter, while everyone else shivered in their homes, they bundled up in bright colors and stepped out into the snow. They bound their boots to snowboards made just for them.  They went to the very top of the highest peak and then they rode down. With every turn, every jump, every floating second, they fell in love with snowboarding. At the bottom the girls looked back to see the path they had taken and saw their fortunes written in the snow.

Explore the Wonders of Winter in the New Catalog and shop the collection!


Catalog Countdown: National Forest

The Winter catalog makes its online debut tomorrow and in grand anticipation we’re pulling back the curtains to give our readers some insight into the collaborative graphic genius behind our 2012/13 Roxy snowboards.

As much as we’d like to say they’re just really cool boards (because they are), there’s a whole lot more heart, thought, tech and creative energy that goes into the boards that are ecologically handcrafted in the USA at the Mervin Factory in Sequim, WA. Today we’re giving you a brief glimpse into the collaboration between Roxy’s own designer Yuhei K., Kyre M., Roxy team riders (including Kjersti Buaas pictured below), and Thomas Sullivan and the rest of the design crew from the LA based design firm National Forest.

We caught up with National Forest and asked them all the tough questions.

As an artist, how important do you think a board’s graphic is, and why?
National Forest: A great graphic can be very important. Snowboarding is about expression, having fun, and feeling great. Being stoked about the look of your whip is a good step in the right direction.

NF designed the 12/13 Roxy snowboard line, can you briefly walk us through the process?
National Forest: Sure thing. The process begins with a lot of “What if we did this?” conversations. We dig up favorite books, posters, pop culture references, old photos, etc., and pool them together for a big mind- -meld of intuitive concepting. We formulate abstract ideas and begin drawing, setting type, or designing with the conversations, references, and specific snowboards in mind. In the beginning we make intuitive marks; then we step back and ask ourselves, “Where is this going? Is this new? Is it good?” We’ve found that this is the best path to create a new vibe that we know we want but can’t quite describe. Our rule of thumb is if we’re uncomfortable with an image it’s good because it’s new and uncharted. As the images take form we meet with Roxy and the snowboarding team, via our friends at Mervin to discuss the progress and invite them to add their contributions to the pool of ideas. We collectively decide which creative paths to follow and then fine- – tune the images. We tweak and refine until the pictures are done and ready to send off to the factory. We all meet at Mervin HQ, located in Sequim, WA (near Seattle), for one final multi-day press check followed by high-fives and beers.

Where do you get your inspiration for the graphics? Do the Roxy team riders contribute inspiration?
National Forest: It is important that each design has a heartfelt expression at its core. We think this level of sharing, risky as it may be, is what allows visuals to resonate deeply and communicate with other folks. These expressions come from the Roxy team, outside artists, or our personal experiences.

Do you think a good board graphic can make you ride better or make your day better, and why?
National Forest: Yes ma’am! I’m stoked on my current set-up and as lame as it may sound, when I feel cool, I ride cool. If you roll to the disco knowing your steez is just right you’re going to strut like a king, look girls straight in the eye, and crush it on the dance floor. The same goes for a day on the mountain.

NF works on a lot of very impressive, national and international campaigns for big brands, are there any similarities in how you approach a national campaign and how you approach designing a snowboard line?
National Forest: There sure are. We work on a lot of self-initiated projects and, as you mention, some big global ones. With all of our projects, big and small, we try to share the same message: “It’s important to experience and share joy, it is important to find time to be in the present, and we can collectively create a ‘cool’ that everyone is invited to enjoy.” We find the message important to remember in our personal lives and are excited when we can help steer big companies (Roxy included) to spread the word.

A few of the 2012/13 designs feature work from prominent artists, can you tell us a little bit about the artists and why you chose them?
National Forest: Sure. There are three contributing artists who collaborated with NF on the 2012/13 line. Two of the artists, Imants Tillers and Michael Nelson Jagamara, are friends of Torah Bright, a shredder on the Roxy Snow team. Torah suggested the two collaborate to create the key image for her signature Eminence C2 BTX board. Thomas, one of the crew here at NF, suggested we reach out to Theo Altenberg for a collaboration on the Banana Smoothie. Theo is a great German contemporary artist who has been making amazing work since the ’70s. He’s also a cool-ass dude.

