Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Get Beach Abs on the Beach


Next time you’re catching a few rays and enjoying a summer beach day, get your outdoor fitness on without even leaving the sand. You can get creative and have beach abs on the beach. In the sand. Sitting down. Literally. Here’s how’s we did it in our Hot Competition Shorts and Cut Back Tank:

Bring your hands behind your head, legs crossed (if you’re not already relaxing comfortably there). Now here’s the challenging part. Lift your legs a few inches off of the sand, while lifting your shoulders off the sand and inhaling. As you exhale, pull your knees in, lift your shoulders higher, and engage your core. Return to starting position, and repeat.


In the same starting position, open your legs about hip width distance, and return to crossed legs, keeping your legs hovering over the sand and shoulder blades lifted. Keep your chin off your chest and pull your belly in as you repeat the motion.

Have a seat in the sand with your hands by your hips. Lean back until you feel your abs working, then dig your heels hard into the sand, using the soft sand as resistance.




With your bum still seated comfortably in the sand, roll onto your right side using your right forearm for support and left hand behind your ear, elbow out wide. Bring your legs to a 45 degree angle hovered above the sand. As you exhale, pull your knees into your chest and pull your upper body towards your knees using your obliques. Return to starting, repeat, and flip to the left side!


And there you have it! Jump in the water for a cool down.



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