Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Cinco de Mayo in Mexico! 5 reasons to get on the water this May


Summertime is just around the corner, and what better way to get in shape for bikini season than to be out on the water, paddle in hand?! The travel bug hit us just in time for Roxy Outdoor Fitness Athlete Gillian Gibree’s SUP Yoga Retreat in Punta de Mita, Mexico.

Here are 5 reasons to jet set on your next adventure on the water:

1. Bring on the colors. Get festive and make your workout fun with bright, summer tops. We love the stripes on the new Onshore top.




2.  Get your feet wet. Go somewhere new, and try something different.


4. Soak it all in. Our favorite waterproof pieces are lightweight for packing, and quick to dry.


4. Explore more. Taste new flavors and walk along the way to boost your cardio.

#ROXYOutdoorFitness5. Meet new friends. Make your workouts more enjoyable with a fitness buddy.



Office Spy: Meet one of the designers behind your fave #ROXYSandals Lindsey C.

ROXY Office Spy with Lindsey C.

Ever wonder who the designer is behind some of your favorite #ROXYsandals?  Meet Lindsey C., Roxy’s in house footwear designer.  Step into Lindsey’s creative space and you’ll find sketches, photos & flip flops (lots of them)! And did we mention that she has one of the cutest desk spaces in the building?

We caught up with Lindsey in the office to do a little spying and get a sneak peak at some inspiration behind footwear trends for the upcoming season.

ROXY: What’s your favorite part about working at Roxy?

Lindsey: Where do I start?! My favorite part about working at ROXY is getting to be creative every day. Also, I work with an amazing team of designers and merchandisers that always keep work fun!

ROXY: When did you know you wanted to become a designer?

Lindsey: From the time I was little I always had a serious love for fashion. I always enjoyed putting my outfits together, from my scrunchie, all the way down to my shoes! When I was in 5th grade, my dad took a job in finance with a well-known fashion designer of the time. Occasionally my mom and I would visit him at his offices to have lunch.  On one trip I was able to observe the design team meeting to review materials and samples in their showroom, and I was instantly hooked! I knew then that I could turn my love of fashion into a creative and exciting career, so from then on I decided to do whatever I could to make that happen.

ROXY: Where do you draw inspiration from?

Lindsey: I find inspiration in almost everything; looking at blogs, shopping, researching trends, spending time at the beach, etc. Living in a surf community like San Clemente also allows me to connect with our customer and see how young women in the area like to dress and style their outfits. I have my iPhone with me at all times, so whenever I see anything interesting I make sure to get photos of it. I have over 2000 photos in my phone!

ROXY: We heard you went to China, what was the best part?

Lindsey: My favorite part of going to China was going to the markets to select materials for the upcoming seasons and shopping Hong Kong for inspiration. Between the unique items I saw in the stores and the interesting street style I observed, I think our team has some great concepts to work with going forward.

ROXY: If we were to invade your desk again, what would we be sure to find?

Lindsey: If you were to invade my desk again you would most likely find pictures of friends & family, sketches and materials for the new season, and a ton of Tahitis and Mimosas (my favorite ROXY flips!).




The latest in Summer Swim with designer Tori Smith! We’ll SEA you at the beach!

Swim Designer Tori Smith shows us the key details and stories we’re loving for Summer. If you’re having a little trouble picking your mix and match swimsuits this summer, Tori’s expertise and inspiration might be just what you need to decide between – stripes, solids, macramé, bright prints, and gold, plus key details you don’t want to miss. Oh, and new styles like the ‘itsy bitsy’ bikini! Happy swim shopping!SU1 SU3SU7SU4SU5SU11SU10



Surf To Snow: Episode 3 Snow Adventures with Torah Bright Colorado with Olay Fresh Effects!

It’s off to Aspen in the 3rd episode of the ‘Surf To Snow’ series, and no snow adventure would be complete without the queen of snowboarding and Olympic gold medalist Torah Bright in on the action.

Ice skating (or something close), toboggan riding, hot cocoa drinking and a day packed with snowboarding help round out this episode in snowy Colorado.  We know the previous episode had you looking forward to warmer weather, but we’re thinking the cold might be winning back our hearts…how about yours?

It was only befitting that today’s Twitter giveaway was a Roxy snowboard (yep, the one Torah rides), a pair of Bright Edition goggles and an Olay Gift Pack!


