Roxy Tahiti T-Shirt DIY with team rider Kelia Moniz

Roxy T-Shirt DIY

Our shirts have always been cheeky statement-makers and this fun Summer tee is no exception and a reminder that:“Life Is Better At The Beach”.

Kelia Moniz conjured up a simple T-shirt DIY between takes and waves in Tahiti! The best part?  All you need is a pair of scissors and a little sunshine to make it all your own! Follow these easy steps and fill your closet with statement Roxy tees like this one!

Step 1: Using a pair of scissors cut off the sleeves on the inside of the seam

Step 2: Cut the bottom of the shirt directly above the seam

Step 3: Repeat this same step along the collar on the front and back (remember, below the seam!)

Step 4: Toss on your new Roxy shirt and gently tug the armpits to loosen to desired lookKelia Moniz Roxy T-Shirt DIY #DAREYOURSELF k2 k3 k4 k5 k7 k8





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