The 3rd annual Roxy Waikiki Classic comes to an end!

The 3rd Annual Roxy Waikiki Classic comes to an end!

Close to 200 girls came out to compete in the 3rd annual Roxy Waikiki Classic and since it’s origination, it has become the event all the young girls of Hawaii wait for in grand anticipation. It’s a favorite weekend amongst the girls who relish the opportunity to surf with friends, meet surfing idols like Lisa Andersen, Kelia Moniz, Rosy Hodge and Bruna Schmitz and just surf the fun waves of Waikiki.

While conditions we small with the south swell already fading from earlier in the week, girls still managed to showcase their skills throughout this weekend’s contest. The girls who took the podium for the awards ceremony were greeted on stage by host and professional surfer Rosy Hodge, along 4x World Surfing Champion Lisa Andersen. We have to admit, it’s not a bad reception to receive an award by surfing’s elite. Wouldn’t you agree?

Between surf breaks, the girls took to the beach where the Roxy staff loved hanging with all the competitors and their families. Girls lined the beach for poster signings, got their hair sun and saltwater ready at the Paul Mitchell tent, and kept their skin protected at the Sun Bum tent. There was never a dull moment beachside or in the water and we were lucky to enjoy beautiful sunny weather both days!

Surfing has come a long way and this event gives girls the opportunity to show how far the sport has advanced here in Hawaii. The smiles on all the girls’ faces are what make us truly realize how special the Roxy life is for these young surfer girls.

Don’t forget to check out some pictures from Day 1 and Day 2 of the Roxy Waikiki Classic and see the full list of results below.


ASP Pro Division
1. Geodee Clark
2. Crystal Dzigas
3. Megan Godinez
4. Ashley Ahina

Teenie Wahine Shortboard:
1. Tiki Willis
2. Gabriella Knudson
4. Haley Otto
5. Leila Riccobuano
5. Taylor Beck

Wahine Shortboard:
1. Zoe McDougall
2. Namika Courtois
3. Brittany Pemarozia
4. Kyana Rowland Nolas
5. Sunshine Payte
6. Salley Cohen

Junior Queen Shortboard
1. Emily Nishimoto
2. Alison Bowman
3. Nicole Fletcher
4. Julie Nishimoto
5. Moon Otteman
6. Kealohi Sabate

Queens Shortboard
1. Kandide Krieger
2. Jill Jansen
3. Missy Valdez
4. Virginia Fajardo
5. Sharah Medoff

Royalty Shortboard
1. Jannie Chesser
2. Masako Nishimoto
3. Kimiyo Dougherty
4. Stephanie Kempf
5. Mainara Marquez
6. Miki Courtois

Teenie Wahine Longboard:
1. Tyrra Gallano
2. Betty Lou Johnson
3. Kelis Kaleopaa
4. Olivia Yossa
5. Jupiter Silva
6. Princess Lasconia

Wahine Longboard:
1. Sofia Wilson
2. Tabatha Kundson
3. Mason Schremmer
4. Solei Errico
5. Lola Schremmer
6. Kinani Gruspe

Junior Queen Longboard:
1. Hanna Fenton
2. Kirra Kehoe
3. Kirra Seale
4. Teresa O¹Conner
5. Lianna Patey
6. Piper Axtell

Queens Longboard:
1. Emily Ballard
2. Krista Jasper
3. Chelsea Byland
4. Laiming Tam
5. Cassidy Lum
6. Malama Iaukea

Royalty Longboard
1. Livia Nahinu
2. Amy Wiech
3. Tracie Nakamoto
4. Cheryl Richards
5. Shinobu Johnson
6. Keiko Suzuki


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