Get Lost in the Freedom of Season…#LovingLost

Get lost in the season of freedom. Forget your plans and lose your map. Wander through long days and warm nights, tropical trips and sunset sessions. Make new friends and take new paths. Celebrate salty hair & freckled skin. Build up the bonfire, dance all night. You have nowhere to be but the beach…#LovingLost

ROXY Summer 2014

ROXY Summer 2014

ROXY Summer 2014

ROXY Summer 2014

ROXY Summer 2014

ROXY Summer 2014


#CelebrateSarah as she is Inducted into the Canadian Sports Hall of Fame

Sarah Burke, is one of 8 new members inducted into Canada’s Sports Hall of Fame, the highest distinction in Canada’s sporting honors.  Tragically at the age of 29 Sarah died in a skiing accident in Utah.

As a trailblazer and pioneer women’s sports, Sarah’s legacy continues to live on. Join us in celebrating Sarah as her spirit continues inspire us all.

To learn more about Sarah Buke & her lasting legacy in Women’s freestyle skiing please visit: http://sarahburkefoundation.com

Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke

Sarah Burke


Wear Recycled Plastic Bottles This Earth Day! Give Back to the Planet with ROXY and Repreve®!

We believe that every ROXY girl wants to do her part for the planet.  Whether it’s doing a special volunteer activity to give back on Earth Day or celebrating Mother Nature all year long, we are inspired to do the same.

Select styles of our boardshorts are now made with Repreve ®, a recycled fiber made from recycling plastic bottles. By using Repreve, we are using less petroleum and emitting fewer greenhouse gasses, helping to conserve precious natural resources.  Even better, the fabric created in the process looks good, feels soft and is easier on the environment, making ROXY greener one product at a time!

Our Line Up Recycled Boardshorts  are a team and fan favorite. Plus, they’re made with 7 recycled bottles! (Yep, that’s right…7 recycled plastic bottles)!

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Line Up Recycled Boardshorts

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Line Up Recycled Boardshort

Line Up Recycled Boardshort

We also chatted with some of our ROXY team riders to find out how they celebrate Earth Day:

“Keep it simple. Get outside and enjoy the mountains with good people” –Robin Van Gyn

“I like to celebrate by incorporating little things, like walking to the beach to surf or riding my bike, planting some flowers in my new garden and using solar powered lights around the garden or lighting candles around the house” -Rosy Hodge 

“I will be outside! Snowboarding, exploring the mountains natural terrain come snow, wind or rain” –Aimee Fuller

“To celebrate Earth Day, I’m going to turn off the TV & computers and read a good book” -Lisa Andersen

“I always try to fill up 2 glass bottles with water before leaving the house so I don’t have to waste plastic ones. I’m still sort of bad at bringing my own bags to the store, so on Earth Day I will make it my goal to put bags in my car and not take any home from the store!” -Monyca Eleogram 

“The collective consciousness and appreciation towards nature on earth day is extra special, yet I believe we should celebrate the earth everyday! I aim to reduce, reuse and recycle. There are so many ways to “protect our planet” so let’s make an effort together so we and future generations can keep enjoying our natural playgrounds” –Kjersti Buass

“I grew up in a household with no dishwasher and a clothes dryer used very rarely. Our mother has always encouraged my sisters and I to hang our washing out in the sun each day and wash our own dishes; to live without relying on energy wasting dryers. The bonus is that the sunshine acts as a natural antibacterial agent, so in fact it’s highly hygienic to utilize the sun’s warmth instead of creating it with electricity” -Stephanie Gilmore


Just in Time for Festival Season…Enter Our Pin-to-Win for a Chance to win a $500 ROXY Gift Card!

Festival season is upon us & we’re FESTIVAL BOUND!

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Happy pinning!

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Congratulations Stephanie! 5x Word Champion Stephanie Gilmore Voted #1 on ESPN’s List of Top 50 Female Athletes in Action Sports

Guess who has done it again!?!?

Stephanie Gilmore

That’s right…5x ASP Women’s World Tour Champion & ROXY team rider, Stephanie Gilmore was voted #1 on ESPN’s list of  the top 50 female athletes in action sports!

Stephanie Gilmore

Stephanie Gilmore came out swinging in 2014. After a lackluster, injury-plagued season that saw her slide down the ASP ratings to an uncharacteristic fifth in 2013, Stephanie proved she’s just as much a competitive threat as ever, dominating the ROXY Pro Gold Coast to take the first event of the new year.  She is currently tied for 1st place on the Women’s World Championship Tour with Carissa Moore.

