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From ‘Heart of Surf’ to ‘Art & Design’, down to ‘DIY & How To’s’ we’re showing off all our favorite pics and we’re looking forward to some amazing contests and giveaways to come…

We’re always down for a good picture adventure! Aren’t you?


Earth Day Artwork: Rebecca Kudela


A brilliant graphic designer who makes magic happen on our computer screens, scans the beaches on her daily workouts and weekend beach combing sessions in an effort to clean up. Her artwork submission entitled ‘COLLECTED’ recently took 1st prize at our company Earth Day artwork.

Here’s a little message from the artist’s submission: “Over the past few weeks I’ve been going to the beach every day after work – beachcombing and collecting. My initial thought for this project was to make a collage out of all-natural elements found at the beach, but, once I started collecting I quickly realized I was finding more plastic than anything else. These days our So Cal beaches are covered with so much plastic and trash it makes me sick – and this art piece is the result. It’s impossible to find a shell anymore without finding 20 pieces of trash to go along with it. How did we let it come to this? Let this be a reminder to help keep our beaches clean and next time you go out for a surf, when you leave bring some of that trash with you.”

For more from Becca check out her blog!


Catalog Countdown: Kassia Behind The Camera

Roxy team rider, artist, professional longboarder, and incredible photographer Kassia Meador went with the whole Roxy Surf Team on our Summer 2012 shoot to Bali and the Mentawais. As always, she brought along her camera for the ride, playing double-duty: surfing with the team and snapping some of the most memorable images of the entire journey that only Kassia could capture!

Here’s an inside peek of some of the images brought to life in the Roxy 2012 Summer catalog dropping April 23rd and now viewable online.


Surf & Skate: Presented by Boardriders Venice Beach

The Venice Art Walk and Auctions kicks off this year with the Surf & Skate even presented by the Boardriders on Thursday April 19th. The preview event will be held at 585 Boardriders with Quiksilver, Roxy, and DC all present! Quiksilver Inc. athletes and artists will be there to preview auction works. Expect a list including Quiksilver surfers Reef MacIntosh and Strider, Kristi McKnight’s live art, Cesario “Block” Montano photography, Quiksilver shaper Michael Baron, Roxy surfer and artist Kassia Meador, DC’s Mark Winn and Tobin Yelland’s custom decks on display,  Mike Blabac photographs, and some Quik skate athletes.

Come down to Boardriders this Thursday and enjoy live art, music local DJ Kevyon Pierre, refreshments including beer frin PRIMO and Central Cal Wines and shopping to benefit Venice Family Clinic. This event is free and open to the public. A 20% discount will be offered and 20% of all proceeds will be donated towards the Venice family clinic. See you there!


Catalog Countdown: Type It Out

We’re back!…showing you more behind the scenes of our Summer catalog as we countdown until it officially drops on April 23rd (how excited are you!?). Last time we showed you the press check and a quick recap on the process. Now we’re diving even deeper, and giving you some cultural insight and showing you how BALI lives throughout our catalog pages.

Roxy Graphic Designer Devin Dailey went with the Roxy team riders on the journey of a lifetime and took plenty of pictures along the way. He found inspiration in the typography used on Bali’s hand painted signs and boats as well as all the bright colors and textures.

When it came time to start designing the catalog, Devin Dailey & Becca Kudela pulled out those inspirational photos creating some amazing hand painted type to really capture that Balinese vibe…stay tuned…we’ll be continuing our catalog countdown next week!


Artist Interview: Trouble Andrew

Trouble Andrew performing at the  Roxy Chicken Jam. Photo Credit: Peter Morning

Skater, Olympic pro snowboarder, husband to Santigold, lead singer of Trouble Andrew, and 100% an artist, Trevor Andrews sat down with us at the Roxy Chicken Jam before his memorable performance. We got to ask him a couple of questions and learned that this soft-spoken yet assertive guy considers action-sports his community, wants to take up surfing and is a bit of a visionary when it comes to digital.

Trouble Andrew reviewing the set list at the 7th  Annual Roxy Chicken Jam concert in Mammoth. Photo Credit: Craig Wetherby

ROXY: We know you’re a skater, and an Olympic snowboarder. Is this why you always come back and perform at action-sports related events? Is that why you chose to perform at the Roxy Chicken Jam?

TA: Well, I don’t really feel like I am coming back, this is my community, you know what I mean? I grew up around snowboard culture and skate culture and obviously competed in it and took part in it in a big way. With the music it’s just a natural thing to stay in that community and that culture cause I live in it, you know what I mean? So the music is just kind of an extension of the culture and I feel like snowboard, skate, surf culture in general, like breathes so much art, you know?

ROXY: We read something that you’re also a bit of a graphic designer. Is there a career for you?
TA: Yeah for sure. I mean I have been doing graphic design for years now. I started really being involved with designing outerwear and stuff for Analog years ago and then just doing my own snowboard graphics and yeah. Any way that I can stay creative is just what I am about so, if I am not like making flyers for shows or writing music or making beats, or like designing a snowboard graphic or clothes or whatever. I just like to stay creative.



ToRoxy Music Club: Surfer Blood’s New “Floating Vibes” Video

Florida’s Surfer Blood released one of our favorite albums of the year– the fun, tropical Astro Coast. As the weather turns cold we know it’s one the few albums that will always remind us of hot weather. Now they’re back with a hilarious new video for their single “Floating Vibes” in which band members act like weathermen, lawyers, and infomercial hosts as they surf across various tv channels. The song also features one of our favorite lines: “If you’re moving out to the West, then you better learn how to surf!”

And don’t forget to check their myspace for the full list of tourdates — they’re criss-crossing the country throughout the fall!


ToRoxy Music Club: Hang With Robyn in Her New Video

We’re huge fans for Swedish dance-pop sensation Robyn, so we’re beyond excited that she’s got a new album coming out in September called Body Talk Pt. 2.  Here’s the video for the new single “Hang With Me”, which drops on August 17th. The clip is a great peek into the hectic life of a real working girl. See our heroine on tour, hanging with her band at an amusement park, and greeting fans.  Robyn is real, and we love her for it!


Roxy loves Ry

Ry Cuming releases his debut album today!

Australian heart-throb surfer, singer-songwriter has his debut self-titled album, featuring Sara Barellis and members of Maroon 5 and produced by John Alagia (Jason Mraz, John Mayer), available on iTunes, Amazon and in stores TODAY!

Born in the small coastal town of Angourie, Australia, Ry grew up with a surfboard under one arm and a guitar under the other. He was discovered playing in a hallway in Costa Rica by Roxy pro surfers and quickly fell into the LA music scene. He is Touring with Maroon 5 and Justin Nozuka this summer! Grab the album today and check out .
Debut music video and more coming this week.. stay tuned!


To Roxy Music Club: Favorite Fix In Stores Today

If you like super upbeat poppy music, you might like one of our favorite new bands, Artist Vs Poet. They are actually releasing a new album today called Favorite Fix! Make sure to check it out and you’ll be sure to hear some catchy tunes such as “Car Crash” and “Damn Rough Night.”  If you’re a new fan, you can always check them out on tour this Summer too!