Into the backcountry with skier & photographer Zoya Lynch

Zoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnow

Zoya Lynch is a backcountry skier, photographer, filmmaker and ROXY snow team ambassador. Based out of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Zoya believes first and foremost in self-propelled adventures; she climbs mountains and “earns her turns”. Why does she believe in this method of mountain travel? Raised by a skiing family in a backcountry lodge, Zoya developed an intimate relationship with the mountains from a young age. With an insatiable appetite for exploration, Zoya spends her days off the chairlifts and beyond the rope lines of resorts (seen here in her Fiona 2L Gore-Tex Jacket and Toasty Insulator Jacket): hunting lines, summiting peaks and exploring her creativity. Her passion for photography has recently launched into an exciting career; at this year’s Deep Winter Photo Challenge in Whistler, BC, Zoya took first place and was crowned “Queen of Storms”.

Zoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnowZoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnowZoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnowZoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnow

Less experienced than the other photographers, Zoya teamed up with her sister, Izzy, and a couple of Whistler’s most celebrated artists to put together a slideshow that juxtaposed the artistic process of finding inspiration in the mountains and harnessing that creatively in the studio. Called “Winter Canvas,” the sequence of images brought to light the parallels of snow sports and art. With a smile that extends from ear to ear, Zoya will be in the mountains all winter long, relying only on her legs to take her anywhere that she dreams to go. Don’t forget to follow Zoya on Instagram @zoyalynch 

Zoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnowZoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnow

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