Transcending surfing, Gilmore is also an ESPY winner, as well as a Laureus World Sports Award recipient.

Stephanie Gilmore

Roxy stands out as the true heart of the mountain and the wave, with 3 athletes clenching positions in ESPN’s top 50. Olympic gold medalist snowboarder Torah Bright was ranked #9 and Sally Fitzgibbons, an ASP world championship contender, rounded out the list at #31.

Torah Bright

Torah Bright

Sally FItzgibbons

Sally FItzgibbons

Congrats to Stephanie, Torah and Sally on this incredible achievement for women in action sports!  Check out ESPN’s full list of the top female action sports athletes HERE.


#MakeItWest: 2014 Margaret River Pro Recap

Stop #2 on the ASP Women’s World Tour brought us to Western Australia to the Margaret River Pro where ROXY team riders Stephanie Gilmore, Sally Fitzgibbons and Bianca Buitendag finished on top in the ASP tour rankings!

WCT Womens Ratings

From sunrise to sunset the waves at Margaret River delivered everything from world class perfection to some very challenging conditions with afternoon on-shore winds. A win at Margaret River takes a lot of patience and surf experience. Many of the athletes surf on multiple boards and have to adjust to the changing surf conditions throughout the day.

2014 Drug Aware Margaret River Pro

Stephanie Gilmore surfed strong throughout the week and finished the event in 3rd place. This is a huge win for Stephanie, placing her in a tie for 1st place with Carissa Moore in the current ASP Women’s World  Championship Tour rankings!

Stephanie Gilmore Finishing her Heat at the Margaret River Pro

Stephanie Gilmore Surfing at the Margaret River Pro

Sally Fitzgibbons surfed as a fierce competitor from day 1 of the event. Spending two weeks surfing in Western Australia prior to the event, Sally proved to have great local knowledge with her wave selection, finishing the event in 3rd place.

Sally FItzgibbons Surfing at the Margaret River Pro

Sally Fitzgibbons Interview at Margaret River Pro

Tour rookie Bianca Buitendag surfed great throughout the competition and lost to teammate Sally Fitzgibbons during the quarterfinals. After her best career result last week during the ROXY Pro where she finished 2nd to Stephanie Gilmore, Bianca currently holds 3rd place on the ASP Women’s World Championship Tour rankings!

Bianca Buitendag at the Margaret River Pro

Bianca Buitendag Surfing at the Margaret River Pro

Next stop on the ASP Women’s World Championship tour…the Rip Curl Pro at Bells Beach Australia! Stephanie  and Sally have both experienced huge wins here in the past & have rung the famous Bell (an extra bonus for a Bells Beach victory)! Will Stephanie and Sally be able to do it again or will teammate Bianca sneak up and collect her first WCT win at Bells Beach? Tune in to find out here on the ROXY Blog!

Images provided by: ASP


Festival Picks: What We’re Wearing to Coachella

Our favorite Southern California music festival is right around the corner! Whether you’re off to Coachella for weekend #1 or #2…we are all busy making our last minute outfit picks for our desert bound adventures.

Need some last minute outfit inspiration for Coachella? Check out one of our favorite looks we’ll be wearing this weekend.

Beach Ray Dress: Perfect for those warm desert days & totally cute for layering your favorite kini’ underneath! Plus, who doesn’t love a little fringe detail?

Sunrise Blanket: Your new BFF for picnics, bonfires & music festival musings. Use it to keep you warm when the sun sets or chill out on it while listening to your favorite jams. Did we also mention it has roll up straps for easy carrying?

Magic Purse: Cute & light –with enough room to store all the basics!

Valencia Sandal: We love how these sandals add a pop of color to your feet! Plus the colorful toe ring is totally on trend.

Satisfaction Sunglasses: Don’t forget to protect your eyes with a pair of sunnies! These ones are currently our favorite pair of shades!

& don’t forget the flower crowns (or seashell crowns)!

ROXY Coachella Look

ROXY Magic Purse

ROXY Valencia Sandal

ROXY Sunrise Blanket


Step Out of Line in ROXY Sandals

Get those pedis ready, spring is here!

Whether you’re hitting the beach or cruzin’ the streets, step out of line in ROXY Sandals.

