Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Weather your Outdoor Workout and Utilize Mother Nature

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Beach Volleyball in the Onshore Bikini with Rachel Moore

It’s finally summertime and every Roxy Outdoor Fitness girl is anxious to get active outdoors—but sometimes Mother Nature doesn’t get the memo. Onshore wind or overcast skies, it’s easy to get discouraged by the elements, but there are days you have to take them head-on! Roxy Outdoor Fitness Ambassador and beach volleyball player Rachel Moore show us how to use those windy days to her advantage.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Beach Volleyball in the Onshore Bikini with Rachel Moore

As a beach volleyball player it’s easy to look out the window and see the palm trees blowing in the wind and want to call it quits, but that’s when its time to throw your Onshore Bikini in your Game Ready Backpack, grab a ball, and push yourself the most.

Beach volleyball will help your speed and agility, but the best beach volleyball players are the ones who can control the ball in the wind. Get out there and practice serving, hitting, passing and setting in the wind to get good at controlling the ball. Learn how to wait and watch the ball all the way to contact. This will help you see the direction of the wind and predict where the ball will end up. Pushing yourself in the elements is the best way to fine-tune your skills, and training in the sand provides natural resistance for your body, creating a full body workout. The beach has a tendency to almost grab you around the ankles and hold you as you try to move. Crank up your cardio by jump training, running, and diving in the sand. Take advantage of what Mother Nature gives us. Look at it as challenge and a way to strengthen yourself and your sport!

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Beach Volleyball in the Onshore Bikini with Rachel Moore#ROXYOutdoorFitness Beach Volleyball in the Onshore Bikini with Rachel Moore


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  1. lindsay says:

    July 17, 2013 at 5:11 am

    Some great pointers for playing in the wind! Bermuda has its fair share of windy days, so it’s great to still be able to get out to the sand and have a great volleyball workout!

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