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Spending more then 10 months on the road living out of a suitcase means having to become adaptable and realizing that even the best set plans are bound to go out the window. It also means if you can relax and go with the flow, you are in for more of an adventure and you can explore the unexpected. If I’m packing for a 3-day trip to Maui, I know I’m going to be surfing, paddling, trail running and bodysurfing. Here are my tips on key pieces you need to pack to be ready for anything.

1. My sports bra needs to double as swimwear that won’t rip off when I’m swimming into a shorey and decide to go for a quick beach run.

2. Pack a light jacket that is rainproof and can pack up tight and small. There is a wind chill when you are crossing on a catamaran from Maui to Molokai, so the Atmosphere jacket is the ideal layer for me.

3. Your clothes are going to get wet and sandy, so have a bag with a waterproof compartment. You want to be able to have fun and not worry about the repercussions of leaving wet socks to rot in your backpack. Toss a dryer sheet into this compartment to keep your clothes and bag smelling fresh. (You can also put them in your wet shoes after a long day).

4. Don’t forget your deodorant, toothbrush and sunscreen!

5. Pack your own trail mix before you head out so you can stay energized for longer. You never know how long you’ll be out, so make sure you fuel up w a high protein snack. Here is one of my favorites:
·      1/4 cup whole shelled (unpeeled) almonds
·      1/4 cup unsalted dry-roasted peanuts
·      1/4 cup dried cranberries
·      1/4 cup chopped pitted dates
·      2 ounce dried apricots, or other dried fruit
·      1/4 cup dark chocolate chips

6. Stay hydrated with fresh water.


Roxy Ride Days 2013 kicks off at Blue Mountain in Ontario

The Roxy Ride Days kicked off in Blue Mountain, Ontario with a sold out event. The event was capped at 60 riders to ensure a comfortable coach-to-camper ratio. Demo boards were out, music was turned up and the Women’s Snowboard Federation (WSF) and Roxy team riders ensured everyone was progressing.

Roxy team rider Samm Denena was there to push the campers, and rounding out the day was a special guest appearance by Erin Comstock who recently celebrated 10 years with the Roxy team. Girls were lined up for half an hour to get an autograph, but what made Erin even more legendary is that she flew from the west coast on a red eye, drove right to the mountain and coached all day, then immediately flew to another snowboard trip. What a pro!

The day was also special day as it marked the 1 year anniversary of team rider Sarah Burke’s passing. Blue Mountain was her old stomping grounds (with Midland, the town where she grew up, not far away) it seemed most fitting that there would be such a large group of girls on snow, progressing, laughing and supporting each other #CelebrateSarah

Congratulations to Dayna Pinkey (Jump Jam Winner), Logan Sager, Bailey McDonald and Cali Sossia (Jib Jam, Small, Medium and Large Feature Winners).

For future Roxy Ride Days registration and dates, please click here. Next stop is at Mont Avila on February 23rd!



Saltwater Chinos: They’re chino pants, they’re colorful, & they’re skinny!

Drawing from the energy and cool vibes of the 60s and 70s comes the reinvention of the chino pant: Bright, washed, printed, rolled – the saltwater chinos are nothing short of sun faded and broken in perfection, and no doubt something we’ll be rocking with all our laid back graphic tees and loose-fitting sweaters.

And just because we know you’re wondering how these chinos got their name, just watch this video of newly crowned ASP longboard world champ, Kelia Moniz and Kassia Meador in the beautiful Maldives where they set off in search of empty line-ups and crystal clear waters…and found themselves some saltwater chinos!

So as things warm up and life continues to inspire us to be spontaneous and daring #DARE YOURSELF



Introducing the #ROXYDARES Instagram Photo Challenge

We’re so excited to introduce our #ROXYDARES photo challenge. For those of you who have Instagram accounts this should be a fun way to exercise your creativity each week and share it with girls around the world!

Here’s how it works:
1.     Post the above image to all your social media channels to show your friends and family you’re accepting the #ROXYDARES challenge
2.     Challenge your friends to play along with you!
3.     You can participate each week by posting your interpretation of each dare using the hashtag #ROXYDARES
4.     You will have 1 week to post your image before the next dare
5.     Your post will then appear on the #ROXYDARES gallery of our DARE YOURSELF contest site (Have you entered the contest?)

ROXY will also be posting a unique interpretation to the weekly dare every Monday starting on January 28th! We can’t wait to see yours…

Don’t forget to use #ROXYDARES @Roxy and share your #ROXYDARES on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

Click More to see all our ROXY pics!



Introducing the Roxy DARE YOURSELF Contest…WE DARE YOU

Roxy announces the 2013 global DARE YOURSELF Contest.


We know you are a Roxy girl. Your contagious smile leaves others inspired. You are naturally beautiful, fun, alive, and confident. How do you make every day an adventure? What is the mark you want to make on the world? How are you daring yourself to live a unique life? As you have the courage to carve your own path, how do you dare to dream big? That’s what we want to see.

