Into the backcountry with skier & photographer Zoya Lynch

Zoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnow

Zoya Lynch is a backcountry skier, photographer, filmmaker and ROXY snow team ambassador. Based out of Revelstoke, British Columbia, Zoya believes first and foremost in self-propelled adventures; she climbs mountains and “earns her turns”. Why does she believe in this method of mountain travel? Raised by a skiing family in a backcountry lodge, Zoya developed an intimate relationship with the mountains from a young age. With an insatiable appetite for exploration, Zoya spends her days off the chairlifts and beyond the rope lines of resorts (seen here in her Fiona 2L Gore-Tex Jacket and Toasty Insulator Jacket): hunting lines, summiting peaks and exploring her creativity. Her passion for photography has recently launched into an exciting career; at this year’s Deep Winter Photo Challenge in Whistler, BC, Zoya took first place and was crowned “Queen of Storms”.

Zoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnowZoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnowZoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnowZoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnow

Less experienced than the other photographers, Zoya teamed up with her sister, Izzy, and a couple of Whistler’s most celebrated artists to put together a slideshow that juxtaposed the artistic process of finding inspiration in the mountains and harnessing that creatively in the studio. Called “Winter Canvas,” the sequence of images brought to light the parallels of snow sports and art. With a smile that extends from ear to ear, Zoya will be in the mountains all winter long, relying only on her legs to take her anywhere that she dreams to go. Don’t forget to follow Zoya on Instagram @zoyalynch 

Zoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnowZoya Lynch Photography #ROXYsnow


ROXY Outdoor Fitness: Widen your horizons & explore the California coastline with South Africa’s Rosy Hodge

Widen your horizons & explore the California coastline with South Africa's Rosy Hodge #ROXYOutdoorFitness

New year means new adventures for ROXY Outdoor Fitness ambassador Rosy Hodge who will be joining the ASP as an official commentator. What else is on her 2014 to-do? After nonstop surf this winter and enjoyable winter weather, Rosy is keeping the adventure alive and exploring her new California backyard.

As a light, and great all around workout Rosy has gone into full discovery mode, looking for new trails along the California coast whenever the waves are crowded and the old shoulders sore.

One of her favorites, situated along the north end of Laguna Beach is Crystal Cove State Park. The backcountry is filled with miles of trails for hiking and boosts a beautiful view of El Morro State Beach. Rosy likes to begin with a light stretch when deciding which trails to take and reading up on the dangers around each location. Paired up with her On The Run Capri Pants and Embrace Bra, Rosy can enjoy the sunny terrain and picturesque views. As the day wares away, the Featherlight Windbreaker goes on for a brisk walk down the hill and back to the car. This lightweight jacket (which packs into itself), is an absolute must when traveling light.

An easy way to widen your horizons is to follow Rosy’s lead and research your local hiking trails for a quick afternoon or morning walk with some friends.

Widen your horizons & explore the California coastline with South Africa's Rosy Hodge #ROXYOutdoorFitness Widen your horizons & explore the California coastline with South Africa's Rosy Hodge #ROXYOutdoorFitnessWiden your horizons & explore the California coastline with South Africa's Rosy Hodge #ROXYOutdoorFitnessWiden your horizons & explore the California coastline with South Africa's Rosy Hodge #ROXYOutdoorFitness


Sarah Burke’s Olympic legacy

Sarah Burke

January 19th 2014 marks the 2 year anniversary of the day Sarah Burke passed away. With the Winter Olympics right around the corner, when all of Sarah’s freeskiing comrades will head to Russia, we‘d like to honor what Sarah did to make that possible. Sure, Sarah was an incredibly talented and hard working skier, a pioneer of freeskiing, and a beautiful soul inside and out, but she was also hugely instrumental in the campaign to get freeskiing accepted as an Olympic sport.

It all started back in the early 2000’s when Sarah got to work lobbying the X-Games organizers to accept women’s freeskiing into the Winter X-Games. In 2005 they finally did, and once the female skiers were given their time to shine the women’s competitive field blossomed. According to Trennon Paynter, Sarah’s dear friend and the Head Coach of the Canadian National Halfpipe Ski Team, when Sarah cracked the X-Games’ door open “This literally created the current women’s ski halfpipe international field, and this in turn helped convince organizing bodies such as the IOC [International Olympic Committee] and FIS [International Ski Federation] that ski halfpipe was a true dual-gender sport, which is an important criteria for Olympic consideration.”

Sarah Burke's Legacy

Early on, Sarah also supported FIS events at a time when most of the freeskiing community was avoiding them to focus on higher profile privately sponsored events. Sarah had the foresight to realize that if she and other freeskiing stars participated in FIS events it would bring validity to the events and show the FIS that freeskiers were serious about the Olympics. But still things were progressing slowly for freeskiing, so in 2007 Sarah became one of two founding athlete members of the AFP (Association of Freeskiing Professionals), a group organized around creating a standard ranking system and consistent judging platform within freeskiing. The AFP became a voice to communicate with the FIS and push for Olympic inclusion. Sarah also became involved with the National Team programs in Canada to help push the Olympic cause. Paynter says, “Her support of the Canadian Freestyle Ski Association (CFSA) was one of the reasons that the CFSA supported creating a National Team, and backing the Olympic inclusion bid when it was presented and put to a vote amongst NSAs (National Sport Asscoiations) at the FIS council meetings.”

And of course, between all of these strategic steps, Sarah was also out there skiing as much as possible. She followed the snow all year long to countless events around the world, racking up wins and losses, bumps, bruises and broken bones, new tricks, Gold medals, and broken boundaries. After a decade of hard work and dedication, on April 6th of 2011 the IOC announced the inclusion of freeskiing into the 2014 Winter Games.
While Sarah may have passed away before she got to drop into the Olympic halfpipe, the very fact that freeskiing is now an Olympic sport is the true accomplishment of Sarah’s career, and one that is bigger than any Gold medal could ever be. In a sport where people are judged as individuals Sarah was as fierce a competitor as ever there was, but she was also incredibly civically minded. She saw the bigger picture that beyond her own personal skiing ambitions there was greater good in propping up the entire sport of freeskiing. It is precisely her rare combination of personal competitive drive and civic-mindedness that made Sarah a true leader. Her legacy will be forever present at all Winter Olympics to come.

To find out more about Sarah Burke’s legacy and how you can #CelebrateSarah, please visit http://sarahburkefoundation.com.


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ROXY Outdoor Fitness: Our Place is Outside

Dive into fitness & the fresh adventures all around you. Change is in the air – full of new beginnings and new chances to push ourselves to the edge. Whether we’re charging up trails, stretching into sun salutations, or paddling out over glassy waters, we live to be outside channeling the strength that comes with movement. Our beauty radiates from within but we pull off sweaty with style! As far as we’re concerned, the possibilities are endless. Let’s go!

Experience our latest in ROXY Outdoor Fitness, but first, enjoy this vid straight from the likes of Waikiki, Oahu, Maui and all over Hawaii with Sally Fitzgibbons, Gillian Gibree and Sierra Blair-Coyle. Love Sally’s pants? Yep, us too…here they are!

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