Golden Girl Torah Bright takes to the waves of California & stops by Roxy headquarters


Olympic Gold Medalist and team rider Torah Bright took a break from the snow and came west to California for a little R&R and a quick drop and shop at Roxy headquarters. Sunshine, bikinis, beach, and lots of laughs soon ensued; Just what the doctor recommended after a recent injury leaving Torah holding off on hitting the pipe just yet!

Summer ROXY Styles!

Torah was in great spirits getting bright bikinis for her weekend in Santa Monica and surf date with Bruna Schmitz. Her personal picks and most recent wear was the Bronzed Melody U Bandeau cleverly paired with the bright Radiate Love Scooter Bikini bottoms.

Torah Bright goes to California!

Her creative pairing might even inspire you to Mix and Match and Make Your Own! What do you think?

Torah Bright goes surfing with Bruna Schmitz and fellow snow team rider Aimee Fuller!

After snagging a pair Carnival Shorts, the Golden Maze Dress, and bikinis galore it was back to business, which for Torah includes a full review of her upcoming Roxy Bright Edition collection (expect a bit of GOLD per usual!!!).

You could sense the accomplishment she felt when seeing the collection as she announced, “…it’s spot on. Exactly what I wanted”. Torah’s new collection will be going with her to the Olympics in Sochi, Russia next February as she defends her Olympic gold medal, but for now, we’re heading straight for the sunshine and beach – golden girl Torah Bright included.

Torah Bright vacations in California!

Torah Bright at Roxy Headquarters! T_8


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