Do you have a favorite board from the 2012/13 collection and why?
National Forest: I dig the Inspire. I like the simple irony of a rainforest jungle scene with rainbows and tropical birds slashing through the snow. It’s a silly notion but I appreciate the gag. Can you get me one in a men’s 162 wide?

Have any of National Forest’s employees ridden a Roxy snowboard?
National Forest: Not yet. But I’m happy to say we have a new shredder with us who will surely be taking some turns on a Roxy whip come first snow.

Missed our last two countdown posts? Sneak a peek at the catalog press check and get your winter wardrobe fix with the girls from Peepshow Films.


Hometown visit with Let the Sea Set You Free Winner Katie McLean

Between teaching classes at her local yoga studio, running her own art gallery and surfing the best swells, we caught up with Let the Sea Set You Free winner, Katie McLean at her humble abode in Santa Barbara, CA where we treated her to a box full of Winter’s best including new favorites: The Elm Sweater (perfectly cropped!) and the Golden Hill jacket (one of Kelia’s personal favs as well).

Steps away from the sand and the best local surf spot in Santa Barbara is the residence of Let the Sea Set You Free winner, Katie McLean. In a warehouse turned home Katie’s residence sits in the heart of Funkzone, where a creative community of shapers, artists and surfers reside.  Between touring her art gallery, snacking on some of her home grown tomatoes from her rooftop garden and following her around to her favorite local spots, made us want to permanently crash on her couch.

As we listened to Katie’s latest travels to Mexico, we couldn’t help but notice the huge collection of vintage and thrift store finds. We were particularly drawn to her collection of vintage swimsuits hanging in her closet.

As we wandered around her home, admiring everything from a handmade dream catcher dangling from the skylight over her bed to the hues of pinks and turquoise that colored the walls, it’s no wonder Katie’s space inspires her as much as it inspires us.

Head downstairs to check out her gallery, Latitude—which is actually attached to her home! From murals to wine bottle artwork to her work as a graphic artist, you have to ask yourself, is there anything this girl can’t create? Did we mention there’s a surfing museum and Mermaid vintage shop right next door?

Stay tuned! Katie McLean will be blogging about her adventures in Mexico next.

SEA the other inspiring Let the Sea Set You Free entries and tell us who you admire most!


Catalog Countdown: Winter Press

Winter is waiting and so are we. Instead of feeling that uncomfortable impatience of waiting though, we’ve decided to ‘countdown’ in an attempt to take away the anxiety we get when thinking about flipping the pages of our Winter catalog (we can hardly wait!).

Our first behind the scenes look from our 2-week countdown to the Winter catalog comes straight from the press all the way in Wisconsin. If you look close enough you’ll catch cover girl and Olympic Gold Medalist Torah Bright wearing the Torah Bright jacket in Brandywine (one of the best colors we’ve seen all season). Check out some more snaps from Wisconsin down below.

Stay tuned until next week when we introduce you to some of our Roxy friends.



Refinery29 Stops by ROXY Headquarters

Let’s face it, we know our office is cool…lucky for us, it’s pretty much our second home; The place we hang our hat, toss our wetsuit, store our board, and plug away on our computer. That is, if we’re not traveling the world or chasing our top-notch athletes around on their many adventures, so when Refinery29 asked to check it out, we couldn’t resist (we can brag a bit right?).

With 3 massive buildings and plenty to browse, Refinery29 had their work cut out for them, but per usual they did what they do best and wowed us with their 35 snaps of the OC’s coolest office space: Quiksilver.

Here our some of our favorites from Refinery29’s ROXY office adventure!


Let The Sea Set You Free winner Emilie Layla Lovaine in Nylon Mag

Every month we look forward to picking up the latest issue of Nylon Magazine and this month we were stoked to see the beautiful and talented brunette Lea Michele on the cover – everything about her auburn hair screams Fall…a lot like our Coastal Cove Pinterest Board.

Flipping through the pages we were even more excited when we stumbled upon another brunette and artistic beauty who happens to be near and dear to our hearts – Emilie Layla Lovaine, who as you may know is our European Let The Sea Set You Free winner who hails from Wales and runs her own inspiring blog Flock.

On her recent trip to the Roxy Pro in Biarritz, France with the other Let The Sea Set You Free winners, Emilie wowed us with her voice, overall coolness and big heart (lots of hugs).

Here’s a short behind the scenes video of Emilie singing at the recording studio at Roxy Headquarters in France. Don’t forget to grab the latest Nylon Mag on stands now!