Roxy invites you to show us how you dare yourself. Enter the contest by submitting either:
150 words + 3 photos of yourself
A one-minute video of yourself
Contest Timeline:
Submission Phase: January 24th – March 28th
Consumer Voting: March 29th – April 12th
Top 50 Finalists Announced: May 2nd
Finalist Videos Go Live: May 31st
Consumer Voting on Finalist Videos: May 31st – June 10th
5 Winners Announced: June 25th

Regional Breakdown:
North America
Latin America
North Asia
South Asia
Europe/Africa/Middle East

This is an opportunity to share your story and connect with all of the other daring girls out there.

We are looking for the most inspirational Roxy girls.

5 girls will win an opportunity to take an epic adventure with Roxy athletes and receive up to USD 5,000.


Check it out HERE.


Roxy Outdoor Fitness: 5 tips to Paddle faster with SUP yoga instructor Gillian Gibree

Roxy Outdoor Fitness athlete, SUP instructor and owner of Paddle into Fitness, Gillian Gibree spends most of the time in the water perfecting her stroke. Here’s her 5 simple tips on how to paddle faster. Use this as a guide on your next Stand Up Paddle adventure.

1. Drive the entire paddle blade into the water before pulling without overextending your arms.
2. Use your core, not your arms to paddle. You should feel the power coming from your abs and oblique’s!
3. Try to keep the paddle as straight as possible vertically. That will give you a straighter line in the water.
4. Release the paddle at your feet. Keeping it in the water past your body will slow you down.
5. Feather the blade (‘Slice’ the air) to have a quicker recovery.


Roxy riders head to the Winter X Games

The Roxy snow team heads to snowy, picturesque Aspen, Colorado this week to compete in the Winter X Games. Dara Howell will test her skills on the Skiing Slopestyle event and Brita Sigourney will take on the Skiing Superpipe event. In the Snowboard Superpipe, Torah Bright will seek to upset the reigning X Games champ, and over on the slopestyle course snowboarders Kjersti Buaas and Aimee Fuller will try for their chance at gold. Be sure to watch it all go down.

Follow @Roxy on Instagram and Twitter for updates all weekend. In addition, Aimee Fuller will be taking over Foam Magazine’s Instagram account which you won’t want to miss – Follow them at @foammag

Women’s Ski Superpipe Final 8:30-10:00PM EST – Watch it live at ESPN, ESPN3D & XCAST
Women’s Snowboard Slopestyle Final 4:00-6:00PM EST – Watch it live at ABC, ESPN3D & XCAST
Women’s Snowboard Superpipe Final 9:00-11:00PM EST – Watch it live at ESPN, ESPN3D & XCAST
Women’s Ski Slopestyle Final 2:00-6:00PM EST – Watch it live at ESPN, ESPN3D & XCAST


Roxy Outdoor Fitness: Rosy Hodge Behind the Scenes

As adventure would have it, team rider, stunt woman, actress, surfer, world traveler, model, fitness enthusiast, and sports commentator – Rosy Hodge has done some of the coolest things and been to some of the most amazing places around the world and she’s daring to do more.

We stole Rosy’s camera from the Roxy Outdoor Fitness shoot in Maui and pulled these gems to give you a little more insight on where these epic images were taken and what it took to get them…

1. Coming in hot at the falls in Maui. We paddled along this bay and right into the cascading waterfall! Beautiful!

3. This was one of the views our heli pilot put us in position for on day 1 of the Roxy Outdoor Fitness Shoot. He was the best at landing in the tightest of spaces.

3. Mount Haleakala sunrise shot. We woke up at 3am to catch this one. The sun rose through the clouds on Maui’s highest peak. A few other people had the same bright idea!

4. Another breathtaking location and a rad place for a trail run in Maui, a swim, a dive, a paddle. There is so much to do in Maui, it’s an amazingly beautiful place!


Pin-To-Win ROXY Outdoor Fitness: Win Your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure

If the launch of ROXY Outdoor Fitness wasn’t enough, we’re turning things up a notch by kicking off our ROXY Outdoor Fitness Pin-To-Win Contest…the best part? You’re invited!

Pin your Ultimate Outdoor Fitness Adventure for a chance to WIN a $1000 USD Outdoor Fitness Prize pack and $1000 USD cash prize to start living your Roxy Outdoor Fitness Adventure.

To get started, CLICK HERE and you will be prompted to complete a short form, create your own ‘My Outdoor Adventure’ board and start re-pinning at least 5 images from our ‘Pin-To-Win: ROXY Outdoor Fitness’ board to YOUR new board! Yep, it’s that easy!

The winner with the BEST ‘My Outdoor Adventure’ board will be selected by two athletes, Rosy Hodge and Gillian Gibree…happy pinning

Remember you have until February 13th to show us your Ultimate Outdoor Adventure!


Let’s Go On An Adventure. Introducing #ROXYOutdoorFitness

Introducing Roxy Outdoor Fitness…Everything you need to exercise your right to have fun. Roxy girls are always ready. Ready for a challenge and down for a good adventure. We are daring by nature and inspired in nature. Whether we are carving a mountain, riding a wave or trying something new, we are the first in line and the last to call it quits. As far as we’re concerned, the finish line is only the beginning.
Show us your #ROXYOutdoorFitness adventures on Twitter and on Instagram and see what we’re PINNING!