Let’s SEA your #ROXYsandals


We know you’ve been planning your summer pedis. In fact, you probably have a new one planned for every week and in that case we’re jealous, but we do have something that will let those pretty toes stand out even more!

If you guessed, #ROXYsandals well then kick up your feet and let your toes do a celebratory dance. We’ve got Mardi Gras sandals (little introduction needed after the name),  Trapeze sandals which will get your feet feeling like you’re part of Cirque du Soleil, and the best boho sandals that are ready to grace the polo fields at Coachella and ready for cartwheels and good times at the likes of Lollapalooza.

This summer…tell us where you’re taking your #ROXYsandals by tagging them on Instagram. We want to SEA wherever you’re going and wherever you’re taking them! Your picture could even end up on our #ROXYsandals Pinterest board!



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