Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Reach New Heights In The Flexible Pant Collection

#ROXYOutdoorFitness Ambassador Rachel Moore wearing the Enhance Capri Pants &  Dawn Run Tee

Summer is here, and it’s time to get outside with your new goals, revitalized spirit, and fresh Roxy Outdoor Fitness essentials. Take on new outdoor challenges while rewarding your body with fresh energy, a renewed mind, toned muscles, and sunkissed color! Roxy Outdoor Fitness ambassador Rachel Moore thinks there’s no better way to celebrate Summer than to slip into the comfiest of Roxy Outdoor Fitness pants and tone those legs with a climb of any level.

Rock climbing works the whole body, but the leg muscles are used most for climbing. The quadriceps are the four biggest muscles in the front of the thigh that are used to straighten the lower leg from a bent position when stepping from hold to hold. The two muscles that comprise the calf, the soleus and gastrocnemius, are used to raise the heel. When you stand on your toes to reach for a higher hold, say hello to these muscles you never knew you had! Focus on using your quads and calf muscles to make sure you are not only strengthening and toning the right areas, but you are also using the correct technique so you don’t wear out your arms and shoulders unnecessarily. Your Roxy Outdoor Fitness Enhance Capri Pants will thank you for it!

Climbing will not only tone those legs, but will make sure it leaves you feeling sore! Be sure to stretch before and after every climb, as well as incorporating a warm up and cool down jog to get your heart rate up and break up the lactic acid. Happy Summer and happy climbing!

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