Here’s how to enter (today only!):

RT for a chance to #win the #SurfToSnow @FreshEffects #giveaway today! Watch the 3rd episode 

Official Rules



Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Prep your body for your next outdoor adventure

Yoga outdoors with Amy Murphree #ROXYOutdoorFitness

As fitness and adventure fiends, Roxy girls continue to push boundaries and exceed limits. But it’s important to find a balance, listen to our bodies, and honor it without pushing it over the edge. Whether it’s trailblazing through the woods or taking on beach bootcamps, our muscles experience a tremendous amount of pounding, shortening, and tightening. When we do not restore, elongate, and stretch these muscles, imbalances and injuries occur. Yoga is a powerful tool that will not only help us develop better body awareness and balance, but it’s the best way to prevent muscle overuse and injury.

Yoga outdoors with Amy Murphree #ROXYOutdoorFitness


Roxy professional surfer and athlete Amy Murphree has had scoliosis most of her life, which has challenged her throughout her surfing and training career. Her tools for surfing success and injury prevention include yoga and stretching on a daily basis.

Yoga outdoors with Amy Murphree #ROXYOutdoorFitness

Checkout Amy’s Roxy Outdoor Fitness tips for yoga success:

Just breathe.

Breathing is one of the most important parts of yoga. Remember to consciously breathe into your muscles as you stretch into each pose. Try the four-count breathing- four counts breathe in, hold for four counts, four counts breathe out. Feel your belly rise and fill your lungs at the same time for a deeper breath. If you can, set aside 30 minutes a day to be calm, find your center and clear your mind.

Anyone can do it.

Yoga isn’t a chore as some people think. You don’t have to be Gumby to get a good stretch in. Downward dog is an easy pose that is great for lengthening your hamstrings and extending your vertebrae. Simply plant your hands on the ground while pressing your hips high and yearning your heels for the mat.

Yoga outdoors with Amy Murphree #ROXYOutdoorFitness

You can add lifting one leg high up behind you keeping your hips squared to the mat for three-legged dog. Breathe in to lift, and out to lengthen while releasing your shoulders down from your ears. This will deepen the stretch and sets you up to move into half pigeon or runners lunge, which are great hip-openers.


Yoga outdoors with Amy Murphree #ROXYOutdoorFitness

Once you start making yoga or even just a few quick stretches a habitual part of your day you will notice an increasingly heightened state of awareness as well as a nice reward for all the hard work you put into your outdoor workouts.

Not only does my practice elongate my muscles and strengthen my core, but I also find inspiration and peace, which puts a positive spin on my day. Practicing in great gear makes it even better. Roxy’s new Outdoor Fitness line allows us as athletes to have the best equipment available to perform in with style and ease.




Golden Girl Torah Bright takes to the waves of California & stops by Roxy headquarters


Olympic Gold Medalist and team rider Torah Bright took a break from the snow and came west to California for a little R&R and a quick drop and shop at Roxy headquarters. Sunshine, bikinis, beach, and lots of laughs soon ensued; Just what the doctor recommended after a recent injury leaving Torah holding off on hitting the pipe just yet!

Summer ROXY Styles!

Torah was in great spirits getting bright bikinis for her weekend in Santa Monica and surf date with Bruna Schmitz. Her personal picks and most recent wear was the Bronzed Melody U Bandeau cleverly paired with the bright Radiate Love Scooter Bikini bottoms.

Torah Bright goes to California!

Her creative pairing might even inspire you to Mix and Match and Make Your Own! What do you think?

Torah Bright goes surfing with Bruna Schmitz and fellow snow team rider Aimee Fuller!

After snagging a pair Carnival Shorts, the Golden Maze Dress, and bikinis galore it was back to business, which for Torah includes a full review of her upcoming Roxy Bright Edition collection (expect a bit of GOLD per usual!!!).

You could sense the accomplishment she felt when seeing the collection as she announced, “…it’s spot on. Exactly what I wanted”. Torah’s new collection will be going with her to the Olympics in Sochi, Russia next February as she defends her Olympic gold medal, but for now, we’re heading straight for the sunshine and beach – golden girl Torah Bright included.

Torah Bright vacations in California!



The 50 #DAREYOURSELF finalists from around the world announced!

ROXY #DAREYOURSELFMeet the 50 global #DAREYOURSELF finalists from around the world on Facebook. These girls are one step closer to winning a life-changing adventure + $5000 USD.

Join us in congratulating these girls & all the daring girls who entered!
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