Roxy Style Spy: Lovely Layers

Brr! It’s cold out there! Learn how to layer, without looking like a bulky snowman in our latest Roxy Style Spy video!

Here’s our 3 Easy ways to rock the layered look this Winter. Our first style tip to create the ultimate layered look this Holiday season is mixing up things that and picking pieces that can work double-duty in a completely different look! Mix things that are hard, soft and frilly. Take Kelia’s outfit in this short Style Spy video as an example; she mixes an adorable geometric dress like the Love Seeker Dress (frilly), with the Spirits Up Jacket (hard), and a finishes it off with the Flurry scarf in cream (soft, both in color and touch!). Now imagine how these pieces can uniquely be incorporated into a super girly look or a biker chic ensemble!

Our next tip is simple, don’t be afraid to play with patterns and bold colors. Adorable kitschy prints like the heart print in the Highlands Dress and the Skinny Slide Jeans with the golden bird print are fun conversation starters and offer a unique spin on a classic look. Match them with a bold jacket that really makes a statement.

Our third style tip is embrace the color grey. This color is fantastic because it is neutral and adds great dimension to an outfit.

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