Style meets function with pops of color, fun prints & colorful motifs. SEA for yourself…

ROXY Sandals

ROXY Sandals

ROXY Sandals

ROXY Sandals

ROXY Sandals

ROXY Sandals

ROXY Sandals



ROXY POP Surf: Q&A with Monyca Eleogram & Stephanie Gilmore

Ever wonder what it’s like shooting with ROXY team riders Monyca Eleogram & Stephanie Gilmore? We caught up with these gals to talk surf, fashion & everything in-between.

ROXY: As a seasoned ROXY surfer, what was it like shooting  POP Surf with Roxy’s newest team rider Stephanie Gilmore?

Monyca: Shooting with Stephanie is great. She is a beautiful, smart, confident woman who knows how to shoot a photo! We also get along great behind the scenes—we make jokes, talk fashion, surf and truly enjoy our time together.


ROXY: We heard that your name can be attributed to the term ‘Mono-kini’, however is it your favorite swim style or are you more of an itsy bitsy type of girl in and out of the water?

Monyca: I love a good “Mono-kini” but I appreciate many swimwear styles as well. I think a one piece flatters my natural curves well and I also love to surf in them because they really stay on!

ROXY:  Which piece from the POP Surf collection is your favorite?

Monyca: My favorite POP Surf piece from the collection is the Sunset Stripe One Piece. I love the print, the cut, and how versatile it is in and out of the water. I feel sexy, fun, and confident in it!


ROXY: We’ve heard you have the best laugh ever…what are your ingredients for fun and what makes you laugh that loveable laugh most?

Monyca: I love a good post-surf evening happy hour where everyone is cruising together talking about their best waves and best wipe outs, jokingly teasing each other, and just recapping the day.


ROXY: To the beach and beyond…how important is it for you to have something that takes you from surf style to beach style and more?

Monyca: For us surfer girls we have to be able to take our surf suit to the sand. We need a suit to stay on and be practical in the water but we also need to be able to lay out on the beach in style. POP Surf checks all the boxes!


ROXY: We know you love dressing up for red carpets in designer duds, how do you approach your style in the surf?

Stephanie: My surf style is usually pretty relaxed but I like to make a statement, so I would love to think that’s the same way that I approach the red carpet. I love when a girls look is effortless and funky. So it’s been cool playing around with the POP Surf collection because they are  where fashion and surf collide. The prints stand out in the water and most importantly…function in the surf.

ROXY Pop Surf

ROXY: We know you have loads of guitars you obsess over, but what boards are you currently loving right now?

Stephanie: During non-competition season I usually ride all kinds of different boards. Right now I have a major crush on this beautiful bright orange 7’6 Dick Brewer board that I rode in Hawaii. I stole it off my team manager ‘Belly’ and had some great sessions at big Sunset Beach. I also have a new fresh plain white single fin, shaped by Tim Stamps. It’s super light and fast on the waves but the plain white looks great, no logos just fresh and free. Oh and of course the Black board that is in the POP Surf campaign shots!! That is one of my absolute favorites…it’s a 5’8 single fin, really fast and black all over so it’s pretty rock n roll!!! 


ROXY:  Is the best surfer really the one having the most fun? Having 5 world titles, we figured you might know a thing or two (or 5) about being the best so we had to ask!

Stephanie: Well, I’ll let you in on a lil’ secret to my success…pure enjoyment. Fun. Passion. LIVE WHAT YOU LOVE! While it may look like there’s a lot more to it, I like to keep things simple, and being a surfer, doing what I do, this incredible world we live in is all I need to be inspired to achieve my dreams and goals. So yeah, the best surfer is the one you can see having the most fun.


ROXY: How was it shooting with Monyca Eleogram? What can you tell us that she probably wouldn’t (sorry Mons!)

Stephanie: Mons is just the sweetest human ever. She is living proof that fairytales do exist and I just stare at her because she’s such a natural beauty. And she surfs good too! Easy to shoot with, no complaints there at all. She laughs like Donkey off Shrek and totally gets away with it because she’s hilarious and we all love her.


ROXY: Which POP Surf piece can we expect you to be jaunting around the world in most?

Stephanie: I really like the Sunset Stripes One Piece and the Sunset Pant Leggings because they’re full of POP, they look incredible when surfing in them and they keep your butt from getting sunburnt!